2011 Lamborghini Gallardo by Cosa Design

Nevermind that we haven’t heard from Cosa Design in ages; what’s important is that they’ve come out with what is arguably one of the coolest body kits ever made for a Lamborghini Gallardo . What better way to make a bang than with an awesome upgrade, right?

Using a Lamborghini Reventon as its inspiration, the folks over at Cosa Design built an aggressive body kit for the Gallardo that features, among other things, a new front skirt, a new side sill set, a redesigned rear apron that comes with a custom diffuser, a pair of exhaust rear muffler pipes, an enormous rear spoiler, and a set of 20" rims wrapped in Continental Sport Contact tires.

The overall look screams aggression even for the lofty standards of the Gallardo and quite frankly, we’re a little misty-eyed here just dreaming about sitting behind the wheel of this Italian piece of four-wheeled awesomeness. But wait, it only gets better.

Not one to leave the Gallardo’s engine untouched, Cosa Design also did some tweaking under the hood, adding a special coilover suspension to adjust the car’s height and stiffness while also using the stainless steel exhaust pipes to increase the output from 500 horsepower and 376 lb/ft of torque all the way up to 540 horsepower and 405 lb/ft of torque. The resulting engine bump saw an increased top speed for the Gallardo, which can now peak at 197 mph.


It’s absolutely stunning. I love the rear of this car. It’s so unique and impressive. Maybe, it will look better in blue.

Based on what I have seen, it needs a modification on its aerodynamic kit, especially in its rear lip. I would be glad to see an engine upgrade for this vehicle and remove maximum speed.

Yeah! I would agree on that, Lamborghini is really one of the best cars manufactures of a powerful sports vehicle and a good-looking car either! smiley this vehicle can truly prove that.

Lamborghini is one of the best car brand for me because of the style. I think this style is one of the best race car style in the world of automotive.

I saw this on Chris Brown if I’m not mistaken, I like how the steering power of Gallardo.

Gallardo really had a remarkable style and sporty platform design, but how about its speed performance? is it quite impressive either?

Lamborghini design is one of my best favorite and the performance of this car was so great. If you see the style of this car the first instinct it’s a sports car.

The speed performance really is impressive and its a good thing that they have offered a boost on its engine performance. 

Well, I don’t think that the Cosa Design has made an awesome modification for the car. However, I was impressed with the speed performance of this tuned up Gallardo.

Comparing to the standard version, I would say that this one is kind of lame. I agree that the car has an impressive speed performance.

I’m really impressed with the awesome production of Lamborghini vehicle. The styling and power output is kind of awesome.

I completely agree! The front of the car is quite nice though the rear seems to be overdone. I’m a great fan of Gallardo maybe because of the styling but its just that I don’t want this production vehicle. Well, it’s great that the performance of the car is great as ever!

I was upset with the work of Cosa Design. The modified version of the car is not that impressive. I would refer the previous design of the Gallardo. And it’s too bad that they haven’t remove its top speed. They just don’t make a good tuned up version for this car.

I would agree that this is a cool car, but the front skirt is not that good. By simply looking at the front of the car, the darker part did not fit on its body. On the other hand, the trimmed interior is quite good.

We couldn’t admit on how awesome was the Gallardo. I think there’s no more active production for this car and I’m glad to see a tuned up version! However, too bad that they haven’t made it as good as the standard version. The styling and engine performance of the car is kind of boring.

hmm. This car looks too edgy! Based on what I have seen, it needs a modification on its aerodynamic kit especially in its rear lip. I would be glad to see an engine upgrade for this vehicle and remove top speed.

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