Lamborghini Sesto

Lamborghini Sesto

If the suspense surrounding the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show wasn’t feverish enough, Lamborghini has decided to stoke the fire to a smoldering blaze with the release of a mysterious teaser. The image doesn’t do a whole lot to make our imaginations go crazy so the speculation behind what supercar this is going to be is anybody’s guess.

Based on what we know, there are plenty of guesses as to what car we’ll be seeing hit the show floor. It could be the roadster version of the Aventador . It could be the production version of the Sesto Elemento . Heck, it could even be the new Cabrera , the eventual successor to the Gallardo . Okay, that last one is a bit of a stretch, but who knows?

Then again, it could still end up being a totally new model that we’ve never heard of before. We’d love to make an educated guess, but with the words ’Lamborghini - Racing Towards Frankfurt’ being are only clue, our guess will probably be as good as anyone else’s.

What we do know is that Lamborghini’s going to make Frankfurt a whole lot more interesting. And on that alone, we already can’t wait for September.

When the Sesto Elemento Concept first debuted at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, there was plenty of discussion as to whether or not Lamborghini would send it to production. It’s been several months later and questions are still be raised to that effect, although production seems almost certain with the hits taken by some of the major automakers. How can Lamborghini not take advantage of a vehicle that has been built using a masterful complete CFRP process? In fact, how can they not build this vehicle and build a Spyder version as well?

It may seem a little far-fetched to some, but creating a concept that has drawn as much attention as the Sesto Elemento and then not building on it further with a Spyder version seems a bit ludicrous. This is especially true considering every other Lamborghini in the lineup has its drop top brethren added to the mix. If and when the Sesto Spyder is developed, it will feature the same technology as the coupe version and will be powered by a massive V10 power unit with an output of about 570 HP. While the 0 to 60 mph sprint won’t be made in the same 2.5 seconds thanks to the added weight of a convertible top, the Sesto Spyder will still be one of the most impressive roadster models offered.

As far as its debut and availability are concerned, the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento Spyder should be showing its face in some way shape or form in 2013. It will more than likely follow along the lines of its Coupe version with a limited run and a hefty price tag. The future Sesto Elemento (Coupe) will be limited to just 20 units, each carrying a price tag of 1.9 million euro, or about $2.8 million at the current exchange rates.

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Lamborghini started 2011 off right with the debut of their new supercar, the Aventador LP700-4 . And true to being one of the greater supercar manufacturers, Lamborghini is well on its way to establishing plans for its lineup for the next few years. Thanks to history finding a way to continually repeat itself, we’ve established what we think will be the Italian automaker’s future lineup.

In 2012, we will begin to see different variations of the Aventador, starting off with a Spyder version. That same year, we will also be getting the brand’s first SUV, the LM00X and the production version of the Sesto Elemento concept. The coupe will be followed by the Sesto Elemento Spyder in 2013.

Jumping off the supercar track for a bit, Lamborghini will then bring out the Estoque Sedan in 2014, followed by a Cabrio version in 2016. In between those two debut, Lamborghini will revisit their supercar mainstay with the Aventador Super Veloce .

If we happen to live past the supposed end of the world in 2012, then 2013 will be bringing us a new model set to replace the Gallardo . It will be called the Cabrera - after a famous Spanish bull of course - and will be powered by a V10 engine with a total output of 570 HP. The Cabrera will be built on a multi-sectional, bonded carbon monocoque and will be lighter than the model it replaces. A Roadster version will follow in 2014.

Hit the jump for a breakdown of each model.

Last year, Lamborghini began talks about dropping their manual transmission in favor of a fully automatic line. This idea was christened in the Lamborghini Aventador and its new ISR transmission, and will live on in all of the brand’s future supercars. According to the company, every single one of their supercars will now carry a fully automated seven-speed single-clutch transmission. It may seem as if Lamborghini is tucking its tail - among other things - in between its legs, but Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini ’s R&D director, suggests the change actually makes sense for the brand’s customer base and will improve the car’s performance.

According to Reggiani, just 1 to 2 percent of the cars being produced out of their Sant’Agata Bolognese factory are equipped with three pedals. He adds that a manual transmission is "a break in the electronic chain of command that harmonizes absolutely everything that happens between engine combustion chamber and tire contact patch. The only way Lamborghini can guarantee soothing smoothness in city driving or back-thumpingly explosive acceleration on a winding road is for every system in the car to be interconnected. You can’t rely on a driver to always shift gears without glitches."

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Lamborghini has already confirmed that the Sesto Elemento will indeed be headed to the production line, albeit in a very limited run. With such a minute number being produced, anyone would be hard-pressed to get know when Lamborghini is even actively selling it, let alone be able to grab hold of one of those units. Now that task has gotten even harder as a high-end dealership in La Jolla, just north of San Diego, has confirmed that Lamborghini is now accepting order for the car and that there will only be three units headed over to the United States.

The Lamborghini Sesto Elemento will be offered at a princely sum of $3.44 million. Rumors suggest that this payment will be taken Reventon-style, which means three equal payments of $300,000 or higher with the remainder being paid at the end of the deal. That kind of price tag will bring its owner a 570 HP V10 engine and a power-to-weight ratio of only 1.75 kilograms per HP. This allows the Sesto Elemento to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a sensational 2.5 seconds, while top speed will be higher than 186 mph.

Anyone willing and able to pay that incredible price tag better have their phone in hand and their bank account numbers handy.

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After six teaser images, Lamborghini has finally unwrapped the Sesto Elemento. The concept comes with an overall curb weight of just 2,202 lbs, a V10 power unit, and permanent all-wheel drive, as well as innovative carbon-fiber technologies. The concept is the only vehicle manufactured in the world to have mastered the complete CFRP process across a range of technologies, from 3D design through simulation, validation, production, and testing

The V10 engine delivers an amazing 570 HP and has a power-to-weight ratio of only 1.75 kilograms per hp. This allows the concept to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in a sensational 2.5 seconds, while top speed will be higher than 186 mph.

The Sesto Elemento features a lightweight carbon-fiber structure with the entire front frame, exterior panels, and crash boxes also made of CFRP. The major suspension components and the rims are also made from carbon fiber and the tailpipes are made from Pyrosic, which is an advanced glass-ceramic matrix composite. Carbon fiber is also present in the interior on the floor and roof of the monocoque, on the doors, and on the cockpit and center console.

Updated 11/10/2010: In a recent report, Automotive News says that Lamborghini will put the Sesto Elemento concept into limited production. There will be 5 to 10 units built, and like usual the exclusivity has a big price: 2.5 million Euro (almost $3,500,000 at the current exchange rates). Now that the Murcielago is out of production, Lamborghini’s sales will have to suffer, and this decision was made in an attempt to improve the company’s profit that has been hit hard by the global economic crisis.

Updated 11/22/2010: Lamborghini has officially confirmed that the Sesto Elements concept will indeed go into production, but as a track-only special. In an interview with AutoCar, company boss Stephan Winkelmann said: "We are testing the Sesto Elemento at the moment and if it all goes well then we could look at a limited production run. But it would not be homologated because there are complications with things like airbags. It would be for track use only."

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