2012 Lamborghini LM00X

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We have been waiting for this moment for some time now, ever since Porsche got into the crossover business in fact. We had our doubts, but when Aston Martin announced they would be making the Lagonda, it seemed that the pieces were in order for a Lamborghini crossover. This is especially true since rumors have been floating about claiming that Lamborghini was working on an SUV anyway.

Now, when Porsche first made the Cayenne there were many enthusiasts who rioted in the streets, but look how it turned out. The Cayenne is the first selling model in their range, despite some interesting design cues in the first generation. Aston’s Lagonda will take those design cues and turn them upside down, as this thing is ugly in concept form. Still, an Aston SUV might sell if the price is right.

With high-performance SUV sales as good as they are, Lamborghini wants in the mix. Given the fact that they are apart of the Volkswagen Group, they should have plenty of bits lying around to use.

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Exterior and Interior

Lamborghini LM00X

We may have an idea of what this future crossover will look like considering we received a rendering of it back in January that showed a front that is classic lamborghini and what looks to be a rear end from one of their sports cars, just a bit higher. In fact, the whole thing looks like a Gallardo that was raised up and made a bit taller.

We do think that it might be based on the Audi Q5 and the Porsche Cajun , so perhaps some of the those design elements will carry through. Take a little Q5 and add some Lamborghini touches and you might get the basic design. In fact, the Lamborghini Lamborghini LM00X might be placed on the Audi Audi Q5’s platform, which is also being utilized by Porsche for their upcoming Cajun. Adjustments such as a unique suspension, high-performance brakes, and new dampers are expected.

The Power

Lamborghini LM00X

The original LM002 was a monstrous machine with a V12 and enough power to pull out stumps. Yet, this new version will take things down a notch, but not very far. It will use a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 from the Audi A7 and we imagine that the power output will be around 550 horses. That should allow this three-door crossover hit 62 mph in less than four seconds.

The Competition

The Lamborghini crossover has yet to be developed, but when it does show its automotive face then we may be looking at a price tag of around EUR120,000 (approx. $165,000). For now, we can expect it to go up against the Aston Martin Lagonda , Porsche Cajun , and Range Rover Evoque . The first two have yet to be made, while the last may not even come close to the Lambo’s price tag. We’ll have to wait and see.

When Will It Go On Sale

We think it will be here around 2012 or 2013, right in line with the expected dates for the Lagonda and the Cajun.


Lamborghini had lots of awesome car! This one is one of the proof, LM00X is really impressive and stunning. The platform design is what really caught my attention, its unique.

This LM00X is really had the image of a powerful car but I must say that I was disappointed either with its engine performance it didn’t suits the image of this car had.

The original is really the best one but this Lamborghini LM00x seems also a nice car so I can’t see anything wrong with this except with its engine.

Yeah!the original LM002 is better cool than this one. Why they not used a V10 or V12 like they usually used on their cars?

well, the original V12 Lamborghini did just fine. But I think this car is composed of Audi platform and VW’s engine!

They can only call it Lamborghini if it has either a v10 or 12. For me the original LM002 was cool. I liked the whole Hummer look and Lambo sound. if it doesn’t have a v10 or 12 then I think it will be stupid.

A Lamborghini sedan I can understand, but an SUV? I mean the entire concept of an SUV is pointless to begin with, let alone a Lambo SUV.

They are crap SUVs, they are crap sports cars, they are just crap. They ruin the brand image for the real die hard fans. Just because it sells well doesn’t mean it is good. This is when you can call a manufacturer a sell-out.

ppl u r just so stupid to accept it....porsche cayenne was a success...like it is today...why wouldn’t be the LM? maybe the guys from lamborghini r plying alot,but give them a chanse...who knows..

I haven’t cared about Lambos since the Diablo when I was like 8, but like this!!

As much as I don’t like the idea of Lamborghini doing a crossover, it would have to be ungodly quick

honestly. i don’t like the idea that the Lamborghini is making a crossover..

this is not real. btw. great rendering job.

Fat gallardo fail!

the most disgusting thing ive ever laid eyes on

just put an Audi A7 motor and Lamborghini badge on a VW Touareg and call it a day....

for me growing up Lamborghini’s were like this unattainable somewhat ridiculous hyperbole of a car. Totally overstate, raw, and impractical, they were
the definition of exotic.

What the F@*K!!! That is so ugly.
Sports car manufacturers making SUV = fail. Did they not learn from Porsche?

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