1970 - 1976 Lamborghini Jarama

In 1970 Nuccio Bertone proposed the evolution of the Islero with the Jarama. Conceived for the “gentleman” driver, this car is an ideal mix of elegance and power. It was one of Ferruccio Lamborghini’s favorites who appreciated the excellent combination between the 365 HP and luxurious comfort, without the focussed attention that a Miura or an Espada stirred up. Besides 15 HP, the interior of the Jarama S version, presented in 1972, was completely restyled. Lamborghini made 328 units of the Jarama (Jarama 176 units and Jarama S 152 units).

Lamborghini Jarama

Lamborghini Jarama made its official debut at the 1970 Geneva Salon. It was named after Jarama bullfighting region in Spain, but many believe it is named after the Jarama racing circuit near Madrid.

Jarama is the last front engined Lamborghini Coupe, but is also the third heaviest Lamborghini (3,480 lb)- after Espada (3230 lb) and LM002 (5,952 lb).

Jarama also known as the GT was built between 1970 and 1973. It was powered by a 4-liter V12 engine placed in the front center producing 350 hp. On the interior it featured leather upholstery and brushed aluminum for more elegance.

Lamborghini Jarama

The second version, Jarama S (or the GTS) was launched in 1973 and produced until 1976. The differences between it and the GT were mostly mechanical: the V12 engine now delivers 365 hp. For the GTS Lamborghini Lamborghini is also offering power assisted steering, an optional Chrysler TorqueFlite automatic transmission, and removable roof panels. The extra power was added thanks to a new exhaust system, revised heads, carburetors and camshafts.

Lamborghini Jarama

On the exterior Jarama S added revised taillights designed by DeTomaso Deauville, air intakes on each front wheel were air-extraction openings, while on the interior it added new seats.

Even if the Jarama was considered a heavy car it could sprint from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds and could hit a top speed of 162 mph.

Ferruccio Lamborghini was of course one of the owners, and his personal Jarama is on display at the official Lamborghini museum.

Lamborghini Jarama


I don’t get how they can’t understand the xD, but they understand the Yaris...

the old school model of lamborghini is still good despite many years had past. The car interior is a must see. The gadgets attached to this car is still good as before.

this car style is really old school. But the body kit is still strong and durable which, I think, can still survive through the years.

This car doesn’t look that great. Maybe because I wasn’t born on its generation. But really, it only looks so ordinary. But if it will be restored, it will be good for display.

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