2011 Lamborghini Aventador Polizia

The Italian Polizia has never been shy about introducing Lamborghinis to their fleet of police cars, having already done so in the past for the Lamborghini Gallardo

Now that Lamborghini has officially introduced their new baby, the LP700-4 Aventador , we think that it’s only a matter of time before a number of these Italian supercars are dressed up in the familiar blue and white finish of the polizia. To give us an idea of what to expect if and when the car makes its first appearance safeguarding the Italian roads, Milanno Artworks, together with CarreraDesign, has created a number of renderings of what the Aventador Polizia is poised to look like.

Details about the car isn’t going to be announced anytime soon, but as a special police vehicle, it is expected to carry with a number of special features, including a defibrillator, a refrigerator container for transport of organs, and police lights - probably using LED lights - under the air intakes and inside the Italian supercar.

Seeing as Lamborghini and the Italian Polizia have a strong relationship buoyed by their continued collaboration, we won’t bet against seeing an Aventador Polizia down the road.


The police sure will brag about this Lamborghini, I never want to commit any road crime if this car will be the one to chase me.

The combination of the two colors is really nice! Its external components are very stylish too, especially its wheels.

It looks so cool and awesome on its graphic design and even the combination of its exterior color is really perfect with this. I also love the sporty interior of it, as well as its powerful engine of it.

I am more hoping for a Sesto Elemento Polizia....lol

This is the best police car ever. i guess italy needed a new supercop since they drove the gallardo on top of a merc.

If I can remember correctly, the Italian police already has an agreement with the various car manufacturers that are based in the country. I do wish that they have the same agreement here.

Ha, that one is definitely what a pice car should look. Tsk, why is it that the Italian cops are always the ones getting the interesting stuff? Oh well, we’ll just have to drool on this one.

The Lamborghini never ever fails its audience and customers on their cars. The color of
this one makes it different from others. I wish I could ride one of those someday.

It seems that this car would be different from the other production of Lamborghini cars. However, i just wonder on what is the reason behind the two color combination for this car?

I think this would be the first time that I have seen a Lamborghini dressed with two different color!BTW is this is the successor of the LP700-4 Aventador or its little brother?

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