2002 Koenigsegg CC

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The Koenigsegg CC is a mid engine supercar, built to excel both on the road and on the racetrack. It provides an uninhibited racing experience and still enables fully comfortable long distance traveling.

The Koenigsegg developed suspension system, modeled from Formula One racing, has been judged by expert test-drivers to provide better handling than any competing supercar. Its supercharged engine delivers 655 horsepower and a torque of 750 Nm. The design of the CC creates an impression of strength and flowing motion, and perfect aerodynamics have been achieved without compromising this aggressive beauty. A hardtop roof-panel, which is easily removed and stored under the front hood, covers the luxurious interior. The leather and aluminum fitted cabin incorporates all the top equipment for comfort and security.


Impressive enough! Well, I must say that this one is truly an eye catcher because on that design. Moreover, it’s a good thing that it has a very efficient and powerful engine.

It looks very awesome for me! I really love every Koenigsegg vehicle! They look so unique and stunning with their platform design. It’s a good thing as well that it has a powerful engine.

It is really an impressive car! I love the fact that is had a double purpose, so it is really indeed a super car!

I wonder if this CC has the same market price with their Trevita? Anyway, it really looks cool and aggressive on that platform, and it’s a good thing that it has a powerful engine.

I must agree with them; anyone would truly get so excited on this Koenigsegg CC, and I feel the same. I am really impressed with this super car and its sound cool either that they justify that fact!

The looks of this car is really cute and very impressive. This Koenigsegg CC is a very satisfying sport and road car. smiley

I love the wheels it emphasized the beauty of Koenigsegg CC had even the platform design is very unique. They are right that this car is really a super car, everyone would get so excited on this.

It is really an impressive car! I love the fact that is had a double purpose, so it is really indeed a super car!

Pretty indeed but too bad it is only a two seater car. However, I’m so impressed with the design. I love the CC in red, it was kinda hot for me and it gives much more aggressive look on this car.

Cool!A two purpose in one car, great! It is really nice to have a car like this one, I like the interior and exterior design it gives an aggressive look of this car.

I’m not sure how I feel about the 4 doors. Wranglers are supposed to be toys. Like sports cars. Adding the extra doors might convince people that this is a viable family car, which in turn might convince people that they should be have a “better” ride, quieter cabin, more comfort features and various other non-jeepy things.

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