2011 Lamborghini Gallardo Devastator by SR Project

Lamborghini is preparing to replace the current Gallardo in 2013 with an even more powerful car rumored to be called the Cabrera , but until that happens, we’ll be seeing tons of tuning packages for the current model. In fact, a lot of them will probably come from SR Auto Group who seem to gravitate towards the vehicle in every other project they undertake. Their latest kit is called the Devastator and, contrary to its title, doesn’t offer any additional power to disintegrate the competition.

The new Gallardo Devastator features a simplistic design approach that is displayed with a matte black exterior finish to go along with the matte black PUR 2WO wheels. The whole darkened look is highlighted by massive golden brakes.

That’s about it for the package and honestly, if this were any other car than this Gallardo or even an Audi R8 , we’d be thoroughly disappointed. Of course, a vehicle that comes rocking a 560 HP V10 engine can get away with not getting its power boosted.


The center console of this Devastator seems so cool! Moreover, I love the exterior appearance of it, and even though it is on a matte body paint it still looks very appealing and fabulous.

The only thing that I don’t like was the figure performance of the car. V10 technology can produced a 600+ hp, the SR Project needs to boost the engine of the vehicle.

For everyone that missed their chance in purchasing this vehicle. This is your chance of grabbing a production of this vehicle! This would be an impressive tuned up version.

I wonder on why they are not using a v12 technology just like what the Lamborghini promised to used in their future production. BTW, I can’t see any elegance in the interior of this car!

The face of this car reminds me of Ferrari cars for the design in the front seems different from the traditional look of Lamborghini car. However, for a v10 technology I don’t think that 560 hp is just enough, V8 engine can produced the same figure!

I really don’t know, but whenever I see an all black car, I really find it very cool and aggressive looking. And I would say that that description really fits in well with this ride.

Not interested since they been making an upgrade in the look of the car which we all know is gorgeous enough! I really want to see a more powerful engine of this car.

I can’t find something new on this project. Unfortunately, there is nothing that we can say special on its design because we all knew that matte black is considered as a classic color of any car models. We really need to test its performance to prove its power.

For my part, I am already fine with the engine that they have used, since the standard Gallardo engine is already good. The body work here is also really superb.

Well, I would agree that the looks of this one certainly fits the name. However, I think this one would have been much better if they have boosted the engine.

Devastator, hmm, kinda reminds me of that giant robot from the transformer movie. And I would say that this one also have some “devastating” looks.

Well, this one is certainly a nice name for the car. Devastator really describes the aggressive looks that this one has, which is quite “devastating” to other cars.

Sorry guys, but I think this car looks like a Ferrari from the front. Although I admit that the platform look so glamorous still I don’t like this edition. BTW, it seems edgy from the back..

Well, I think the look of this car would be simpler unlike the original concept. Although I have a feeling that this car would be more powerful for a v10 technology.

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