1993 - 1993 Lamborghini Diablo SE 30

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In 1988, Lamborghini built the Countach Anniversario, to celebrate the 25 years of existence of Automobili Lamborghini SpA, in 1993 Lamborghini again designed and built a special car to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the Diablo SE30 was presented during the third Lamborghini Day in September 1993 in Sant’Agata, surrounded by about 140 other Lamborghini’s from all over the world.

The Diablo SE, where SE stands for Special Edition, could easily be called the sportiest car Lamborghini built in a long time, mainly because the SE was meant to be entered in GT-championships around the world by installing the JOTA upgrade kit on it.

Weight Adjustments

That’s why a lot of weight was saved in the design, the side windows were replaced by synthetic glass and only a small portion of them opened by turning a knob inside the door, no more power windows for the Diablo SE.

The small Carbon Fibre seat would grab you and thanks to the special upholstery, you wouldn’t move an inch in them, also because the four-point harness with 30th anniversary logo’s held you very tight. The steering wheel was also modified, it became smaller and the bottom part of it was flat, to ease the entry into the car, but since the power-steering had been abandoned, the small steering wheel wasn’t easy to turn, although the badge used on this new steering wheel was exactly the same as the one used inside the 350 GTV thirty years ago.

The electronically adjustable suspension of the VT had been abandoned on this pure sports car, and a ’normal’ suspension was used, they even managed to improve the Diablo’s road holding capabilities. On the actual production Diablo SE, Lamborghini would include a standard traction control system with four settings, one of which could simply turn the system off.


Wow. This car is great for girls. Finally they make a car for girls who wants to look cool.

Even though this lambo is a bit of old school, it still give me the goosebumps just by looking at it.

Even this lamborghini is from 1993 and we can say that this diablo still rocks the road
when you drive it.

I still like this car than the enzo

This car looks so slick and cool

Hello! I Love this car because it is one of the best lamboghini’s made in history... smiley

Hollo!I love Lamborghini.All the cars of Lamborghini are beautiful,and I love the cars so much.Could you send some pictures of Lamborghini’ cars?I will very thank you!

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