2012 Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 "Allegro" by DMC Tuning

Well, that didn’t take long now did it? The Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4 isn’t even a month old yet and German tuner, DMC Design, has scooped one up and added its own touches to make the supercar even more spectacular than it already is.

The first tuning package for the Aventador is called "Allegro" and includes a few exterior modifications that further tweak the exterior of the supercar. For starters, a new Carbon Fiber rear wing has been added that takes its design inspiration from a mixture of the Sesto Elemento and the LP670 models. The new wing can be had in a glossy or matte surface finish. DMC is also offering a new front wing spoiler, a carbon fiber rear wing, new side skirts, and a corner spoiler to add more of an aggressive look to the vehicle. Of course, that’s kind of like adding more water to the ocean, but we still like the overall result of their additions.

Now, since the Lamborghini Aventador is already carrying a 6.5-liter V12 engine with an AWD layout that produces 700 HP at 8,250 rpm and 509 lb-ft at 5,500 rpm, DMC felt little need rework anything under the hood. Apparently, they think a top speed of 217 mph is more than enough too.

Maybe the Aventador didn’t quite need the tuning package to make it any more exquisite than it already is, but we’re just happy DMC didn’t go overboard by doing something like making adding a crazy exterior paint scheme and adding an exaggerated and hideous spoiler. Hey, we’ve seen it happen to a Lamborghini before .

UPDATE 10/27/2011: DMC has released a couple more images of the "Gargiulo," now called the "Allegro," package for the Aventador. The program is still fresh in the DMC shops so we expect more things to be added to it before the whole list of details are revealed. In the meantime, check out the new images provided!


I have to say that the speed performance of the car is kind of impressive. The deliver power output of 700 hp is quite remarkable. This would be an awesome tuned up version vehicle!

I was captivated with the awesome styling of the car. And aside from that, the speed performance is really impressive! I was captivated with the performance of the car. I bet this would be a speedy vehicle.

I love it, those parts really needs a upgrade and the figure performance is enough for me. I cant wait so test drive this car.

So, they are planning only to enhance those three parts? How about the performance of the car, aren’t they putting more add-ons?

It is a well excellent car made, Its quite impressive and the performance as well is kinda incredible and extraordinary. The exterior modification of this car is very inspiring that has additional gaining confidence to the users itself.

I cant comment further on this car because Lamborghini’s are so cool rides! Its simply perfect actually for my opinion.

Honestly,I really love the design of the Aventador and I guess no more enhancement needed for it. However, little change is not a pain at all.

Well, whatever color scheme they choose for the Aventador, it will surely stand out. It is one of those super cars that has a unique look all of its own.

Yeah, the car already looks good here, so there is no work needs to be done on the car. But those minor adjustments certainly worked out well on this.

I don’t get the point in you comment joe_young. However, i agree on Robertborris ,Lamborghini has already a gorgeous tuning no need to over decorate!

I thought the name Garguilo come from the word for gargoyle, guess I am wrong. But that one is really cool looking with all the grey color scheme.

Yeah, I would agree that the Aventador really doesn’t need all that tuning. The car is already as good as it is, so you just need to enhance its features.

If I am not mistaken, Gargiulo actually comes from an Italian surname. Well, that doesn’t say anything much about the car, but it still looks good.

Oh yeah, i agree with you,this car would be more sleeker and slimmer. Honestly, I like the modification for the side skirt although the engine is still the same.

I like the fact that they made the changes on this one very subtle. The Aventador is already flashy as it is, so it would be really pointless to make it even flashier.

Wow, that gray color actually looks great on the Aventador. And even though some of the exterior add ons are not that noticeable, they still make the car look aggressive.

Wow, that gray color actually looks great on the Aventador. And even though some of the exterior add ons are not that noticeable, they still make the car look aggressive.

I like it, it looks sleeker and faster in my opinion.

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