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The history of the Kia C’eed began six years ago at the Geneva Motor Show and Kia is repeating history with a second unveiling at the same show. The 2012 Geneva Motor Show will be the backdrop for the introduction of the second generation C’eed. The first details provided for the new sedan will be a real threat on the C-segment market.

The new Kia C’eed is longer, wider, and lower than its predecessor and features a more dynamic and sophisticated styling. At the front of the vehicle is Kia’s new trademark "tiger-nose" grille and aggressive, wraparound headlamp clusters housing signature LED daytime running lights. A steeply raked A-pillar, a very low belt-line, and an integrated rear spoiler will accentuate the sporty aesthetics of the new model.

On the interior, Kia has opted for a more premium look and feel, higher perceived quality, improved switchgear, touch-screen technology, and enhanced driving position ergonomics. The dashboard features an aircraft-theme, the main control panel has been placed around the steering wheel, and the main control groups such as audio and air-conditioning have been segregated to bring a more premium, luxurious, big car feel to the interior. The rest is all about soft and high quality materials.

There are no details on the engine line-up just yet, but we’re sure details will be revealed when the Geneva Motor Show opens its doors.

Kia has officially confirmed today the launch of the new special edition Soul Red Rock. The model has been inspired by the beautiful rock formations found in the Southwest United States. The new model is now on sale at a starting price of just $20,600.

The model will be distinguished by a number of unique features designed to set it apart from other Soul variants. These particular elements will start with a Canyon exterior color and continue with a high-gloss black front fascia and mirror housings. The interior is adorned with exclusive black leather trim and brown cloth seats. Standard amenities include automatic climate control and heated front seats.

"The wildly popular Soul has been a game-changer for Kia since it arrived in 2009, and our series of special editions over the past three years have added individualism and exclusivity to an already fun and youthful vehicle," said Michael Sprague, vice president of marketing and communications, KMA. "Style and flair are key to Soul’s success, and the Red Rock Special Edition, which has plenty of both, will help drive sales into 2012."

Kia has brought a new range topping Optima to the 2012 Chicago Auto Show. The special Optima SX Limited will go on sale in March and will be offered exclusively in three exterior colors: Ebony Black, Snow White Pearl, and Titanium Metallic.

The special edition Kia Optima SX Limited will be distinguished by LED daytime running lights, a chrome-accented rear spoiler, lower door sills, wood interior trim, and a new set of uniquely designed chrome 18-inch wheels. The interior has been dressed up in black or white Nappa for the leather seats, door panels, center console armrest, and center fascia trim for a premium feel. All of these elements are combined with wood accents on the steering wheel, interior door trim, and shift knob, and a black tricot fabric lends a premium feel to the headliner, sun visor, and A, B, and C pillars.

The Kia Optima SX Limited is powered by the vehicle’s usual 2.0-liter turbo GDI V6 engine that delivers a total of 274 HP and achieves 22/34 mpg city/hwy.

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Okay, so at first we thought Kia’s ad for this year’s SuperBowl was going to be the five-hour long video of Victoria’s Secret supermodel Adrianna Lima waving a checkered flag back and forth repeatedly. Fortunately, or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, Kia has another way of advertising during the biggest football game of the year.

Their true SuperBowl commercial is called "A Dream Car. For Real Life." It features a couple who are visited by a sandman who sprinkles a little special dust on them to make for a couple of fabulous dreams. He accidentally drops the entire man on the gentleman and his dream because Kia’s high-powered ad featuring the Optima . In this ad, the man cruises around in his Optima while getting an eyeful of Adrianna Lima, UFC fighter Chuck Lidell, and American heavy metal band Mötley Crüe, among other things. He performs the ultimate task however, when he rides into his wife’s perfect dream and rescues her from her dream man on the white horse.

If this commercial isn’t enough for you and you’re looking for a little more of the scantily clad Adrianna Lima, hit the jump. There, you’ll find five hours worth of some bare skin and flag waving.

The Chicago Auto Show is one of America’s biggest auto events, yet it doesn’t hold the same glamorous standards as that of its counterparts in Detroit, New York, and even Los Angeles.

That being said, a lot of automakers have used Chicago as the venue for their concept debuts and it’s no different this year as Kia prepares to roll out the Track’ster Concept.

The Tracks’ter Concept is being touted as "the ultimate performance" Soul that features an aggressive hatchback body with a low and aggressive bodykit. Looking at the Soul ’s overall design, it should be easy to paint a picture of the Tracks’Ter as a concept that carries a far edgier look to coincide with the Korean automaker’s evolving design language, one that’s a far departure from the conservative approach the company used to be known for.

Performance details on the Tracks’ter Concept have yet to be announced, but considering what we’re looking at and how it’s being touted, we wouldn’t be surprised if it packs the same 1.6-liter four-cylinder powertrain that can be found under the hood of the Hyundai Veloster Turbo.

Whatever the case may be, we’re all looking forward to seeing the Kia Tracks’Ter Concept make its world debut in Chicago later this month.

Kia GT Concept

Korean automaker, Kia, has been far more aggressive in expanding its company profile in the past couple of years and establishing itself as one of the most popular automakers in the world.

Now we’re learning that Kia is set to venture into a whole new market after news broke that they have green-lighted the production of the Kia GT Concept sports car for 2013. We first saw the GT Concept at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show a few months ago and were left breathless at the car’s cutting-edge design and significant - at least for Kia - performance numbers.

For the production GT Concept, Kia is looking at a comprehensive line-up that not only includes a sedan version, but also a two-door coupe variant and, quite possibly, even a station wagon.

What we do know is that the production GT will be made to provide the market a Korean alternative to many of the German automakers, particularly Audi and BMW . If you ever thought the day would come wherein Kia would be mentioned in the same sentence as those two German automakers, then your day has finally come.

As it stands, details on the production version of the GT Concept are still being kept under wraps. The concept we saw at Frankfurt carried a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6 engine with 390 horsepower so you can probably expect something along those lines.

Whatever the case may be, Kia’s decision to push for the production of the concept shows without a tinge of doubt that they’re ready to play with the Germans. And the best part is, they sure as heck aren’t backing down.

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The debuts are coming fast and furious at the 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show so we’re going to be on our toes to stay on top of the action as more cars are unveiled.

One that got our attention was the Kia Optima SX World Challenge GTS Race Car. Given the fact that Kia is a relative neophyte in the world of auto racing, we’ve been pleasantly surprised in the company’s aggressive stance in building race cars. Last month at SEMA , they even introduced their new Rio B-Spec Racer and an Optima USTCC Pace Car . Now, it’s the Optima ’s turn to be tuned to racing specifications, this time for the Pirelli World Challenge Championships.

One possible explanation behind Kia’s sudden enthusiasm in auto racing was born out of the success they’ve had in the sport, despite only being active in competitive racing for the past two years.

"As a brand with no previous racing experience in America, for Kia to win two motorsports championships in just its second year is an incredible accomplishment, and expanding our motorsports footprint with the turbocharged Optima entering World Challenge will continue to build passion and enthusiasm for the brand with an entirely new fan base at different race tracks across the country," said Michael Sprague, vice president, marketing & communications, KMA.

The cars were built as a collaborative project between Kia Motors America and Kinetic Motorsports where they will be competing in a racing series that features race-prepped versions of production vehicles from many of the world’s most popular manufacturers. The pair of Optimas that were unveiled at the LA Auto Show have been tuned with aerodynamic styling and outstanding driving dynamics that should make them well suited to handle the high-octane, steel-scraping world of World Challenge racing.

If we weren’t looking at this car with our very own eyes, we would have never believed that a Kia Optima Hybrid could look this good! Kia has pulled out all of the stops at this year’s SEMA Show with two very impressive update packages based on the hybrid sedan. First, was the Optima Hybrid Griffin and now, the USTCC Kia Optima Hybrid Pace Car.

The new USTCC Optima Hybrid Pace Car will replace the current Kia Soul as the official Safety Car of the USTCC. The car was developed in cooperation with and includes a free-flow air intake system, a Magnaflow exhaust system, a coil-over suspension kit to lower the ride height, a front splitter and rear wing, and lightweight wheels wrapped around performance tires.

All of those accessories are amazing in their own right, but the first thing we noticed on the car was the stunning custom color scheme, series graphics, and array of lighting. The Optima now benefits from a crisp black exterior with neon green graphics and a plethora of lighting, including LED auxiliary lights and HID headlight. The Optima Pace Car also has strobe lights and an LED light bar on the roof to help direct traffic while on duty.

The interior was also transformed to make the job easier with a 2,400-watt audio and video system and a DVD system with dual seven-inch monitors in the front-seat headrests and wireless headphones. The Optima was also given custom leather seats with green stitching to match the exterior trim color.

The USTCC Kia Optima Hybrid Pace Car will make its first USTCC appearance in March 2012.

Updated 11/09/2011: We have added real life images of the Kia Optima Hybrid USTCC Pace Car from its official debut on the SEMA floor. Find them in the picture gallery.

Everyone knows that hybrid cars are firstly being built for being environmental friendly and second for great look or performance. But this special Kia Optima Hybrid Griffin is the perfect proof that absolutely any car in the world can look great if you know the changes it needs.

The car has been developed by Kia in cooperation with West Coast Customs as a tribute to Blake Griffin - the company’s official spokesperson. And as you might have expected the car features a a basketball-themed, with custom orange paint scheme combined with 20"matte black wheels and Griffin’s personal logo on the hood.

The interior gets basketball-court flooring in the front and rear seating areas, custom leather seats with Griffin’s autograph embroidered in the front headrests, leather and suede door panel inserts and headliner, and a booming audio system. And if you wanted even more the car also gets two flat-screen TVs mounted in the back of the front headrests connect to a Microsoft®(2) X-Box video game console and a "Pop-A-Shot" basketball hoop mounted in the trunk.

Updated 11/09/2011: We have added new images of the Kia Optima Hybrid Griffin from its official debut on the SEMA floor. Check the picture gallery to see them.

Kia ’s presence at the 2011 SEMA Auto Show has been all about sports-inspired cars. The Optima Hybrid Griffin featured a basketball theme and the Kia Forte Hat Trick comes complete with a hockey theme, named after the act of a player scoring three goals in a single match. That feat is then followed by fans throwing their hats onto the ice.

Speaking of ice, the Forte Hat Trick is painted in a custom ice-metallic gray exterior paint and sits on a new set of 19" blue alloy wheels. Developed by Antenna, the car has also received a custom body kit and Forte Koup front bumper with carbon fiber accents and LED "hockey stick" fog lights, a quad-tipped exhaust, carbon fiber roof material, and a lowered suspension. The headliner features a built-in hockey coach’s play board and the rear cargo area features built-in compartments that house four carbon fiber hockey sticks and two jerseys color matched to the exterior of the car.

The interior also received a sporty makeover with two bucket seats with custom upholstery, custom-molded sports bottle drink holders in the center console, and a mini air hockey table mounted in the rear hatch area. The coolest part about the interior is the TVs mounted in the front seat headrests and wired to a Microsoft X-Box video game console featuring EA Sports NHL12 video game.

Updated 11/09/2011: Look in the picture gallery for new real life images of the Kia Forte Hat Trick from its official debut at the SEMA Show.

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