2006 Lamborghini Gallardo Privilegio

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In order to demonstrate the wide range of interior and exterior customisation options that are currently available, Automobili Lamborghini are to present the new Gallardo Privilegio which will be limited to just 150 units. All these will be based on the Coupé version of the Gallardo - which is now Lamborghini’s best selling model ever - with dimensions and engine specifications remaining the same as the standard MY2006 model.

The new Gallardo Privilegio follows a recent pattern now being established by Lamborghini to maximise sales of the maturing Gallardo model, which was started last year when the special Gallardo SE appeared in public for the first time at the Frankfurt IAA in September. With its distinctive shiny black engine cover, roof panel and door mirrors, the Gallardo SE was limited to 250 units - all of which sold out prior to the car being unveiled. At the same time Lamborghini introduced the new Gallardo Spider which is expected to account for the majority of the 5.0-litre V10-engined sportscar’s production totals this year, leaving the Coupé slightly in the shade

The new Gallardo Privilegio will be highly distinctive due to its use of a swage of matt-black finished parts on a polished black finished body - colours closely associated with the Bologna-based sportscar maker. The car’s base colour will be Nero Noctis (Night Black), although it will also be available in Nero Serapis.

Building on these two base colours will be a a series of visually distinctive matt-black finished exterior parts: outer shell casings of the side mirrors, rear spoiler, upper side panels and the slatted air vents they lead into, the roof (along with extra section at the back) and the outer sections on each side of the front bonnet which rake inwards towards the windscreen. Adding to the overall effect will be further matt-black finished parts including Callisto alloy wheels and similar finished rear lower spoiler covers. Completing the external changes will be darker rear tail lights while the Callisto rims will feature the CI logo - and providing a final a contrast - silver brake calipers will be fitted all round.

The interior gets a similar upgraded treatment and will feature: Bicolour Sportive Nero Perseus and Bianco Polar (Polar White); interior Q-citura; exclusive ’Leather Package II’ in Bianco Polar; white piping on seats, white stitching on steering wheel; white instrument bezels; central sections of the seats, inner door panels, parts behind seats with Q-citura; Nero Perseus stitching (also on white parts); Alcantara roof liner in black with Q-citura; Branding Package; Travel Package and a dedicated Privilegio label.

Standard equipment will include satellite navigation; rear view camera; onboard computer; anti-theft system; comfort package and a dedicated Car Cover. Available options include: E-Gear; transparent bonnet; heated mirrors; Bluetooth; luggage set I / II; carbon ceramic brakes and additional sets of Titanium Cassiopea Rims on Sport or Winter tyres.

Simulating the specific equipment of the Gallardo Privilegio as a sum of all the options added together, the retail price will be 19 percent over the standard price of the Model Year 2007 Gallardo Coupé.

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