2010 Lancia Delta Hard Black

Lancia has announced pricing for the new special edition Lancia Delta "Hard Black". Dealerships in Europe are currently taking orders for this model which is offered in two different engine models: a 200 bhp 1.8 Di TurboJet Sportronic and a 1.9 Twin Turbo 190 HP version. The special edition will be priced at 31,300 euros.

On the outside, the new "Hard Black" is distinguished by a special body treatment with black opaque paint and embellished with shiny black and chrome mirror caps. Additional features include twin exhaust chrome and 18" alloy wheels.

The interior of the "Hard Black" edition comes in a Starlite black leather/Alcantara finish. Technological features include an auto adaptive suspension system, dual zone automatic climate control, and the Blue & Me system.

Marketing for theLancia Delta "Hard Black" edition will be unique as it is presented in the Mandela Day (an annual celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life) that will be held on May 15, 2010 at Monte Carlo. A special web campaign is also in the works.


We knew that glossy black exterior can do dramatic effect on the car providing a more classic and elegant look.

To be beautiful in black isn’t something new, but its glossy finish makes it seem highly classy. Furthermore, those unique wheel rims are interesting.

Currently the most interesting car I’ve seen here. I like the shiny type concept including the bold and dark black scheme and the chrome mirror caps. Totally extreme.

I thought the meaning of the hatchback is a bloated rear back. This car is not. It is more of a sedan rather than a hatchback. However, the glossy paint is good-looking and, I think it has a sportier look compares to other Lancias.

hmm. I think this car look better compare to the Serie Speciale. The body is kind of wider. However, it looks like more of a coupe rather than hatchback.

The interior structure of this helicopter was really amazing, looks arrogant inside and I think its also feels secure inside.

It’s rear tail lamp does look like the old nissan murano’s tail lamp.

huh...Lancia has prepared a strong marketing offensive for the vehicle , which will include the car’s participation in the Mandela Day (to commemorate the South African leader) that will be held on May 15 at Monte Carlo and a special web campaign

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