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Austrian motorbike manufacturer KTM and German tuners ABT Sportsline are now working together to improve the already impressive X-Bow (pronounced crossbow) by becoming a retailer for the lightweight car — including adding performance upgrades. The X-BOW is a carbon fiber clad, lightweight, open air roadster powered by a Volkswagen 2.0 liter TFSI engine producing 240 HP and is capable of accelerating the 790 Kg vehicle from 0-60 MPH (0-100 Km/h) in 3.9 seconds.

An upgraded version from ABT Sportsline is projected to generate 300 HP from the VW four cylinder giving the X-BOW a more favorable power to weight ratio. This would mean that every horsepower will have to move only 5.8 pounds of X-BOW.

The KTM X-BOW blends race car performance with a motorcycle like driving experience, and now that ABT have gotten their hands on a few models stay off the Autobahn for fear of embarrassment.

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The KTM X-Bow is the kind of car we love. It’s an engine, a seat, four wheels and a few bolts to keep the whole thing together. Now tuner MTM is giving us something to make our smiles even wider, more power. Its boosting the power from the Audi-sourced 2.0 four cylinder engine from 237 hp to 380 hp. MTM didn’t release 0 to 60 times, but with the sixty percent power improvement, we bet there will be some serious time shaved off the standard X-Bow’s 3.7 second time.

This boosted X-Bow is well above the supercharged Ariel Atom’s 300 hp, so now it may be the king of the hill of spartan sports cars. But this may not last long, a 500 hp Atom rumored to be in development.

When the KTM X-Bow gets a winter package some would think that would mean maybe a roof, hopefully a heater, or maybe even a full windshield to keep the snow and muck away from the driver — wussies. If you want to take the wind-in-your-shorts X-Bow to snow country, KTM is offering snow tires and a big jacket.

KTM X-Bow gets winter package

The winter package includes Pirelli Sottozero snow tires and snow chains to grip the winter weather, and advanced clothing by Schöffel and a helmet by Schuberth to keep hypothermia at bay. The full winter set (helmet, jacket and pants) is priced at €950 (about $1300 at the current rates).

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KTM revealed today the racing version of its X-Bow sports car; the X-Bow GT4 Race car is a a fully FIA homologated GT4 Sports Light racing car. that features more than 30 changes compared to the standard version.

KTM X-Bow GT4 Race Car

Among other this changes includes: racing dampers, brake pads, catalytic converter and tires; carbon fibre windscreen extension; racing airbox design, extended rear bumper and many, many more.

The X-Bow Race car is powered by the Audi’s 2.0-liter TFSI engine that delivers 240 hp. This will help the car to make the 0 to 60 mph sprint in 3,9 seconds and hit a top speed of 137 mph.

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Once again we go back to the ’more money than brains (or possibly skills) file’ as the owner of a new lightweight KTM X-Bow runs out of track. It seems the driver took the car to the Nurburgring in Germany to possibly confirm the petite car’s 137 mph top speed. Instead he got a lesson in g-forces and gravity as the car used its 237 hp to send it over the track and on top of the guardrail.

X-Bow crash at the Nurburgring

The X-Bow is known for its exceptional handling, but it is truly amazing when the car can even balance itself on a rail. The car didn’t last there for too long before sliding on two wheels and stopping on the track’s infield.

Source: The Sun

After receiving more than 600 orders from its customers, KTM has decided to bring the X-Bow to the US market. The company said is doing ’whatever is possible to bring the car to the U.S.’

The X-Bow is powered by an Audi engine that delivers 240 hp and will be sold as a street-legal automobile, despite earlier claims that it would remain a track-day only car. Production began in June and 500 cars are expected to be delivered to European customers by the end of the year.

Source: TopGear

AutoCar reported in their latest issue that KTM is working on a more powerful version of the X-BOW and the official launch will be made in 2009 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Under the hood of the new version, KTM will place a modified version of Audi’s 2.0-liter FSI engine, an engine that has produced as much as 261 horsepower in the S3.

Also the new model will get the option of a full-height windshield and a removable roof.

Source: NextAutos

The KTM X-Bow celebrated its racing debut in the GT4 European Cup at Silverstone Circuit in the UK. The car’s performance exceeded all expectations, claiming two class victories and excellent overall placings.

KTM X-BOW wins its debut race

Both cars, which are run by the German team Reiter Engineering, completed practice, qualifying and two races without any technical problems – confirming that the KTM X-Bow really is ‘Ready to Race’. Entry into the GT4 racing series has been used as the last acid test for the car, shortly before the series production begins this Summer.

The performance of the KTM X-Bow on the track surprised even the most optimistic among the Reiter team, with the cars finishing ahead of more established, and more powerful opposition. This was despite running on treaded tyres, with added ballast and an increased ride height, at the instruction of GT4 race officials to equalise the performance of the field.

KTM announced that two X-Bow track cars will entry in this year’s FIA GT4 European Cup. Competing in the newly-created ‘Sport Lights’ class, the cars will be prepared and raced by German-based motor racing specialists Reiter Engineering, which has operated successful Lamborghini racing teams in the FIA GT1, GT2 and GT3.

KTM X-Bow to debut at the FIA GT4 European Cup

The decision by KTM to place the racing premiere of X-Bow in the hands of Reiter, rather than enter the championship under a factory-run operation, was taken to allow KTM to use the GT4 entry as a pilot project to ‘drive’ development of future customer motor sport applications as well as the production model.

Italian Loris Bicocchi, who will be one of two drivers competing in the Reiter team, has been heavily involved in the development of the KTM X-Bow from the outset as test driver and played an important role in the chassis tuning of the vehicle. Biccochi’s former motor sport experience has included the testing, development and racing of many of the world’s most prestigious supercars – including the Koenigsegg CCR.

KTM will unveil at the Geneva Motor Show the production version of the X-Bow. The car will be a completely black, fully carbon-equipped X-Bow Dallara edition – one of just 100 being made – and features a long list of extras, including carbon-fibre body panels, a limited slip differential, a removable steering wheel and a racing chassis tuned by Italian sports car specialists Dallara.

A plaque with a unique serial number and special graphics mark out the limited-run Dallara X-Bow cars, which are sure to become coveted collectors’ items.

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