Lancia Ypsilon

Lancia Ypsilon

The Lancia Ypsilon is a car that doesn’t get enough of the attention it deserves. Well, the Italian automaker hopes to change that with the release of a ’trendy’ new special edition called the Elefantino.

No, Lancia did not harm any elephants in the making of this vehicle. What they did do was give it a pretty impressive aesthetic makeover that gives us an idea on what the Ypsilon can look alike if the words "trendy and fashionable" were attached to it.

That’s the appeal of the Ypsilon Elefantino, especially to a younger market looking to exercise their fresh and hip vibe with a car that shares in that same, shall we say, "freshness".

On its own, the Ypsilon Elefantino carries plenty of powertrain options, each of which comes with its own price tag.

You can find out what made the Ypsilon Elefante appealing to us, as well as the engine and pricing options, after the jump.

It seems a little strange that it’s almost been eight years since a new Ypsilon rolled its way out of Lancia ’s power plants. Apparently, though, it’s true.

Strange as it sounds, over the 25 years that it’s been around, the Ypsilon has only spawned three generations with the fourth and newest one scheduled to make its debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The new Lancia Ypsilon Lancia Ypsilon is completely different because it was built from the ground up and comes with much more aesthetic options to fit into the ’supermini’ segment that it hopes to get into. That means that you can expect nothing but surprises with Lancia’s new ride, including a five-door option for the model that’s never been done before in the Ypsilon’s 25-year, three-generation lifespan.

Whatever the case may be, you can expect good things for Lancia and the fourth-generation Ypsilon, a car whose debut certainly was a long time in the making.

Details on the Lancia Ypsilon after the jump, including the just-announced list of prices for the car.

Contrary to popular belief, web surfing sometimes yields beneficial results, especially when you’re idly looking at car websites, which we’re prone to do on a regular day at the desk.

While scrounging around the Lancia website, we ran into a couple of concept designs of what we believe to be a number of coupes and proposals for a number of future Lancia vehicles, including a possible successor to the brand’s Ypsilon supermini.

In addition to that, there are also designs - they all came from the Fiat Group’s Centro Stile - we’ve already seen before, including the Granturismo Stilnovo concept and the Fulvia Coupe concept, which leads us to believe that these cars are maybe more than just concepts and that Lancia has something in store for them in the near future.

Be sure to check them out and see what you think of them.

Source: Lancia

The Italian automaker Lancia will unveil a special edition Ypsilon created in collaboration with the ELLE brand at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. ELLE is a symbol of modern femininity that sets trends each season with a vast range of women’s clothing and accessories and is the perfect accompaniment for any woman on the go. The car is covered in a very unique metalluro-effect pink and is highlighted with chrome plated features as well as other intricate details. The reflective metallic theme continues into the radiator grille, rear bumper, door handles and moldings. However the matching pink 16 inch wheels are sure to be a favorite for women everywhere.

Lancia Ypsilon ELLE

The interior of the ELLE Ypsilon is wrapped in special purple leather and Alcantara upholstery complete with contrasting stitching with bright white leather piping. The little Lancia also features some very fine trim that was chosen for its bright white color and fabric like feel. The car’s cool color scheme is carried over with the easy on the eyes chrome interior displays and center console that is sure to please even the pickiest of women. If that doesn’t work, the purple seat matching shift gate and gemstones are sure to win her over.

Press release after the jump.

Lancia will bring two models with dual fuel (LPG and gasoline) at5 the Geneva Motor Show: the Musa and Ypsilon Ecochic. The Ecochic package adds an extra 2000 euro to the standard price.

Lancia Ypsilon and Musa Ecochic

Produced in collaboration with FPT – Fiat Powertrain Technologies - and Landi Renzo, the Lancia dual-fuel models use a 1.4 liter bifuel engine producing 77 HP, specially designed for maximum integration and reliability in association with the LPG system, which is installed in the factory.

The engine for the LPG versions uses a cylinder head with valves and seats manufactured with geometries and materials optimized for LPG operation.

Press release after the jump.

Lancia is the brand that perpetuates the stereotype of mid-priced Italian cars more than any other brand. Historically, its designs are the most likely to make your heart flutter; its engine and handling will make your adrenaline rush; and its tendency to rust while still in the showroom will make your blood boil. The last reason is why it is no longer sold in the U.S.

But Lancia is poised for a comeback, including sales to England again, and so they are going after car-lovers hearts once again. It will present version of its Ypsilon small car at the Paris Auto Show a model built in collaboration with the Versace Group brand. The car will be limited to only 500 units and will go on sale from March 2009.

Lancia Ypsilon Versus

The car features special Bronzino Bronze body color that bears a screen-printed ‘Versus’ logo on the roof. The exterior also boasts bronze 16" alloy rims. The original bronze chrome finish is also repeated on the grille, handles, molding on the doors and rear bumpers and tailgate handle, sporting the Versus logo.

Lancia Ypsilon Versus

The same personality is evident inside, as borne out by special upholstery produced with a band in a cloth that recalls the world of fashion – and a central area in brown leather with a ‘Versus’ logo heat-printed in relief, just as on the accessories produced by the fashion brand.

Press release after the jump.

Lancia today unveiled the Ypsilon Sport MomoDesign, a model powered by the most powerful diesel engine in its class. The new Ypsilon is a new version with a split personality (a dynamic look and innate elegance), which opens a new chapter in the collaboration between two brands that are famous throughout the world for their contribution to Italian industrial design.

Posted on by Blas Nicusor 1
The New Ypsilon, recently introduced to the world at the 63rd International Venice Film Festival, marks the first step towards the future for Lancia. It is designed for demanding customers who are in a continuous quest for unique products. It has reinvented itself by building on an exterior look much appreciated by European motorists and an underlying nature that relies on innate good looks and style. The model has also evolved to offer more performance, more technology and more (...)
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The new Ypsilon is a veritable pocket flagship that uses innovation thoughtfully and never for its own sake. It is complemented by cutting-edge technology that is always at the driver’s service and a wealth of exclusive equipment that make this a truly élite car. A trip on board the new car will reveal a passenger compartment that satisfies in all situations and weathers. Some of the credit must go to a generous and innovative sunroof, a sophisticated dual zone automatic climate control system and an excellent Hi-Fi sound system.

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