2016 Lamborghini Estoque Convertible

A third model has always been in Lamborghini ’s plans and, although rumors have been circulating about an SUV or sedan dilemma , the Estoque Concept seems to be well on its way to production. In fact, its debut should be arriving sometime in 2014 and much like the Sesto Elemento Spyder we talked about earlier today, Lamborghini will also be offering a drop top version of the Estoque which will be unveiled one year after the sedan’s debut.

The Lamborghini Estoque Convertible will arrive, first in concept form, in 2015 with a production version following in 2016. So far, all we have on the model is a leaked document confirming its existence, but we imagine it will follow along the same design lines previewed on the 2008 Estoque Concept , minus the solid roof. Rumors suggest that the Estoque – both sedan and convertible versions – will benefit from the same V10 engine that will debut in the Cabrera in 2013 . This will be a new generation V10 engine combined with a supercharger that will deliver up to about 600 HP.

The Estoque Convertible’s debut will tackle the same market segment as the Porsche Panamera Convertible which is finding its way to the market in 2012. The earlier Panamera debut will allow Porsche to upgrade the model as needed for when the Estoque Convertible shows its face in 2016.


Yea, since the Reventon make it’s debut, the other models that came in later all have the DNA of it inside....

Yeah I also notice that, and the performances are often the same, only few changes on the engine. They only differ on color and of course, their name, aside from that, no more differences. They must create some other designs.

If you have noticed, almost all Lamborghini models are indeed has the same style in front. I think that’s their signature on every car they create.

I have remember about the tuned version of Underground Racing. I think they haven’t mention about the a LP1500-4 Aventador. However, I was impressed with the preceding model of Aventador and it seems that the Lamborghini wants to built the best sportcars!

The Estoque that will debut on 2015 is a two-door and four seater convertible version. Before that I think they have planned to offer the Cabrera that has a four-door sedan using a next generation v10 engine.

Is Estoque Convertible two door? If so, then it is awesome.

I really like the current platform of the Estoque. It look so sporty on convertible version. However, I wonder if the hard roof top of the car will affect the speed performance of the vehicle. And do the Porsche Panamera would still alive during the production of this vehicle?lol!

I have seen the future line up of Lamborghini and I have to say that I was impressed with their unique and distinctive platform for each model. However, for this model, I think it still need some improvement on its aerodynamic kit especially in the front hood on of the vehicle.

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