2007 Koenigsegg CCX

The Swedish supercar is expected to cost around $650,000 and have more power than its predecessor, the CCR.

Koenigsegg has announced plans to unveil new new 2007 CCX, also at the Geneva show. It will have 806 horsepower, weigh just 2200 lbs, and reach 62 mph in 3.2 seconds. It is also expected to run the quarter mile in just nine seconds. The car will cost $650,000 - staggering price, but about half the price of the Bugatti Veyron.

The CCX is the latest iteration of the Koenigsegg CC family. The CCX is in many aspects a new car since it has been re-engineered to comply with the US regulation and market demands. Still, it has been a key issue for the Koenigsegg Team to keep the distinctive and record breaking CC shape. We believe it is important to avoid trends and instead hone the aerodynamic shape of the CC range for the future, only enhancing its unique look and appearance with tighter lines and a more aggressive stance. We also believe in continuity. A new Koenigsegg shall show a clear lineage from its predecessor and shall not follow any other design trends - but enhance its already proven concept and shape to perfection.

CCX stands for Competition Coupe X. The CCX commemorates the 10th anniversary of the completion and test drive of the first CC maiden prototype, which rolled out from the R&D Department in 1996.

Body and Interior

The CCX features a completely new set of body and interior parts. The new body incorporates a new front bumper design, engineered to function well in the stringent 2.5 mph bumper test, including enhanced brake cooling, fog lamps and US side position lights. The front lamps have been slightly redesigned to suit the new bumper line.

There is a new scoop on the front bonnet acting as a larger fresh air-intake for the occupants and new air vents have been added behind the front wheels in order to further evacuate air from the cockpit. The frontal shape revisions now allow for effective track use options to be added. The side rocker panels feature side skirts in order to further enhance downforce by increasing underbody area. The new exterior of the car has been created using the industry leading Icem Surf CAD software, guaranteeing a perfect fit and finish as well as optimal highlights.

The car is 88 mm longer in order to comply with the US rear impact regulations and in order to free up space around the rear muffler. The rear clamshell now features a glass window over the new CCX engine, clearly showing off the bespoke and unique Koenigsegg Block casting. The mufflers have received improved cooling, by incorporating grill vents above in the clamshell. The number plate area is now adapted to suit both US and Euro size number plates.


There is a further 50 mm in headroom, making the CCX the most spacious super car on the market, truly considering the taller driver’s needs. Koenigsegg believes to have found a niche by enabling really tall drivers to fit well inside the car, still with its highest point only 1120mm above the tarmac.


In corporation with Sparco, and Koenigsegg test driver Loris Bicocchi, Koenigsegg has developed a new seat design for the CCX. The structures of the seat are still carbon fibre, but now feature fully padded front surface and a tilting backrest. The striking and very comfortable Tempur padded CCR seats can still be fitted in the CCX on special order.

The optional ceramic 382 mm front discs are coupled to 8 - piston callipers and in the rear the 362 mm size is retained with 6 piston callipers. The optional industry first carbon fibre wheels save another 3 kg per wheel compared to the already lightweight magnesium wheels that come as standard. The ceramic discs save another 2 kg per wheel, giving the Koenigsegg CCX lower unsprung weight than any other super car.

Koenigsegg now also offers the ceramic discs and carbon wheel upgrade to all previous Koenigsegg models. Aerodynamic Enhancement

Between the raised speedster humps there is a new type of vortex generator originally conceived and patented by Torbjörn Gustavsson at Vortaflow and implemented as a Ram Ram Air engine booster by Christian Koenigsegg on the CCX. Due to the fact that there is a fresh air engine intake right below the rear window, the vortex generator redirects the air directly into the air intake and thereby creating a positive pressure in the air box. To normally obtain this phenomenon in a mid engine car a roof scoop is required, increasing frontal area. In the case of the CCX, the small frontal area can still be kept and reward visibility is unaffected, even though it has now got a true ram air intake over its mid mounted engine.


The CCX now features wholly digital, intelligent fuse and relay unit. This means that there are not physical fuses or relays as such. The unit is programmable and is can-bus connected to a display unit which sends crucial information to the driver. The main advantages of this system are its reliability, light weight, small physical size, programmability and direct information to the driver. The system is prepared for future upgrades and functions.

Unique Koenigsegg Engine

The Engine in the Koenigsegg CCX retains the incredible performance and power of the CCR engine, while running on US 91 octane fuel and complying with California emission regulations. In order to reach this challenging goal, extensive rework had to be done to emission related items, such as new cylinder heads with larger valve area and more optimally flowing cylinder head ports. Dual smaller injectors per cylinder were integrated, as well as new camshafts, a new carbonfiber individual runner intake plenum, a new engine management system, updated fuel and EVAP system. New exhaust system where the catalytic converters are moved closer to the engine for earlier light-off time. A returnless fuel system has also been implemented with pumps integrated into the new fuel tank. All in all, a heavy rework in order to retain the unique performance of the CCR engine and at the same time comply with the strictest emission regulations in the world.

The new and cleaner CCX engine also incorporates the first engine block design that is specifically created and cast for Koenigsegg, with the Koenigsegg shield embossed in the casting on both left and right side of the engine block. This new block design is an all aluminium construction made out of 356 aluminium with a T7 heat treat that has undergone a High Intensity Pressure process in order to further enhance block integrity as well as a cylinder bore chill during casting. The new block reaffirms the future development of Koenigsegg engines and makes Koenigsegg stand out among low volume super car manufacturers, due to the fact that Koenigsegg engineer the engine completely in house in combination with the fact that it is also built, assembled, and dyno tested in the Koenigsegg production plant. The Koenigsegg Engineers also incorporated the most powerful internal piston coolers in the industry - bringing down the piston temperature by as much as 80% more than competing systems, which was a must in order to run high cylinder pressure with 91 octane fuel.


Koenisegg CCX it is just produces the cars like the Mclaren but it is more improved company the CCX model is the hypercar range no lamborghini had made such a powerful car if it is some had bigger engine it should be the best

It looks so cool and aggressive on its new body kit! Moreover, I have to agree with them that it already looks great on its sleek body paint. However, I wonder if it also has an impressive technology?

I’m also so impressed with this CCX of Koenigsegg, and I must say that it really looks so luxurious and classy on its sleek black body paint, but I wonder if koenigsegg already put this one on the market?

I’m so impressed with the powerful engine of this CCX even on its exterior appearance. The sleek black body paint of it gives the classy and expensive look on it. Did they ever put this one on the market?

Very aggressive look, I like the enhanced roof and tinted color window which complemented to the black scheme. Another thing its concept and body shape is absolutely perfect.

How about a shot of the car turning corners on the track? Or a standing start tire smoking acceleration run?

Those cars are so awesome But also i rule


the koenigsegg ccx is just amazing,no other car could match its looks or performance. truely the best car in the world

I cant even believ that you would mention a skyline, that is a piece of . The only reason that skylines are even fast is because people modify them to do so YOU CAN DO THIS WITH ANY CAR! so the skylines reputation is bull and no skyline will ever go as fast as the ccx! (supras are better than skylines)

Concept Cars like the "Me Four Twelve", do not exist in production, therefore do not count. Also cars that you trick out don’t count. We’re talking about cars directly leaving the manufacturer. If you want to get dirty we can talk about the 1250 HP Skyline R34 VSpec 2, but there’s no way in hell I’d chose that over a Koenigsegg.

The CCX is not the third fastest car in the world! it only goes 245, the saleen s7 will go 250! with a v8.

although CCX has a 245 mph speedo metre...but i think a supercar need a good acceralation after 120mph n braking system !!for the owner safety n comfortable!!
that’s my ideal supercar!

Ferrari is the best. I would become mad if I hear a Ferrari revving. Ferrari is adorable car. Ferarri is the best of the best....

Enzo might be fast but looks kinda to be honest!! a Weineck Cobra 780CUI Limited Edition is engineered and produced by Weineck in Bad Gandersheim, Germany. With a weight-to-power ratio of 0.9Kg/hp, 12.9-litres of engine capacity, 1100hp and 1760Nm of torque, this is quite possibly the ultimate driving machine, a vehicle with the kind of acceleration that would make Enzo Ferrari gasp.
If any one has time read this article u wont be dissiapointed

wow u guyz comment on cars as if u are able to have any of them .... if r able to i wouldent mind being ur mate

I know it goes up to 245 which is 3 mph slower than the Me Four twelve and 8 mph slower than the bugatti Veyron so it’s a really fast car compared to the 218 mph ferrari enzo !!!

This car is the third fastest in the world

I haven’t been able to find much about their awesome "dihedral synchro-activation" doors.
Anyone have any leads?

well, i personally think the Zonda is pretty ugly. plus the CCX has way cooler doors and all-around body styling than the Zonda. but the best looking car out there is the Gallardo. sorry, this is all in my opinion.

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