2011 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 620 YarroW by Wheelsandmore

Audis , Ferraris , and Mercedes , Oh my! German tuner, Wheelsandmore, have already dazzled us with a plethora of tuning package for the brands mentioned, but we would be crazy to think that a Lamborghini would fly under their radar. Enter their YarroW package. The YarroW is a tuning project based on theLamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 that includes both engine and exterior updates.

The engine upgrade package includes a special stainless steel, valve controlled exhaust system, combined with an ECU upgrade and a special carbon airbox. This combination allows for a 60hp boost in power, getting the Gallardo from 560hp to 620hp. Managing all that power is a much-needed new high performance brake system featuring 8-piston calipers with 14.96 inch brake discs in the front and 6-piston calipers with 14.17 inch discs in the rear.

The exterior package includes a set of 3-piece forged lightweight wheels in their customized "6Sporz" model. These wheels are wrapped around Dunlop Sport Maxx tires, 235/30/20 in the front and 305/25/20 in the rear. The exterior is also decked out in carbon fiber with the frontflap, mirrors, rear diffuser, and some interior elements receiving the treatment.


The black stripes really look so cool with this one and the color combination looks very perfect. Well, the fact that it is a Lamborghini vehicle, I am hoping that it would have also a nice speed performance.

Wow! great sports car! I really like the style and design of this car. The lining color of the rims is great. Yellow and black is one of the best color combinations of the car like this.

German tuning company that modifies a German car.Hmm Sound interesting though I think nothing is impressive this model for they have upgrade its look rather than boosting its power.

I think the engine upgrade package that was used in this car is the same package used for the V12 Vantage. Its kind of a smart move for the Wheelsandmore since the engine is the key factor to make this run like hell!

This one has a great exterior. That made it to become one of the most promising sports car for Lamborghini. Let’s check the speed and other specs as well.

Why not? I don’t see any problems with the title of this article. It usually describes the name of the car model. Maybe the editor should fixed the errors.

We all know that Lamborghini cars worth millions and if you are going to buy one better Choose the car that has an outstanding performance and definitely not a aftermarket production!

Wow! I don’t think that this car has an awesome speed. I’m afraid that the convertible with add up on the weight of the car. Though, like the usual Lamborghini has an awesome design.

I really love the Lamborghini for offering a manual transmission.
And think they are the only car that makes very color looks cool when painted on that car!

That Lambo convertible is amazing! Does the car door is just normal?

I feel dizzy while looking at the Lambo they have the same look but different name. I can’t distinguished which is which?

Finally, interested buyers will also get the chance to choose from a number of exterior colors available on the 2011 Compass.

To increase serial performance they used a special stainless steel, valve controlled exhaust system, combined with an ECU upgrade

it’s not that much appealing as the reventon and murciallago.. but having this is a pleasure.

lovely gallardo, it looks more better than the light blue one owned by tila.

they used a fully upgraded engine here to compensate with the its killer looks.

yes with that tremendous power a good set of brakes would be needed here.. Drilled Rotor, High ENd Pads and of course 6 piston calipers or more
to stops this monster.

All that power management is a much needed new high-performance brake system with 8-piston calipers with 14.96 inches front brake discs and 6-piston calipers with 14.17-inch discs in the rear.

the YarroW got a lot of carbon parts out- and inside as a covered frontflap, the mirrors, the rear diffusor and several parts inside for the perfect sportsfeeling.

No offense but I think the title doesn’t sounds good. It sounds like they forget to press space when typing. Nevertheless, the figures and the wheels are both good.

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