2011 Koenigsegg sedan - new rendering

Rumors about a four-door model from Koenigsegg started to circulate last week. Today we bring you first TopSpeed rendering of the future sporty sedan that will make its official debut in 2010 as a concept model at the Geneva Motor Show and as a production model in 2011. The currently unnamed sedan will compete with models like Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche Panamera .

The four-door model is supposed to have been under development for the past two years and will be made entirely out of carbon fiber. Power should come from a V8 engine that will develop around 700 hp. This engine will help the car to hit a top speed of around 215 mph. The sedan will be limited to only 70-80 units and will be cheaper than the CCX.


It is really a nice rendering for Porsche and Aston Martin! Well, I will surely wait for that to happen. Anyway, they would also deliver an impressive figure performance, just like what Koenigsegg vehicles have.

Wow! Nice renders! I will surely wait for the final outlook of this Sedan, seems so interesting for me. smiley I have to say that it is already looking so fabulous and great in its sleek bloody body paint.

I can see a very exceptional concept with fully developed engine. its headlights and rear-wheel look so awesome and modern.

It does not look like a Sedan at all. It is very sporty for a Sedan and is very futuristic. It’s been a long time since they create this concept. It would be the right time for its debut.

the future sporty sedan that will make its authorized debut in 2010 as a thought model at the Geneva Motor Show and as a manufacture model in 2011.

I just saw on TV that my local Cancer Foundation Lottery is giving away a CCX ... as a runner-up prize! Last year it was an SLR... What’s next?

that’s a lot of horses under the hood waiting for it to be unleashed. making it a road car is not suitable because you don’t want to over used an exotic car like this isn’t it?

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