Lamborghini Gallardo

Lamborghini Gallardo

If there’s one word people most associate with Vorsteiner, it’s "reliable." After all, the tuning company has, time and again, built some of the most impressive kits for exotic cars on its side of the world.

It’s work on the Lamborghini Gallardo is particularly impressive and with the Italian supercar now on its last legs, Vorsteiner is giving it the proper send-off, thanks to the upgrades of its Renazzo program.

We actually saw the Renazzo appear as the "Renazzo-V" back in 2012 and now, we’re treated with even more spellbinding changes, specifically the revised front fascia that now comes with a 2-by-2 carbon composite pre-impregnated construction with different floating dual aero fins. A new honeycomb mesh grille set was also installed. You’re not going to see them from afar, but take a closer look and you’ll notice the unmistakable difference in aesthetic and aerodynamic appeal of the Gallardo .

Taking all the changes, Vorsteiner accomplishes its goal of using the Gallardo Super Trofeo race car as its inspiration. And as the proverbial cherry on top of the sundae, the aftermarket company also installed one of its fancy rims in the form of a set of Special Edition Forged VSE-001 one-piecers that customers can order with a variety of finishes.

There are no performance upgrades of note, so we assume that this Gallardo has a stock 5.2-liter V-10 that produces 540 horsepower and 398 pound-feet of torque.

But the best part about the Renazzo program is something that hasn’t even arrived yet. According to Vorsteiner, more upgrades are in store, eliciting cheers from all of us who already think the world of the aftermarket company.

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Underground Racing is a renowned name in the tuner supercar scene. Their newest creation is based on the 2007 Lamborghini Gallardo with a twin-turbocharger kit installed for additional poke. The all-wheel drive Gallardo puts down 1850 horsepower at the wheels with lots of pops and bangs and screeching tires.

Unlimited 500+, a drag race organized by folks at Dragtimes in Greece hosted all high performance tuned supercars from Eurasia and the U.S. The event also saw the current ultimate record holder- a Nissan GT-R Switzer Goliath with 1700 horsepower which set a record 250 mph (403 kph) at the mile marker. It completed the sprint in just 22.602 seconds.

In Greece, the Lamborghini Gallardo Nera Underground Racing R2/Altechno raced to the mile marker in just 22.352 seconds at over 260 mph setting a new world record.

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Source: Dragtimes
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As of late, Santa has oftentimes found himself in other ride besides his typical sleigh drawn by Rudolph and gang. This year, we caught Saint Nick in this Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder , as he cruised through Los Angeles, whishing everyone — even Freddy Krueger — a Merry Christmas.

We are not talking about any kind of Gallardo Spyder, but one that so happens to have a Christmas tree sticking from the convertible top. Of course Santa’s trusty little elf around to drive him through the streets of LA.

This video was the brainchild of the guys over at Midway Car Rental and Beverly Wilshire Hotel, and the folks in LA seemed to enjoy it. Of course it was just another publicity stunt, but it always nice to see the funny ways people find to wish you a Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the video and Merry Christmas to you all!

Normally, when someone makes that ill-fated decision of using a paint brush on a supercar like the Lamborghini Gallardo , that’s a recipe for disaster.

But on the rare occasion that somebody with an artistic flair decides to do it, it could result in a pretty expressive product that only adds to the appeal of the supercar.

That’s precisely what artist Alexander Mijares did to the Gallardo. Known for his peculiar, yet incredible, style of art, Mijares showcased his skills on a pretty unique subject: the Gallardo .

It’s a project that requires a tremendous amount of skill and attention to detail in order to pull of. And Mijares was up to the task, flawlessly executive his distinctive style of art on the Italian exotic and giving it a more dynamic character than it already has.

Mijares even showcased his latest masterpiece at Art Basel in Miami, an annual festival of arts that has in the past, welcomed a number of art cars among its most prominent displays.

We’re not that well vested into the intricacies of Mijares’ style, but we do know a piece of art when we see one. His work on this Gallardo definitely qualifies as one.

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Lamborghini promised that we’ll get the first details on the Lamborghini Gallardo successor just in time for Christmas, which makes us think that these leaked images are legit. The images initially appeared on the Italian site LaStampa, but the guys over Carscoops managed to get them just before the Italian site took them down. This quick takedown again points toward these images being the real deal, but who knows.

Though still unconfirmed, all signs point to the Gallardo successor being named Huracan LP610-4, and not Cabrera as rumors initially claimed. The model also carries the "LP610-4" in its name, which means that its updated V-10 engine will deliver a total of 610 PS (602 horsepower). The model will also be offered with an all-wheel-drive system.

The images found today appear to be computer generated, but that doesn’t mean they are fake, as automakers often use computer-generated images when they display their vehicles digitally.

The Gallardo successor’s debut is now just days away, so we don’t have to wait too awful long to find out if these images are real or fake.

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Source: Carscoops
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Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

We should get the official details on the successor to the Lamborghini Gallardo in just a few days, but our spy photographers are still out trying to snap up images of the car. This time, they managed to get some shots of supercar testing in wintery conditions in Northern Sweden.

The prototype caught testing today is equipped with lots of extra lights. Of course, these lights are not actually part of the car. Rather, they are just a requirement for the conditions it was driving in.

The new supercar, which will almost certainly will be called the Huracan, but was once rumored to carry the name Cabrera , will be built on the same platform as the upcoming Audi R8 , and it will be powered by an updated version of the current 5.2-liter, V-10 engine.

This revised V-10 will produce 600 horsepower, according to rumors, and the car’s total weight will be significantly reduced when compared to the current Gallardo, so it should be slightly faster and more agile than the model it will replace.

Until we’ll have the chance to finally see the new car, you can try to make it through the world’s three most annoying teaser videos: episode 1, episode 2 and episode 3.

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Lamborghini continues to push the envelope of aggravating teasers, with its video series for the upcoming successor to the Gallardo — once rumored as the Cabrera — featuring the three Lambo nuts from London in the Sant’Agata Bolognese factory.

If you haven’t followed the story until now, let us get you up to speed. In episode 1, three guys from London decided to take a trip to Lamborghini’s plant in Italy to be the first ones to "see the new creature car." In episode two, they are already in Italy and slink away from the factory tour in order to stay over night in the factory.

All we really learned n the first two is that one guy has a pretty good-looking girlfriend who likes to walk around nearly nude around her boyfriend’s friends, and that these three guys are like the 007s of spy photographers.

In this latest episode, dubbed "Gettin Closer," the three guys managed to sneak past security and a few office workers, and they are now deep inside the factory. Of course, don’t expect to see the new supercar just yet, as Lambo has a little more teasing to do. Don’t fret, though, as Lamborghini promised us a look at the car by Christmas.

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Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

We should get the first official images and details on the successor to the Lamborghini Gallardo in just a few days, but our spy photographers are still hard at work, trying to find the new supercar out and about, and today they succeeded.

The new Lambo was long rumored to carry the name "Cabrera ," but new details suggest that this will not be its name after all. Details from folks that actually reserved the car suggest that it will be called the Huracan, but those are also unconfirmed. One thing we do know for sure is that it will carry "LP600-4" in its name, which lets us know that it’s engine will pump out 600 horsepower output, and that it will feature an all-wheel-drive system.

The new supercar will be built on the same platform as the next-generation Audi R8 , and will be powered by an improved version of the current 5.2-liter, V-10 engine. Reports also suggest that it will be lighter than the current Gallardo, which means that that it should deliver improved performance figures.

Until we get the chance to see the new supercar unveiled, check out the latest Lamborghini teasers: episode one and episode two.

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Do you remember the annoying teaser video Lamborghini dropped a week ago that told us nearly nothing about Lamborghini’s new car? It was about three guys from London who wanted to take a trip to Lamborghini ’s plant in Sant’Agata Bolognese, and be the first ones to see "the new creature car," which we believe to be the Gallardo’s successor.

Well, now the annoying story continues, and this time it shows the three guys inside Lamborghini’s museum in Sant’Agata Bolognese. From there, they sneak inside the factory where the new supercar is supposedly being developed. As expected, this video also shows nothing about the new car, but it does feature the obligatory good looking woman, who will apparently be part of the next episode. So, the waiting continues...

The Gallardo succesor, which reports are pointing toward not being called the Cabrera , despite previous reports that it would carry that name, will be revealed sometime before Christmas. Various reports indicate that the model will be in fact be a stumpy version of the Aventador, but with a personality all its own.

Stay tuned for more details on the new supercar.

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Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4

Lamborghini already started teasing the Gallardo successor , and Lambo promised us the first details on it by Christmas. But, as Lamborghini tries to keep the model a secret, we continue to scour the web to find additional details on the new supercar .

Apparently our searching was worth the effort, as today we came across some interesting details on the upcoming supercar. These details were released by the folks at Only The Best, who apparently took a trip to Lamborghini’s Sant’Agata Bolognese factory, where the new supercar and the Aventador will be produced, and caught a glimpse of the new car as the production-line door opened as they left the factory.

The other detail is that this new supercar will not be called the Cabrera as we believed. Instead Lamborghini opted for a completely different name that includes "LP600-4" — an indication of the 600 horsepower developed by the 5.2-liter, V-10 engine. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve heard that "Cabrera" will not be the official name, but this is one of the more hands-on reports that we’ve heard, given it actually happened...

The Gallardo’s replacement will be developed on the same chassis as the second-generation Audi R8 and will feature some design elements from the Miura , like the grilles across the entire rear window.

According to Only The Best, the model looks like a stumpy version of the Aventador with a rear end that is pretty similar to the V-12 supercar. The guys report that the model they saw on the factory donned Lambo’s signature Verde Ithaca paintjob.

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