2011 Lamborghini Gallardo by Tecnocraft

What happens when an American tuner unleashes a whole lot of carbon fiber on an unsuspecting Italian supercar? Well, for once, disaster does not ensue. Typically, we don’t recommend anyone messing with a beauty such as the Lamborghini Gallardo , but this package by Tecnocraft is worth every penny.

Tecnocraft’s package for the Gallardo includes carbon fiber seats, wings, engine carbon panels, air box, and tons of other stuff. Rounding off the kit is a new set of wheels. The whole shebang us painted in black with yellow highlights scattered throughout.

While everything mentioned so far comes standard with the Tecnocraft package, the tuner is also offering a carbon fiber rear splitter and racing harnesses as an option. All of these carbon fiber elements help to reduce the car’s weight by an impressive 300 lbs. This is translated into better aerodynamics and improved performance. It doesn’t get much better than that. They didn’t even have to update the engine’s output because the modifications made to the exterior are more than enough!


Tecnocraft has a good performance. I want to see this performance in live on the road. The design pf this car is great. The black color is great.

Well, I really don’t think that car has an impressive speed performance. And it seems that the Tecnocraft has made an awesome modification in the aerodynamic of the vehicle.

This is the most sporty and impressive production vehicle that I have seen! I’m really impressed with the performance and modification on the car.

to be honest,i really don’t like the customized version of the Lambo but for me this one looks great! Those old front headlights is much better compare to their smaller version.

I’m pretty sure they have, but for sure that was a special order because they used to customize a high end cars like ferrari and lambos.

The car is equipped with dry carbon front splitter, under body panels, diffuser, and adjustable wing assembly to provide additionally stability at high speeds.

Their current demo car is a Lamborghini Gallardo that has been entirely carbonised with their extensive line of products for the car. In the engine bay, the hatch assembly, panels, and intake assembly are all replaced by dry carbon parts.

Just to be mean... they made it black and in those dark photos, just to hide the little imperfections? smiley

I know if I had a car like that, I’d never let a freaking drifter or any other kind of racer drive it. Execpt

Found it kinda funny that the tv show Battle of the Supercars had this and their Ford GT on there, but made them look like they were done by two separate car companies. They also didn’t tell you how thrashed the shells of these cars were when they were done with the show.

agree on that do you still remember the Ferrari italia that was tuned by

wow this car is lovely a pure blood European car touches by a Japaneses tuner and carbon maker.. I bet this is a good start for the Japaneses and European relation in therms of sports car like this.

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