2010 Lamborghini Murcielago by Platinum Motorsport

Platinum Motorsport has certainly been a permanent fixture on our pages the past couple of months, but their tuning packages for a variety of vehicles certainly call for that kind of attention. It’s not that their kits are extravagantly over the top - actually they are quite simple - it’s because it’s the simplicity in their style that make these vehicles stand out above the rest. And their package for the Lamborghini Murcielago LP640 is another example of this.

The package for the LP640 includes a Premier 4509 kit and a new set of 20" Maya wheels painted in black. The exterior kit includes a new front bumper, new side pods, a new rear bumper, and a new rear deck spoiler. And whether you choose matte black or glossy black for the exterior color, the car looks amazing.

In fact, the car was amazing enough to catch the attention of a little rapper by the name of Mann, who, along with 50 Cent, featured the Lamborghini LP640 in the music video "Buzzin."


This one is really oozing with angst! I also love the fact that it is already perfect from its exterior into its luxurious interior even the fact that it had a powerful engine output.

Lamborghini is so unbelievable! Imagine they manage to maintain their amazing speed while those OEM wings are heavy..I just wonder how they do that? 

Aesthetically, this car is great! The Lambo combines the luxury and sportiness on their car. The interior is stunning and the performance is great. I really love Lambo in matte color!

Well another "Wow" for me. This will be the talk of the town on that show where we know the capability of a Lamborghini cars especially the first Gallardo. As expected, the speed will be the basis of a raging bull car like this and of course I like the new outer features.

Yeah, I’m not lucky to have one. Well the appearance package is also expensive but the result after is quite alluring and lot of your friends will think that it’s a Murcielago. I don’t know if it fits for all cars on that price but if it’s a standard pricing for the appearance, well people may consider that.

Once again Russia shows us how not to customize your car. Everything they touch they destroy. They need to put the designer or company owner in front of a firing squad and arm them all with shotguns. Pathetic to say the least.

they should made a v6 engine and played with turbos inside the hood. if they really want an eco and fuel efficient sports car.

And why don’t companies mount the mirrors on the front fenders any more? Pagani does, but I cant think of any other car company which does such.

Not very subtle indeed, especially the Continental, but still two impressive beasts.

Not very subtle indeed, especially the Continental, but still two impressive beasts.

lovely sports car, isn’t that amazing to drive a super car like this? really I am amazed with its killer look and incomparable performance.

I have friend who would die for this Murcielago... he’ll be fell into depression if I send him the link smiley

Why doesn’t the Platinum Motorsport offered more images and details of their work?

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