Korean Grand Prix

Korean Grand Prix

  The Korean Grand Prix is a Formula One race that began in 2010 on the Korean International Circuit built for the race. This grand prix deal is for seven years with a five year option so Formula One will be heading to Korea until at least 2021.

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Gerhard Berger has just accused Mark Webber of attempting to take out his championship rivals at the Korean Grand Prix during his wreck in the early part of the race .

At the time, Webber was leading the championship by 14 points, but he managed to clip the curb and spin his car into the wall. That’s not the end of the story, as his Red Bull skated back across the track, collecting Nico Rosberg’s Mercedes.

Berger believes that Webber could have stomped on the brakes to avoid coming back across the track. A few laps earlier, Rosberg had passed Lewis Hamilton and had that not taken place, Webber would have hit the McLaren, a serious championship rival.

When asked if he thought the move was deliberate, Berger, who owned Red Bull Racing and Toro Rosso, said yes, it was very deliberate.

"It’s very obvious, you can see his wheels are not locked up. Perhaps he had a brake problem, but I don’t think so,” he said.

Red Bull team boss Horner responded: "As with every incident in Formula One , opinions will always be made without all the facts.

"Just to be absolutely clear - Mark’s intention was not to take out another driver after his crash and it’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise," he told the Telegraph.

Mark Webber has not commented on the story and we don’t think he will, but this wouldn’t have been the first time that a driver has attempted to take out a rival. Still, by the look of the accident, it didn’t seem like he was going after any of his fellow drivers.

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Fernando Alonso, in his red Ferrari, has become the championship leader after winning a rain-soaked inaugural Korean Grand Prix.

McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton was second and Alonso’s teammate Felipe Massa came third. While those two managed points, Jenson Button came twelfth to all but end his hopes of defending the title.

The Spaniard is now leading Red Bull’s Mark Webber, who crashed early on, by 11 points and Hamilton by 21 points.

While the rain proved to be a serious issue for many of the drivers, it was an engine failure that knocked out Sebastian Vettel while he was leading the race. After failing to finish, the German is now 25 points behind Alonso.

"We know with the new points system everything can change in one race - if you don’t score, you lose 25 points to your opponents," said Alonso to the BBC after the race.

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The controversial Korean Grand Prix is already getting a makeover. The FIA is planning on making changes to Yeongam’s Turn 16 before Saturday. Talk about efficiency.

The reason for this modification is due to a bump that unsettles the cars. The replacement curb will cover the bump, but it will also slow lap times.

In addition to the bump, the wall on the right on the exit of the corner will be moved back, although engineers have yet to determine how far they can move it. The wall currently shoots out and doesn’t have a tire barrier for protection, so if a driver happens to lose control and hit the wall, the resulting accident could be catastrophic.

The FIA is also debating on whether to tell drivers that they don’t have to respect the white line at the pit entry. The reason for this change would be to allow drivers to take a faster approach and not block the cars behind.

Be sure to tune into the first ever Korean Grand Prix on BBC1 or the Speed Channel.

Mark Webber ran a simulation drive of the Korean Grand Prix about a week ago. Now, it’s his teammate’s turn to give us a closer look at the track that’s hosting its inaugural grand prix this weekend.

In the latest of a season-long simulator drive previewing the next Formula One round, Sebastian Vettel takes us for a ride the newly-built track. There’s not much driver experience in this racetrack compared to a lot of other circuits in the world so you can expect a slobber-knocker of a race this weekend.
And given the stakes involved in the race, you can expect that all the front-runners, including teammates Webber and Vettel, to be at their absolute best come race time, which means that you better expect fireworks to happen at the Korean Grand Prix.

You wouldn’t expect anything less for the closest finish in Formula One since that dramatic 2007 season.

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Korea sure knows how to show a journalist a good time. Fly them all the way to Asia and put them up in a “love hotel”. Sadly, it’s not a love story after all, as some are complaining about used condoms under their beds and dildo vending machines.

The reason for this strange turn of events is a simple room shortage for the Korean Grand Prix, so in order to get traveling media and even some teams a good night sleep, they had to be put up in these brothels, sometimes referred to as “love hotels”.

"After a ten-hour flight to Seoul, a first class train journey to Mokpo and a quick taxi ride to our ’Love Hotel’, we’ve arrived. The accommodation is a bit bizarre and there are easily 30 of these ’Love Hotels’ in the area - the one down the road is called the Hotel Feel, but we steered clear of that. Ours, The Washington, is actually very nice. It’s still a ’Love Hotel’ but it’s clean, has a 42" TV and free Internet access,” said a photographer for Sutton Images.

The first ever Korean Grand Prix was already dicey, but this is sure to be an event that nobody will ever forget. Just don’t take home any souvenirs from the room.

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With the 2010Formula One season down to the last three races, you can be sure that the championship contenders are gearing up for the fight of their lives to be crowned the 2010 Driver’s Champion. The first of these three races will be held in Yeongam, South Korea for the inaugural Korean Grand Prix.

As has been the case for most of the year, Red Bull Racing has released a virtual drive-around of the newly built racetrack. This time around, season points leader Mark Webber provides the voice over as he describes the Yeongam race track straight for straight and turn for turn.

The race, which will cover 55 laps - each lap runs for 3.492 miles - and cover a total distance of 192.06 miles, is set for October 24 and is fixing to be a slobber-knocker among the championship contenders with five drivers still in contention heading to the last three races of the year.

This race in particular is expected to be riveting considering that the drivers will be going full throttle against each other on a track that nobody is fully familiar with yet. That factor alone should make the inaugural Korean Grand Prix one for the books.

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