2012 Lamborghini LP760-2 Aventador by Oakley Design

We have tremendous respect for tuning firms that are able to make a car like the Lamborghini Aventador that much more amazing. Not many have been able to pull it off, but after Oakley Design’s work on the Ferrari 458 Italia , we knew they’d be one of the few to make it happen. To illustrate just how fantastic this package fits with the Aventador, Oakley Design will only be producing five units, and three of them have already been sold.

Focusing on the looks alone, anyone can see the sportier appearance given by the addition of a larger airbox, an intake feed pipe diameter, a titanium exhaust system, and a new set of lighter and wider wheels. Those additions only hint at what’s going on under the hood. Oakley Design worked up the Aventador so that it became 253 lbs lighter than the standard model and, with the help of an ECU remap, 60 HP stronger. The V12 engine now delivers a whopping 760 HP, up from the standard 700 HP. Another impressive feature for this package is that the power will be sent to the rear wheels; no all-wheel drive for this baby. No word yet on how these extra 60 ponies and their delivery will affect the car’s performance, but expect to see a slightly better 0-60 mph time than the 2.9 seconds provided from the factory model.

UPDATE 05/20/2012: Oakley Design has unveiled a new set of images for their LP760-2 package based on the Lamborghini Aventador. The images show the 1st unit of only 5 set to be produced.

UPDATE 08/06/12: Option Auto has released a couple of videos featuring the Aventador LP760-2 by Oakley Design. In the first video, the French magazine gives out details about the car similar to a brief rundown of what you can expect with it. The second video, on the other hand, is a good ’ol fashion track shakedown. Check out the videos after the jump!

Option Auto Gives Its Take On the Aventador LP760-2 by Oakley Design

Option Auto Shakes Down the Aventador LP760-2 by Oakley Design


The engine output of this Aventador is truly so awesome for this sports vehicle! I also love the aggressiveness and the angst that this one had. I’m just only quite curious on its interior.

760 horsepower is absolutely so awesome for this Aventador. Well, it is really what I’ve expected for a Lamborghini vehicle! It was truly oozing with angst and very appealing! I just only hope that they use some update on it.

What’s the modification that they did on this Aventador, except on its body paint? Anyway, it was still looking so aggressive and awesome for me and even with its powerful engine output.

I can’t wait for its updated article! I already want to know if what are the other great and awesome feature that it can offer aside from its impressive exterior appearance and to its engine output.

I’m so impressed with the aggressiveness of this Lamborghini sports car and the engine output of it, is really quite good enough for this one. However, I wonder if it also had a safety feature that it can offer?

Too plain, but still looking so aggressive! Anyway, I noticed that it looks broad on its platform, and I wonder if it can affect on its speed performance? Furthermore, I’m so impressed with its powerful engine.

The good thing about this Aventador is that, they didn’t only focus on a good-looking car but also on how they could boost a powerful engine for this one. Well, this one could surely one of their best seller cars.

Lotus Elise and this Lamborghini LP760-2 Aventador had the same platform. I think. Anyway, despite that those two are a very appealing and attractive sports car, I just don’t think that its 760 horsepower can beat the other sports car.

Well, we just have to wait and see for ourselves if there would indeed be radical builds for the Aventador. But one radical build that I would want to see is the one where they enhance the engine more.

Yup, that one would be a rather interesting wait. Maybe by next year, we will be seeing some of the more radical takes on the Aventador. Hennessey, for one, has yet to work on this.

Well, for one of the first tuning packages for the Aventador, this one is definitely a good start. Now, lets just wait and see what sort of packages other tuning companies will be able to come up with for this car.

Come to think of it, the Aventador is already cool looking as it is, and doesn’t really need all those flashy stuff to stand out. Besides, it’s the performance that counts here, and you will all agree that the car has lots of it.

I would agree on that one, it could use a few more exterior bodywork. But then again, since this one is the Aventador, it still looks good despite the lack of flashy add ons.

If we could remember Oakley Design makes also a wonderful aftermarket version for 458 Italia. The only difference is that they released a complete version for the Italia unlike here. Well, I think the additional 60 ponies was based also from what they did in the Italia! And its too bade that they only made five units for this model.

hmm. It was a limited edition, imagine they only done five units! Well, I was quite confuse on how this car boost its power up with the additional 60 hp. Well, it seems that the rear wheel gives a lot of power for this car!BTW, it was a great job for Oakley Design.

Hmm, rather good work, but I find this one a bit too plain. Not that I am looking for a more flashy package for the Aventador, but I wish this one had a bit more oomph.

I think the aftermarket version of this car is kind of impressive! And I think talking about the performance we could expect more about this car manufacturer! I can’t wait to see this car run along the road!

As expected from a Lamborghini car it has an awesome performance and design!
And its a great thing that they have used the V12 technology for this car! The power output was great as well as those figures!

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