2001 - 2006 Lamborghini Murcielago LP700 M-GT by DMC

The Lamborghini Murcielago may no longer be in production, but a certain German tuner is determined to keep the spirit of the once-mighty Italian super car alive and well.

DMC Tuning has prepared an extensive styling and performance kit for the 1st generation Murcielago , no small feat considering the car first entered production in 2001 and moved on in 2006 to become the LP640. But apparently, DMC Tuning didn’t mind working on the project, and to their credit, they built a program that should make Murcielago owners stand up and take notice.

The first order of business was building the new aero kit, which was done while trying to give the car better downforce. DMC used carbon fiber to redesign the front and rear bumpers while also adding a glass engine cover and a rear wing spoiler. Inside, expect a host of modifications as well, particularly the use of high-grade leather and carbon fiber.

From there, it was on to engine modifications with the German tuner putting in twelve single intake throttle plates, one for each cylinder. A host of components were also replaced, including gasoline pumps, pressure modulators, and injection nozzles, while the crankshafts were customized so they could into the new components. Finally, DMC went and reprogrammed the engine electronics while also adding an electronic load pressure control system.

DMC didn’t mention the Murcielago’s new numbers, but judging from the name of the program - LP700 - we’d venture a guess that the output is now 700 horsepower.

If that’s the case, then that’s exactly what the Murcielago’s successor, the Lamborghini Aventador , is capable of producing. Pretty impressive, if you ask us.


Murcielago has been out passed by Aventador. Could this new Murcielago bring back its former glory?

Comparing it with former Murcielago, It enhanced its aggressive look and specifications.

It gained an aggressive look from former Murcielago. It can now achieve greater down force for they replace a better rear and front bumper with integrated diffusers.

I’m hopeful that this Murcielago will be widely accepted and also the DMC that tuned this Lamborghini.

They can bring back the grace, but the demand may not. Let’s see whether this will work out.

Yeah, why they didn’t provide numbers for this Lamborghini?

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