2007 Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Lamborghini has released the first pictures and details of the facelifted Murcielago. It is called "LP640", which implied its 640 horsepower output. (Remark: note that this breaks the tradition of Lamborghini, in which the number following LP indicated engine capacity) The upgraded big Lambo has a heavily redesigned V12 displacing 6.5 liters (up from 6.2). New crankshaft, cylinder heads, camshafts, intake and exhaust means the engine is almost new. Horsepower increases from 580hp to 640hp at 8000 rpm, while max torque inches up from 479 to 487 lbft at 6000 rpm. With the new V12, LP640 can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds, or a reduction of 0.4 second. This is partly contributed by the addition of Ferrari-style electronic launch control.


LP640 means Longitudinale Posteriore 640 hp, and it refers to the position and power of the V12 engine, that gains 60 hp on the previous Murcielago (from 580 to 640 hp at 8,000 rpm, while the torque grows from 479 lbs-ft to 469 lbs-ft at 6,000 rpm).

The technician in Sant’Agata Bolognese made new cylinder heads, a new crankshaft, new camshafts, a new exhaust sytem, with a single, gigantic and menacing central exhaust tube.

Top speed is now even higher than the 210h of the old Murcielago, while it accerates from 0-60 mph in 3.3 second (down from 3.8 seconds).

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

The body is almost entirely built in carbon fiber (except for steel door panels).

What can one say of the renewed styling ? It’s even more "monstruos", even more menacing. The message seen from the front is "move over", from the rear it’s "eat my exhaust".

Official prices haven’t been announced yet, but you can expect to pay some 23-3000$ over the original Lamborghini Murcielago’s pricetag.

Unmistakable Lamborghini Design

In their reinterpretation of the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640, the designers at the Lamborghini Style Centre have remained true to the traditional Lamborghini principles of purism, sport and function. The Murcielago LP640 now appears even more aggressive, with the new front and rear bumpers contributing significantly to its appearance. The exhaust system terminal has been incorporated in the diffuser on the rear bumper. Other innovations include the rear lights, which enhance the distinguishing features of the Murcielago LP640, making it unmistakable even at night.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

The design of the sides is also worth mentioning: while the area behind the air intake on the right side is practically closed, the left side features a vast aperture for cooling the oil radiator. Together with the aerodynamically defined front and rear, this proves yet again that the shape of a Lamborghini is dictated by function.

More Powerful Engine

The engine of the new Murcielago LP640 has undergone outstanding and radical modification. The increased bore and longer stroke have boosted the displacement of the classic 60° V-engine from 6.2 liters to 6.5 liters. Thus the already extraordinary 580 bhp engine power has now been elevated to an impressive peak of 640 bhp at 8,000 rpm. The 12-cylinder engine reaches a maximum torque of 487 lb-ft at 6,000 rpm.

The new Murcielago LP640 features a modified sixratio gearbox as well as a tougher rear differential and new axle shafts. On request, the e-gear automatic gearbox is also available equipped with the new
dedicated “Thrust” (acceleration programme) mode.

This “evolutionary leap forward” has been possible thanks to a coherent review of every engine component: the cylinder head and the entire intake system (based on the tried and tested Lamborghini variable geometry system), have been completely reworked. The crankshaft, camshafts and exhaust system have also undergone innovation.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

The increase in power naturally determines an increase in performance. The maximum speed is now 340 km/h (before 330 km/h). The excellent performance of the Murciélago LP640 means it can now accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.4 seconds (0.4 seconds faster than the previous model).

Lamborghini engineers have also concentrated on improving torque development. The “drivability” of the engine is enhanced by a continuous variable timing system (intake and exhaust side) and a drive-by-wire engine management system.

To meet the thermal requirements of the engine, the engineers have foreseen a considerably larger oil radiator and subsequently, the air intake on the left side of the vehicle has been enlarged. The liquid cooling system, characterised by the Lamborghini VACS system (variable geometry air inlet system) remains the same. Electronically managed air intakes open depending on the outdoor temperature and the need for cooling air, ensuring maximum aerodynamic efficiency.

Gearbox and transmission: improved efficiency and strength

More power and higher torque call for superior gearbox component performance. To meet these new demands, the new Murciélago LP640 features a modified six-ratio gearbox as well as a tougher rear differential and new axle shafts. On request, the e-gear automatic gearbox is also available equipped with the new dedicated “Thrust” (acceleration programme) mode.

Just like its predecessors, the Murciélago LP640 features permanent four-wheel drive, based on the reliable Lamborghini VT (Viscous Traction) system. The system is self-governing and does not feature any electronic controls. The drive force is usually divided between the front and rear axles in the ratio of 30 to 70. An independent control circuit adjusts the distribution of the drive force depending on dynamic oscillation, weight distribution and the relative friction factor in perfect synchronisation with the Visco clutch. In extreme cases, up to 100% of the drive force can be applied to a single axle.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Electronics: a "closed loop" for total control

The electronics have also been updated. The modified engine control units improve engine performance and “driveability” thanks to “closed loop” control.

Every engine and vehicle parameter is managed and controlled by three “master” control units and a “satellite” control unit. The master control units consist of two Lamborghini "LIE" engine control units, a Lamborghini “GFA” (Auxiliary Function Management) control unit and a Lamborghini “PMC” (Power Motor Control) satellite control unit. The control units are interconnected by a CAN Bus line.

Frame and Chassis: Perfect Harmony

The body of the Murcielago LP640 with its characteristic scissor doors is created from the prized union of sheet steel and honeycombed carbon fiber, glued and riveted together.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

Driving, handling and stability at high speed are enhanced by new springs and stabilizers, as well as by a redesigned electronically controlled damper. The "antidive" and "anti-squat" features on the axles, which efficiently prevent so-called "brake diving" and "squatting", have not been changed. The two springs on every rear wheel, the single spring on every front wheel and the damper are placed coaxially.

Optional Ceramic Carbon Brakes

The dual hydraulic circuit brake system equipped with a vacuum brake booster ensures considerable deceleration values. The self-ventilating front and rear brake disks measure 380 mm x 34 mm and 355 mm x 32 mm respectively. The control circuit of the four-channel anti-blocking system (ABS) with electronic brake control (DRP) and traction control (TCS) features a new characteristic curve. The system consists in an electro-hydraulic control unit and four speed sensors.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

When particularly high braking performance is required, it is possible to equip the vehicle with 380 mm x 36 mm ceramic carbon brakes featuring six-piston brake calipers.

The new Murciélago LP640 also meets with even the most rigorous safety requirements. Thanks to the two front airbags (a 60-litre single stage air bag on the driver side and a 130-litre two stage airbag on the passenger side), the Murciélago LP640 complies with every international law in effect in terms of head-on and side crashes, impacts against posts, occupant safety, fuel supply integrity and flammability of materials. The luggage compartment also complies with childproof safety regulations.

Even More Exclusive Interior

The seats in the cockpit have undergone the most radical changes; more spacious and equipped with redesigned head restraints, the seats now ensure better comfort. The leather upholstery features lozenge-shaped stitching called "Q-citura". The same design is recaptured on the upholstery on the door panels, the panel between the seats and the engine compartment, and on the roof panel.

Lamborghini Murcielago LP640

A new instrument panel has been developed with lights featuring a new graphic design, flanked by a new Kenwood car radio with a 6.5” widescreen monitor and DVD, MP3 and WMA player. An optional navigation system is also available (standard in Japan).

Like its predecessors, the new Murciélago LP640 can be customised thanks to the special fittings and upholstery packages. For the first time, the renowned characteristic Murciélago Roadster asymmetric and driver-oriented fittings and upholstery are available for the Coupé, featuring a perforated leather driver’s seat and door panel.

Thanks to the "Privilegio" customisation program, any Murciélago LP640 can be transformed into a customised sports car. For example, the cockpit can be enhanced with an extremely refined carbon finish applied to the air conditioning control panel, the control lever console and the parking brake.


Porsche I have one of those and a 2002 lambo the lambo is far faster its like a crotch rocket with 4 tires.

i love LP640 so much!!just wanna know more bout tis beast!anybody just pls leave ur comment here n sharing together!


hmm..a news that said 2 LP640 had just crashed before unveiled!!owning tis beast is either dream or a nightmare?..report mentioned that expert couldn’t find out why it crash when havin test drive on a public road!an ex-owner of murcie stated too his car sudden losted control while the road is straight,dry n good in condition..

not believin?search tis website

tonnes of crashed supercars thr!!included ENZOS

forgive my poor english

i would like that car..because i saw your car very nice..

I just got my orange one and it was $425,000 out the door.
That’s $25,000 less than Lambo of Houston.
My wife is pissed that she can’r raise the drivers seat like her Gallardo.

Hey guys buying a house in silicon valley is like $750,000 bux buy this car for $300,000 pay a monthly of $3000/ month and live in a nice apartment, get laid every night and don’t bother having a wife!! nobody will and scream at you.
Its will be the perfect life man!

I could make it look better R3 find me lambo

You guys are crazy! If you were to buy this car, you would need an annual income over the price of this vehicle. And it’s pretty safe to say that none of you do. Based off your grammar and ability to read simple print. $300,000.00 is what the ASKING price is on this vehicle. I’ll admit this is one beautiful car, and it’s nice to day dream. My buddy has the first one to be purchased in Orange County being built as we speak. As a matter of fact, it’s probably on it’s way to the U.S. right now. SICK!!!



oh my god, its 300,000! read it right

by the way man, it is 300,000, get some glasses

whaTs better lamborghini OR mclareN???

Not a lot of room for subs and amps.

Lamborghini may keep their cars in production for a much longer period of time but they sure know how to do it. Although the Mucielago name is still there he LP640 could almost be considered a different car. This is what makes Lamborghini special, to make an already stunning car...even more stunning. This is how they stay at the top.

What a sorry video!

I actually went out and bought one in 2001, and yes, it is VERY COOL, VERY FAST, and VERY YELLOW!!!

30,000??????? u need some glasses dude ...i see 5 zeros not 4

No. Price is $300,000.00 I’m sure. It’s more than my house, but I’ll still ask the wife if I can get one.

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