2006 Lancia Ypsilon

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The new Ypsilon is a veritable pocket flagship that uses innovation thoughtfully and never for its own sake. It is complemented by cutting-edge technology that is always at the driver’s service and a wealth of exclusive equipment that make this a truly élite car. A trip on board the new car will reveal a passenger compartment that satisfies in all situations and weathers. Some of the credit must go to a generous and innovative sunroof, a sophisticated dual zone automatic climate control system and an excellent Hi-Fi sound system.

The Lancia Ypsilon can be fitted as an option with a large glass sunroof (Skydome) that represents a first for this segment and offers a new experience in car travel. The latest-generation device occupies nearly 70 percent of the roof and consists of two glazed panels (one fixed and one mobile) and two sunblinds that run independently towards the rear of the car. 

This system allows you to choose how you wish to enjoy the outside world as you drive. When closed, the Lancia Ypsilon can be converted to a car with a glass sunroof or a car with a sunroof and the feel of a cabriolet. 

Everything depends on the outdoor temperature and the type of day. When you want to flood the passenger compartment with light, you can close the glass part and open the underlying blind.

If you’d rather travel in an open-topped car, it takes just seven seconds to open the glass front panel and blind fully to enjoy your very own window on the sky. Or you could decide to open the front panel and the blind only partly. All you have to do is press the key on the central courtesy light to move the front panel. In the first position, the glass becomes a raised spoiler. When you continue to press the control, it takes up intermediate positions by sliding back on aluminium guides. Simply release the key to stop the movement in the required position. The same movements take place in reverse during closure.

The Skydome also comes with an anti-obstruction system that reverses the motion of the glass panel when it encounters an obstacle.


This car would it been better if used into darker color. It would have looked more innovative and sophisticated either if its enhanced and parts improved.

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