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The Italian automaker Lancia will unveil a special edition Ypsilon created in collaboration with the ELLE brand at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor Show. ELLE is a symbol of modern femininity that sets trends each season with a vast range of women’s clothing and accessories and is the perfect accompaniment for any woman on the go. The car is covered in a very unique metalluro-effect pink and is highlighted with chrome plated features as well as other intricate details. The reflective metallic theme continues into the radiator grille, rear bumper, door handles and moldings. However the matching pink 16 inch wheels are sure to be a favorite for women everywhere.

Lancia Ypsilon ELLE

The interior of the ELLE Ypsilon is wrapped in special purple leather and Alcantara upholstery complete with contrasting stitching with bright white leather piping. The little Lancia also features some very fine trim that was chosen for its bright white color and fabric like feel. The car’s cool color scheme is carried over with the easy on the eyes chrome interior displays and center console that is sure to please even the pickiest of women. If that doesn’t work, the purple seat matching shift gate and gemstones are sure to win her over.

Press release after the jump.

Press release

The Lancia Ypsilon continues to cause a stir, confirming its place as a true icon of Italian design. This time, it is the turn of the new Ypsilon ELLE show car, an original version created from a collaboration between Lancia and the ELLE brand, a symbol of modern femininity that sets trends each season with a vast range of women’s clothing and accessories. Much more than just a name, it represents a unique lifestyle and a dynamic, modern and positive existence. ELLE embodies the modern woman: active and feminine, spontaneous and decisive, with a global outlook. Present in more than 80 countries worldwide, ELLE products are sold at selected retailers and the major European department stores.

Lancia Ypsilon ELLE

Lancia has identified fashion as a preferred area of marketing that represents a key element of brand positioning. The link between Lancia and fashion is clear from its cars (like the Ypsilon Moda Milano, Ypsilon Versus and Musa Poltrona Frau), its adverts starring icons of Italian fashion like Stefano Gabbana and Carla Bruni, and the many industry events it sponsors. What’s more, Lancia and fashion are two showcases of Italian design with shared values including talent, creativity and innovation. In other words, the ingredients that have made Italian style famous the world over.

So it seemed quite natural to combine ELLE and Ypsilon, the Lancia model directed at the same fashion-conscious audience.

The Ypsilon ELLE show car has many truly eye-catching features. First, there is the bodywork in a unique metalluro-effect pink that will stand out on the catwalk next year. In addition, the car offers chrome-plated details such as the radiator grille, the rear bumper, handles and door mouldings.
Then, on the outside pillar, there is the main silk-screen print - inspired by ELLE magazine covers and forming the ELLE logo. Also, the 16" alloy wheels are painted in the same pink as the body, but with a matt coat.

Lancia Ypsilon ELLE

The customisation of the car really shows on the inside. The special purple leather and Alcantara upholstery - another colour currently gracing the catwalks - features an art composition with the word ELLE appearing ton-sur-ton on the middle part of the seat. The upholstery is further enhanced by contrasting stitching with bright white leather piping. The interior carpentry was done using a technical material that is also bright white and feels like a fabric. The cool colour scheme continues on the easy-chrome interior displays and central console, which features the purple gear stick gaiter to match the seats and the gemstone.

Finally, the interior of the car is made even more exclusive by the bright white Alcantara upholstery on the upper part of the central pillars and the whole roof panel, as well as by the Velour floor mats with leather edges.

The Ypsilon ELLE show car provides a sneak preview of a special series of cars that will be manufactured in limited edition and sold in spring 2010 in the major European markets.


Truly appealing not only to females but to anyone who loves pink and purple. It’s main aim is to sell on women but can it compete with dynamic cars?

Simply elegant and alluring, ideal car for my sister. Well she like cars too but she customized it depends on her favorite color this one evenly perfect.

Does Lancia offer other colors for their car? I think a purple color will not fit for this one. By the way, the Italian design of the car is good with its simple look. @ Tommy. We knew that because we read the article. HAHA!

This is just so painfully ugly on the outside. The purple interior...... I cant even find words for how wrong this all is.

This specially created Ypsilon provides a sneak preview of a special series of cars that will be manufactured in limited edition and sold in spring 2010 in the major European markets.

I think that if they really want to get women’s attention and peg it as truly a symbol of modern femininity, they wouldn’t a purple upholstery and pink paint. Instead of the exterior look, its better improve the performance and safety features that would complement the way women drive, if there is a such distinction.

A sexist car. I’m a girl and I wouldn’t waste my money on that. To think that they thought all girls would like to own a girlish-pink car.

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