2008 Koenigsegg CCGT

At Geneva Motor Show, Koenigsegg will unveil a new competitions on the sport coupe market: the CCGT (Competition Coupe GT). The CCgt is based on a production CC-model range. The CCGT complies with the ACO and FIA GT1 regulations.

The CCGT engine is based on the Koenigsegg CCX production engine with the superchargers removed but enlarged to 5.0 litre.

The reliability of the race engine is expected be exceptional as it is based on the proven strength and durability of the significantly more powerful road car engine.

Koenigsegg CCGT

The minimum weight allowed for a GTI race car is 1,100 kg and most manufacturers struggle to meet this target, having to undergo massive weight saving programs.

Due to the fact the Koenigsegg CC cars are very light and stiff in road configuration, the racing CCGT weighs in at just under an astounding 1,000 kg. This gives the possibility to place 100 kg of ballast freely within the car structure, still following the set rules. This should give Koenigsegg an interesting advantage over the competition.

Koenigsegg CCGT

The CCGT has very short overhangs, which could be seen as an issue when it comes to generating enough downforce. However, by further developing the clever and “slippery” design concept of the CC range, Koenigsegg believes they have created a unique package incorporating a surprising amount of down-force combined with a very compact package and optimal weight distribution. Since the CCGT has a short overall length and low overall height, whilst still maintaining adequate track width and length, it is thereby gifted with superior agility compared to most of the competition, which should be evident in future heated racing combats.

Koenigsegg CCGT

The Koenigsegg CCGT development team, headed by Dag Bölenius, has done a superb job by refining the CC into the CCGT.

The race engine is being developed in-house in parallel with the production units by Koenigsegg engineers, supported by Anders Hoglund from Cargine engineering and JP Motorsport.


These are the looks that I’ve been looking in a sports car. The engine is quite impressive but not as impressive as the other sports car that I know.

The front headlight is so angst! By looking at its image, it is really perfect on a race road, I just only hope that the engine is powerful either.

It is definitely a good-looking vehicle, and I have to agree that it already looks great on its very neat body paint! Good thing as well that it has an impressive and systematized figure performance.

Very defined style, I like the white color scheme of the car, the headlights look aggressive and very appealing. Significantly a powerful and systematized car engine.

The sporty design is really awesome for me, the front headlights is so angst! By looking at its image, it is really perfect on a race road, I just only hope that the engine is powerful either.

Wow that’s one sexy car, love the curvy, smooth, and aerodynamic shape of it’s body!

They seem to have made the Top Gear Wing standard.

are the koenigsegg engines the ford cobra dohc 4.6. i read a few years it was. but was told diffrent last year.

One of the best cars money can buy

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