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The new Lancia Stratos is currently making its final testings. Current WTCC and former Formula-1- Pilot Tiago Monteiro tested the New Stratos at Balocco test track, Italy.

Also, on September 13th, the final wind tunnel test was held at Pininfarina in Turin. The aerodynamic data already gleaned from the 1:1 model of the New Stratos, together with all the subjective driving impressions from the various test tracks, was compiled and applied to the optimization of the lift and downforce values.

This Lancia is a one-off build for a rich German businessman by Pininfarina. There haven’t been any new details released on the car, but this is the first time we have seen large photos. Under the hood is a 483-horsepower motor that came from the Ferrari 430. The body is carbon fiber and the chassis is shorter than the 430’s.

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One motor show simply isn’t enough for the Lancia Musa . At the beginning of the year, Lancia introduced the Lancia Musa as a showcar at the Geneva Motor Show and now Lancia will be bringing a special edition of the hatchback to the Paris Auto Show at the end of September. The Musa’s exterior will be distinguished by a two-toned body (Angelico white and Masaccio black top), specific logo, privacy windows, 16" two-tone wheels, and an original New York skyline screen printing on the pillars. The interior will get top-quality Poltrona Frau leather trim chosen for the dashboard and seats.

The new Musa 5th Avenue will be offered with three engine options: 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet, 95 HP 1.4 petrol (both with Start&Stop as standard) and 77 HP 1.4 bi-fuel (petrol-LPG) power units.

The list of standard equipment will include seats and dashboard in Poltrona Frau leather, dual zone climate control, privacy windows, radio CD MP3 player with steering wheel controls, fog lights, ESP, rain and brightness sensors, Cruise Control, parking sensor, GranLuce sunroof, electric rear windows, and 16" alloy wheels.

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Lancia may not be the first brand you associate with a supercar – it may not even be the ninth or tenth brand you’d think of – but the truth sometimes is stranger than what people think.

And the truth is, Lancia is making a supercar – they’re calling it the Stratos – and with the help of noted coachbuilder, Pininfarina , we may see a whole lot more of the car in the coming future.

For now, we’re going to settle for this video of the Stratos, which, at this point, is probably still a prototype, being taken for a quick run around the track by no less than Michael Stoschek, the man behind the entire project. We don’t even need to understand German to know that there seems to be a lot of expectations directed at this car, especially considering that the Stratos is pretty much a mini version of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia with the car’s engine being a Ferrari V8 and its chassis based on the aforementioned Prancing Horse sports car.

Like we said, we’re going to run off a lot more models of supercars before we come across the Stratos, but for what it’s worth, this Lancia/Pininfarina project should be making a name for itself sometime down the road.

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Until now, we have only seen a few photos here and there of the one-off Lancia Stratos , but those haven’t showed many details on the car. That being said, we have been hoping that the car would be made into a production machine, and there have even been rumors that it would happen, but for now, we are unsure.

This Lancia is a one-off build for a rich German businessman by Pininfarina. There haven’t been any new details released on the car, but this is the first time we have seen large photos. Under the hood is a 483-horsepower motor that came from the Ferrari 430 . The body is carbon fiber and the chassis is shorter than the 430’s. The only questions that we still have revolve around the interior and the performance figures.

After seeing the photos of this car, we can only hope that the company decides to put a few into production. We would be happy with 25 examples.

If you have been following the automotive industry, then you probably already know that Lancia is preparing a new Stratos model . At first it was thought that the model seen testing was just a little project being worked on by a European industrialist , but rumors are suggesting that the Stratos model is definitely in the works. And these latest spy shots seem to be the proof you might have needed to believe them.

The new Lancia Stratos will be based on the structure and running gear of the Ferrari F430 Scuderia and will be unveiled later this year. It will weight less than 1200kg and the Scuderia’s engine will be lightly tuned for its application in the Stratos.

The Stratos was originally conceived as a rally car and was designed by Bertone. It was powered by a Dino sourced engine, with an output of 280 HP, but possible to be updated to 560 HP when a single KKK turbocharger was added. There were only 492 units ever made, so the Stratos is very rare to this day. In 1978, Bertone created and designed a concept car based on the Stratos called the Sibilo, although it was never intended for production.

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The Lancia Stratos that we saw driving around keeps getting more interesting every day. Many thought that this was just a one-off car built for some rich person with way too much money to spend. This might not be true after all, as Car and Driver has done some research.

This car was said to be in the works for years and Jason Castriota designed it when he worked for Pininfarina. The website, Italiaspeed, has a sketch of the Stratos with a different front end that is signed by the designer. If this drawing is accurate, it could mean big things for Lancia.

Lancia has come back with rebadged Chryslers – which isn’t going to work – and they haven’t been very good. This new Stratos could give the company the car it needs to get back on the world stage. We truly hope that this information is accurate because the car looks sensational.

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We’ve heard this one before ; Lancia may or may not be working on a new version of their legendary Stratos model. If these photos taken at the Fiat Group test track at Balocco near Milan are indicative of the Stratos’ future then, this time, the rumors may be true.

The Lancia Stratos was a sports/rally car designed from the mind of Marcello Gandini, then head designer of Bertone, and was based off the Stratos Zero concept presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1970. It was short, wide, and had a wedge shape that provided maximum traction. The Stratos was home to three different engines during the first part of its life: The Lancia Lancia Fulvia engine, the Lancia Beta engine, and the mid-mounted 190bhp Dino Ferrari V6 engine, with the V6 being the favorite.

The Stratos was produced from 1972-1974 and ended up winning the 1974, 1975, and 1976 WRC titles as well as gaining victories in the 1975, 1976, and 1977 Monte Carlo Rally. With 492 units sold during its time, the Lancia Stratos is a very rare and beautiful automobile.

So, is it making a comeback? Unfortunately, we think the answer to that question is no. Apparently, the spy shots taken of this new Stratos is a project that is being privately funded by a European industrialist. We are hoping that the distinct Stratos characteristics, such as the wheel arches cutting into the bonnet, the curved windshield and wraparound side glass, the engine cover, and the flip-up rear spoiler, will mean that this prototype will give way to a new Lancia Stratos for us all. Especially since the vehicle is also being tested at Balocco. Here’s to hoping!

Source: Italiaspeed

Contrary to popular belief, web surfing sometimes yields beneficial results, especially when you’re idly looking at car websites, which we’re prone to do on a regular day at the desk.

While scrounging around the Lancia website, we ran into a couple of concept designs of what we believe to be a number of coupes and proposals for a number of future Lancia vehicles, including a possible successor to the brand’s Ypsilon supermini.

In addition to that, there are also designs - they all came from the Fiat Group’s Centro Stile - we’ve already seen before, including the Granturismo Stilnovo concept and the Fulvia Coupe concept, which leads us to believe that these cars are maybe more than just concepts and that Lancia has something in store for them in the near future.

Be sure to check them out and see what you think of them.

Source: Lancia

Lancia has announced pricing for the new special edition Lancia Delta "Hard Black". Dealerships in Europe are currently taking orders for this model which is offered in two different engine models: a 200 bhp 1.8 Di TurboJet Sportronic and a 1.9 Twin Turbo 190 HP version. The special edition will be priced at 31,300 euros.

On the outside, the new "Hard Black" is distinguished by a special body treatment with black opaque paint and embellished with shiny black and chrome mirror caps. Additional features include twin exhaust chrome and 18" alloy wheels.

The interior of the "Hard Black" edition comes in a Starlite black leather/Alcantara finish. Technological features include an auto adaptive suspension system, dual zone automatic climate control, and the Blue & Me system.

Marketing for theLancia Delta "Hard Black" edition will be unique as it is presented in the Mandela Day (an annual celebration of Nelson Mandela’s life) that will be held on May 15, 2010 at Monte Carlo. A special web campaign is also in the works.

Lancia’s ticket to the Geneva Motor Show has been stamped and the brand is bringing with them a special-edition Delta . This exclusive Lancia Delta will come with a 1.6 Multijet 120 horsepower engine with a standard DPF as well as a Selectronic automatic transmission. Set apart by a two-tone body - white with matte black roof - and by Frau leather interior, this special edition Delta Delta is unique for having a rather plush and comfortable back seat - an exclusive feature of the Delta’s Executive version.

As it stands now, the Gold and Platinum versions of the Lancia Delta will joi the Executive version in having these cozy and comfortable seats, which, as Lancia describes, provides the same comfort as an armchair in business class on an intercontinental flight. In addition to that, the seats also come with a reclining backrest that creates lots of legroom, an especially useful feature for those that always seem to find themselves in the middle of long trips.

This exclusive treatment at the rear of the Lancia Delta makes it a real modern alternative to bigger, heavier, and more expensive sedans with higher fuel consumption levels. While those brands may have an edge in terms of popularity and brand recall, this special edition Lancia Delta is as good as it gets as far as space and comfort are concerned.

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