2010 Lamborghini Murcielago by Vitt Performance

Driving a Lamborghini Murcielago is sure to make everyone around you green with envy, but that’s not your problem. In fact, why not revel in the fact that you have a Lamborghini by making some small adjustments to make your charging bull that much better? In the latest tuning kit provided by Vitt Performance, this supercar gets given quite a treatment in the form of two different body kits.

The two body kits provided by the Japanese tuner include a new front bumper, two new side skirts, a new rear fender, and a new rear bumper. Customers can also receive a GT Wing made of carbon fiber, and a muffler cutter and a rear wing made from FRP for a few extra bucks. The options for this package come in the form of the materials used for the body kit. These accessories come in a choice of full carbon fiber or FRP (fiber reinforced plastic). The FRP is probably about six times the price of the carbon fiber, but you have to pay for extravagance.

Source: Vitt Performance


Lamborghini is so notorious with a sporty but luxury vehicle, and I’m sure that this one is had an impressive and classy interior and a powerful engine output. Anyway, I love the exterior appearance of this one.

I can’t see the interior part of this car. I want to see it and I’ll wait for the image of interior part of this car. BTW, I like the exterior part of the car its simple combination color with the lining gray in the hood.

i think the red interior and the white exterior is not a perfect match for this car. And those lines in the bonnet of the Lambo is not so original, I have seen it on a Dodge.

Its kinda look like a faster car! It would be stable if it will stay as four wheel drive. Amazing, this car has a lot of power!

Only 10 copies will be produced for the Chinese market. That’s a real shame because China is probably the only country where owners can drive these cars at over 150mph.

This really takes a hit on performance compared to the superleggera. Theres only a 200lb difference between the two.

I am indeed fond of this kind of car designs because I imagine riding this kind of car makes me look so cool.

I’d like to see how this thing does against the Bugatti Veyron in acceleration..

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