Koenigsegg Quant

Koenigsegg Quant

The impending sale of Saab to supercar makers Koenigsegg has raised a few eyebrows from a lot of people in the auto industry and rightfully so.

The question on everybody’s mind was the motive behind Koenigsegg’s decision to buy a mainstream car brand despite only being a small company that dedicates most of its time and resources on a number of supercars that go for an easy million out on the market.

While talks were still up for negotiations, not a lot of people put too much stock on it until talks began heating up last week and Koenigsegg co-owner came out on the news saying that they’re company has big plans for Saab down the road.

Apparently, one of Koenigsegg’s intentions was to use the resources – most specifically, Saab’s production facilities of electronic vehicles - Saab has accumulated over the years. One of Koenigsegg’s main projects include the production – finally – of its so-called car of the future, the NLV Quant .

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Lamborghini has the Estoque, Aston Martin the Rapide and now Koenigsegg has the NVL Quant. Unlike the competition, Koenigsegg is looking to have the Quant be all-electric. Like another low-volume supercar maker, SSC’s Aero EV , Koenigsegg has set up the Quant to hit high speeds and fast recharge times. The company claims that its four-door creation should be able to hit 170 mph or could run for as long as 310 miles on a twenty-minute charge.

Koenigsegg NLV Quant

Although it’s little more than a styling mockup right now, the NLV Quant is planned to have rear-wheel drive, with four-wheel brake regeneration, ABS and ESP. It is powered by two electrical AC induction electric motors with variable frequency drive and in-line planetary step down drive, one for each rear wheel. The twin-motor design eliminates the need for bevel gears or a differential, further simplifying the lay-out and giving constant and controlled power proportioning to the rear wheels, in both drive and coast mode.

Koenigsegg NLV Quant

It has a curb weight of 1780 kg and the two electrical motors deliver 512 hp and maximum torque of 715 nm which Koenigsegg says allows the Quant to deliver 0–100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.2 seconds.

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It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news or rumors from Koenigsegg, but now the Swiss supercar maker is using its home turf to show off something new. The Geneva Motor Show will be the place that Koenigsegg will show off a concept for a new vehicle called the Quant (teased above). If this is the long-rumored four-door sedan , then it may be upstaging cars like the Lamborghini Estoque with this muscular sedan.

Koenigsegg Quant to debut in Geneva

Koenigsegg will have another, less exciting, premiere in Geneva. It will debut a new infotainment system for the CCX . This will incorporate all of the supercar’s systems into one touchscreen, and bring some definition tho the CCX’s round, minimlist interior.

Source: Autoblog

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