1976 - 1979 Lamborghini Silhouette

With the Targa roof, the Silhouette - which is the evolution of the Urraco – proposed an alternative open version with the intention of winning over the difficult United States market. The engine, now perfected, which had four overhead camshafts in the 3-litre version, allowed a maximum speed of 260 km/h. And despite this, after two prototypes, only 53 Silhouettes were produced, the last one being used and tested as the Jalpa prototype.

Lamborghini Silhouette

Lamborghini Silhouette made its world debut at the 1976 Geneva Auto Show. It was the first open production model for Lamborghini featuring a 2+ 2 configuration and a Targa roof. The car was named Silhouette in recognition of then current FIA Group 5 regulations. Even if the public received very well the new model, Lamborghini could never sold it on the North American market due to homologation issues.

The Silhouette was designed by the famous coach-building company, Bertone. It came with squared-off wheel-arch extenders, combined with a deep front spoiler incorporating the oil cooler and front brake air-scoops and 15-inch wheels. The new sports car had a perfect 50/50 weight distribution.

Lamborghini Silhouette

On the interior the rear seats were removed in favor of extra storage room for the removable roof. Customers were able to choose from either leather or cloth upholstery. The roof-area was offered with a roll-over cage that had to protect the passenger and driver in case of an accident.

Due to the difficult economical situation, the Silhouette was discontinued after only 2 years of production and 52 units.

Lamborghini Silhouette


Maybe it’s just me but I think I prefer the styling of Lamborghini today than those of yesteryear.

Don’t forget to mention the much smaller brake lights. Love the Gallardo even more with the changes. The tweaks look fantastic and brings the front end into what appears to be a baby Murcielago design. Also, with only about 100hp difference between LP550 and LP640 it begs the question: What will Lambo do to the Murcielago next to make it worth the extra several hundred thousand in cost?

this model looks exciting and aggressive with its appearance and headlights. I wonder why lamborghini stopped producing this model?

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