1990 - 2001 Lamborghini Diablo

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If any sports car on the market truly deserves the designation “supercar”, it’s the Italian-built Lamborghini Diablo.


Known in its current form as the Diablo 6.0, the startling-looking two-seat coupe adopted a new 6.0-liter V12 engine in 2000, as well as a number of other improvements: a new air conditioning system, wider front and rear track dimensions, a redesigned exhaust system, a new front bumper, new lightweight magnesium alloy wheels, and wider front and rear fenders. The driver’s seat was moved toward the center for a better driving position, and gauges were redesigned.

Partly because a Diablo sells for a whopping $265,000, only a handful are sold each year. Automotive News estimates that only 30 Lamborghinis were sold in the United States during 2000. Even though the model has been marketed for more than a decade after replacing the bizarrely shaped Countach, many people have never seen a Diablo on the street. But when they do, a Diablo is certain to grab the attention away from anything else passing by at the moment.


the engine looks fast and the interior of the car looks like a real racing car. And what I love about lamborghini diablo it stands out regardless of its color.

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