2013 Koenigsegg Agera S

Supercar builders like Bugatti and Pagani have made a living building special, one-off supercars for their exclusive clientele. Recently, their Swedish counterpart, Koenigsegg , has been getting some buzz for doing the same.

In the past few months alone, multiple reports about an Agera X , an Agera R BLT and even a Koenigsegg One:1 have surfaced, giving further credence to the growing notion that Koenigsegg is knee deep in its client-customization program.

Guess what? A new variant of the Agera has been spotted lurking the streets of Hong Kong. These photos of what’s being called the Agera S were taken by Ron Alder W Photography and he was kind enough to share them with us.

There’s not much in terms of details surrounding the Agera S, although we’ve been told that the supercar was built by Koenigsegg for countries where biofuel is not readily available. What this means is that owners of this supercar can still enjoy the all of its 1,030 horsepower capabilities by using premium fuel instead of the Agera R’s Flex biofuel capabilities.

As far as color choice is concerned, the Agera S looks to be sporting a sexy jade green color, which if you think about it, is appropriate for a country that holds jade — the jewel, not the color — in high regard.

We’ll continue rolling out more information as it becomes available.

Update 12/3/2012: This review has been updated with higher-quality images and a good look at the sweet rims and massive brakes.

Images used with permission from Ron Alder W Photography


i am curious if bugatti will let koenigsegg test the top speed of the agera on their track. i guess not!

this is the type of car you get and everyone enjoys. a true jewel to see on the street.

this car is such a beauty, it is almost a shame to drive it! i think that, if i had the car and someone scratched it, i would hurt him. badly!

this car has all a boy can wish for! except a trunk for girlfriend’s baggage smiley

but you have to agree this one has performance and style in the same package!

these sorts of cars are built with performance in mind! and performance they have!

this is a great car, but it is very much driver orientated. it is what the mclaren F1 was when it came around!

and they are not being ignored! that is why i said "one of the best"!

brad, i think you are right. still, all the others cannot be ignored!

i think this is one of the best super cars there is out there now!

this car is like a toy for people with massive bank accounts. it costs millions, but it sure lifts up your spirit!

1000+ HP, one-of-a-kind looks and an unique car! we have one happy person inside that car!

the jade green is awesome! traditional, but not so "in your face" as other super cars! congrats for the owner!

i think this is one of the best colors for a super car in China!

oh, and the color is very beautiful. although it is a shame that it masks the design features and no longer can be seen just as wellsmiley

how much it cost I think only a sheik can pay for it...

Well, isn’t so? i believe they are right, unfortunately for the rest of us

hihi! i know what they mean by the jewel, not the color smiley

is a masterpiece in design. I find it impressive

this is more like an artwork than a simply vehicle

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