2008 - 2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Berzerk by SR Auto Group

The dog days of summer are just about here and SR Auto Group is preparing for the heat with a cool new "LP560-4 Berzerk" package based on the Lamborghini Gallardo.

A car such as the Gallardo cannot be trusted to just about anybody, but SR Auto Group has consistently prepared dominating packages for the super car and their latest project is certainly no different. Being a natural beauty to begin with, the LP560-4’s body was accentuated with the use of clean, sophisticated lines provided by a two-tone finish front bumper, carbon fiber side skirts, and a carbon fiber rear spoiler. The polished look was then capped off with an Ocean Blue paint job and new set of Monotec T04 wheels offered in size 20" and painted in a gloss black finish.

No updates were provided for the supercar’s 5.2 liter 560 HP V10 engine, but the sounds reverberating from the vehicle get a deeper, more defined tone with a new RSC performance exhaust system. This does nothing for the 3.7 sec 0-60 mph sprint time, but it’ll surely get you noticed.


Andy Driscoll is right. It is better if they use V12 engine instead of V10 only. I’m sure it is more so exciting to drive with if it is on a most powerful engine output.

2008-2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Berzerk has 560 horse power @ ROM and V10 engine. I think it’s good to see if this car has a V12 engine not V10 and have a very good performance.

Agreed. The styling of the car is kind of impressive! And the exterior upgrade really makes this production more gorgeous. BTW, I think it would be better if they have offered an engine upgrade as well! 

The blue paint job looks so aggressive towards this car! The updated exterior is amazing, especially its aerodynamic kit. However, I think the power output of the car is kind of less powerful for a v10 engine. 

For me, I don’t think that the SR Auto Group have made an awesome modification for this car. Its engine performance is not that impressive and its less powerful. I was expecting for a a higher figure.

This car really have an impressive performance! Although there were no more production for this model the future line up of Lamborghini seems to have a great speed record!

I would have to agree with Luke Franks here. Aside from the paint job, which is not really all that outstanding, there is nothing more to see here. I wish they could have tweaked the engine.

As far as I see it, there are no major rendetion that SR Auto Group has done on this car. Lamborghini Gallardo is perfect as its best.

I really don’t know what it is would the color, but I am always amazed whenever I see blue cars, they really look amazing, and this one is a fine example of what I mean.

Well, this one has a nice name to it, Berzerk. It sounds really cool and intimidating, which I think fits in really well with the whole car. Most especially with the color.

Whoa, that one is definitely looking great. And I really love that blue color that they used on the car. One thing that I don’t like about this one though its that they didn’t give it an engine boos.

It seems that the SR Auto Group just make a minor modification on this car! I think this car is just the same with the original concept of Gallardo! I hope they made a upgrade on the engine.

hmm. Well, comparing it with other Lambo car, the platform of this car is just the same. The power output is kind of impressive. However, for a v10 technology I think its less powerful! I want to see a boost power version of this car.

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