2012 DMC Lamborghini Aventador Molto Veloce by Auferlampo

Last year, DMC has unveiled a tuning kit for the Lamborghini Aventador called Molto Veloce . For most of us this upgrade was more than enough for such a great supercar, but some guys from Thailand decided the Molto Veloce can be upgraded even further and they have unveiled a very interesting upgrade kit for the already existing kit.

The kit comes from the Thailand-based tuner Auferlampo. The tuner upgraded the look of the Molto Veloce with a new body kit and installed a new high-performance exhaust system by Larini Systems. The body kit includes a new front diffuser and lip, side flap and side skirts. All the new components are made in carbon fiber, but they can also be offered in the body color. This new kit is priced at €25,000 ($32,600 at the current exchange rates) and it can be combined with a new high-performance exhaust system made in carbon fiber for an additional €5,500 ($7,200).

Hit the jump to watch the DMC Aventador Molto Veloce by Auferlampo being unveiled at the Bangsaen Speed Festival.


Yesterday I saw a Lamborghini, across the street I live on.It looks amazing, I didn’t think in reality they are so spectacular

I dream of driving a red version of this Lamborghini!
Always appreciated their products

I think Tinur is right. The white version is better, it shows better the refined lines of the design.Maybe a mix of white and black would be the best! smiley

I’m wondering how this brand new exquisite kit would fit my old-age Mercedes , ha haah

I can appreciate its design pretty good, but I don’t dare to ask the price of such a car...

It’s a bit early, that’s right, but I’m also wondering what surprisingly beauty they will have to show us!

I know we just passed in 2013, but I’m already wondering how the next version of a Lamborghini would look like!

I know, but in the context of the presentation, I think they should make some more suggestive pictures..

Dave, you’re right.Details such color are less relevant.Only thinking about the new kit gives me goosebumps, hahah smiley

But even the black version reveals the magnificent details.I think the color matters less, it’s the car that surprises and the new features!

I’d go for the white one.You can see the clean-cut design and the mad geometrical shape.Great one, I think

This is impressive!I’m wondering what the next level one would look like

Alex, I’m sure that if you can afford a Lamborghini, you have the money for the extra kit smiley

Even tough the new kit is very qualitative, I think it’s kind of expensive..

This car must be from outerspace ! Looks totally crazy, and I’m wondering what my friends would say if I would come up with such a beauty at a party smiley

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