Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg CCX

If 1018 hp, top speed of 257 mph, and a 0 to 60 time of 2.9 seconds were not enough reasons to want a Koenigsegg CCXR Edition , just last week we found out the car has just become even more rare. Production plans have been cut from six cars to four .

This should make the CCXR Edition hard to find, right? Well a German exotic car dealer currently has one of the ethanol powered supercars on the lot. So grab the private plane and €1,550,420 (currently about $2,100,000) — that’s the price of admission to an exclusive club that now can be counted on one hand.

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Koenigseggs are already an extremely rare sight, so in 2008 we definitely took notice of the special edition cars called CCX Edition and CCXR Edition . This takes the already hardcore supercars and makes them even more track focused, and also gives the CCX Edition 82 more hp over its regular counterpart.

So with a limited edition model of an already rare car, we knew there would only be a handful produced. The plan was to have the 888 hp CCX Edition limited to 14 cars and the 1018 hp CCXR Edition limited to 6 cars. At a price of €1,330,000 ($1,820,000) and €1,500,000 ($2,050,000) respectively, exclusivity was guaranteed.

But now times have changed. It’s a tougher economy worldwide, and Koenigsegg is turning in a new direction previewed by the all-electric Quant shown in Geneva. Because of this the Edition models will now become even more rare, with production cut to 6 cars total.

The planned numbers are now 2 for the CCX Edition and 4 for the CCXR Edition. Call it a victim of a bad economy or a turn to green cars, either way the owners of CCX and CCXR Edition models are now ensured to be part of an extremely exclusive crowd.

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Suppose you won the lottery, and you’ll have the chance to choose: car or cash? $1 million or Koenigsegg CCX? What would you choose? Hard decision, no?

To help you make you decision let suppose you;re home town is only having 12-kilometer road. What would it be then? Move to another town, no?

This lucky guy, Louie Edgi, has won a Koenigsegg CCX sports car from the Cash and Cars Lottery, but he chose to take the money instead. The CCX, one of the lottery’s grand prizes, is unique in Canada and considered to be the second-fastest production car in the world.

To comment his decission, Edgi said: "The car is a Swedish make; it’ll do 400 kilometres an hour. I don’t see anybody would need that. It’s worth a million dollars, so they gave me the option of taking the car or the cash. But living here in Norman Wells, I can’t really see myself needing a car."

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To be a presenter on Top Gear TV is the dream job for most of us. Racing supercars one day and challenging your friends in a beater the next is not a bad way to earn a living. But there’s only one Jeremy Clarkson, and you’re probably not him. So the next best thing if you live in London is the MPH show where two of the most exclusive supercars in the world: a Koenigsegg CCXR Edition and Pagani Zonda F Carbon will appear as well as Top Gear Live (the TG boys put on a live performance.)

Koenigsegg CCXR Edition & Pagani Zonda F Carbon to appear at MPH

The current stock market has probably eroded away your supercar money, so instead you Londoners can head to Earl’s court on October 30th for the MPH show. The Swedish 254+mph 4.8-liter V8 Koenigsegg CCXR Edition featured at the show may make you want to mortgage your house to put a down payment on the £1.5 million rockstar.

If you need to go more budget-minded, the £668,000 Pagani Zonda F Carbon will only cost the whole family’s education fund. But he 7.3-liter V12 that produces 650 hp will make you feel better about having illiterate kids.

Koenigsegg will be displaying the CCX and CCXR Edition at the Geneva Motor Show. Prices for the CCX Edition start at 1,330,000 Euros net, while for the CCXR Edition start at 1,500,000 Euros net.

Koenigsegg CCX and CCXR Edition to be displayed in Geneva

The Edition is the ultimate supercar – a Koenigsegg at its most extreme - built to break records and deliver breathtaking performance. Only a very few models will be produced, in order to ensure exclusive status amongst supercar owners.

Koenigsegg CCX and CCXR Edition to be displayed in Geneva

It has a clear, fully visible carbon fibre body, and is available in two versions: the 4.8 litre 888bhp CCX Edition and the CCXR Edition, which can be driven on environmentally friendly ethanol E85 and E100 fuels, as well as regular petrol. When run on E85 fuel the 4.8 litre engine produces 1018 bhp.

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