2014 Lamborghini Aventador LP988 "Edizione-GT" By DMC

No, this isn’t a Transformer you’re looking at. This is the latest piece of supercar work coming from the mental minds of DMC . The German supercar tuner isn’t done making hellacious programs for the Lamborghini Aventador . At some point, you wonder if there’s any limit to the company’s imagination.

This new program, dubbed the LP988 "Edizione-GT", follows in the footsteps of the Molto Veloce and Spezial Version packages. Only its not so much as "following in the footsteps" as it is taking it to an entirely new level.

In other words, this is the STAGE3 program, and surely, it lives up to its billing with an incredible tuning kit that comprises of a migraine-inducing body kit and engine upgrade combination.

This is the kind of program that isn’t easy to make, let alone easy to buy. According to DMC, simply showing up with a big, fat check isn’t going to make you a proud owner of the Aventador LP988 Edizione-GT. Instead, interested customers need to to apply — yes, apply — before you’re allowed to buy one. Additionally, each customer selects a one-off color, and DMC will never use that color again on an Aventador.

Those who make the cut will then be treated to a unique model that DMC says will be limited to just one color and/or style per unit, ensuring that no two programs are exactly the same. That’s exclusivity spelled with a capital "E."

The Lamborghini Aventador LP988 Edizione-GT program will cost buyers a whopping $288,888.

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Lamborghini Aventador LP988 "Edizione-GT" By DMC in detail

Lamborghini Aventador LP988 "Edizione-GT" By DMC
Lamborghini Aventador LP988 "Edizione-GT" By DMC
Lamborghini Aventador LP988 "Edizione-GT" By DMC

The rear bumper, in particular, looks like it comes with jagged edges of a lawnmower.

The overall body kit is an exercise in carbon-fiber overdose. One look at it and it’s easy to see why it looks the way it does. Standard OEM components have been replaced with an aggressive body kit that features a new front and rear bumpers that defy any semblance of rationale thinking. The rear bumper, in particular, looks like it comes with jagged edges of a lawnmower. Likewise, a new bonnet was also installed, only this time, there’s a motor-cooling air scoop in the mix to keep the mammoth engine from bursting into flames, metaphorically speaking, of course. The final kit detail is pretty obvious, largely because it’s massive and serves its own purpose as a GT-spoiler to help the Aventador keep its body on the ground when it’s blowing by every other car on the road.

Generous amounts of Italian fine leather and carbon fiber were used to recreate a cabin that's as scintillating to look at as it is to be consumed by.

The interior of the LP988 Edizione-GTis as nuts as its exterior, at least in terms of luxury refinement. Generous amounts of Italian fine leather and carbon fiber were used to recreate a cabin that’s as scintillating to look at as it is to be consumed by. Customers can opt to customize the interior package, beginning with simple upgrades to the cabin trim or medium upgrades that include a redesigned steering wheel. These two projects can be done remotely, but if a customer is looking at the full shebang — a VIP package — the Aventador has to be shipped to DMC’s mothership in Germany to make it happen.

The coup de grĂ¢ce of DMC’s LP988 Edizione-GT program is the engine upgrade. In a word, it’s nuts. A modified twin-turbo configuration and a remapped ECU aren’t the only upgrades you’ll see here. DMC also installed a handful of new components, including individual throttle plates for each cylinder, new modulators, fuel lines, fuel pumps, and injection nozzles. The result is an engine that presumably produces an output of 988 PS, which is about 975 horsepower — that’s a 275-horsepower bump over the standard 700 ponies. Wow, indeed.

All in, the kit costs $288,888, but if you just want the body kit, it’ll run you $89,990.

Lamborghini Aventador

Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4

Press Release

German super-car refiner DMC has just unveiled it’s latest creation, the LP988 "Edizione-GT". After their initial Aventador package STAGE1 (Molto Veloce), and the surprising Limited Edition STAGE2 (Spezial Version), the new creation is a true monster. Is this the de-facto reference for Aventador Tuning?

Lamborghini Aventador LP988 "Edizione-GT" By DMC

It certainly seems so, since DMC’s engineers are launching their STAGE3 while others are merely starting to enter the Aventador game. Dubbed the "Edizione-GT" or simply "E-GT", we now see why the car was developed with FIA regulations in mind. More surprising to hear, that it is completely street legal! According to our source, the total package will cost a whopping USD 288.888.

While the major bite is taken by the body kit and the engine upgrade, the remaining funds give you access to a special two tone paint, a set of forged alloy wheels, and interior make-over. DMC also flies your car from any part of the world to their workshop in Germany and back for installation. Parts can also be shipped globally to a DMC partner near your location, if you opt for the body kit only (USD 89.990).

Aforesaid body kit comes with completely newly designed front and rear bumpers, a breath-taking engine-bonnet replacement (which includes a motor cooling air-scoop) and side skirts. Furthermore, the package is defined by the presence of a massive GT-Spoiler that can be manually set to 3 different angles for different aerodynamics, isn’t that a nice birthday gift!?

Lamborghini Aventador LP988 "Edizione-GT" By DMC

Honestly we have never seen so much Carbon fiber on a Lamborghini before, but we guess there’s no such thing as when it comes to light-weight composits and super-cars, do you agree? The package is completed with a full array of tunnels, flaps and diffusers, all located on the parts mentioned above, truly making the car stand out uniquely in its future home.

That is, if you can get one: DMC informs us that the package is a LIMITED EDITION, that can’t be purchased by simply offering money. Potential buyers have apply before being able to buy: Each unit is strictly limited to only one (1!) colour and/or style, making every one of them unque. DMC won’t sell the same colour twice, so you would either need to change or discuss a special design pattern with the German engineers.

While DMC’s previous engine modifications were achieved through individual intake throttle plates for each of the 12 cylinders, new fuel pumps, fuel lines, modulators and injection nozzles, the LP988 has been subject to a TWIN-TURBO procedure in combination with a reprogrammed ECU. A set of forged alloy wheels and a new kit of suspensions keep the beat on the road, but let’s not forget that the aero parts were initially developed to cope for the stronger car performance.

It’s worthwhile to mention that DMC guarantees again no visible damage by using their components, the car can be, at any time, be returned to the OEM look, which can be useful. Owners may keep the stock bumpers and they can be put back onto the car if needed.

Lamborghini Aventador LP988 "Edizione-GT" By DMC

The package is finalised with exclusive interior refinements using italian fine leathers and carbon finer. Plenty of buttons and trims are available as a small package, a redesigned steering wheel adds on to complete a medium package or the whole interior can be redone for the VIP package. Small and Medium Projects can be done remotely, but the car needs to be shipped to Germany if a whole interior make-over is requested.

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