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Lancia will unveil at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show a coupe convertible model inspired by the original Aurelia. The new model will share its design chassis and engineering with the hotly anticipated Maserati Spyder Maserati Spyder . It will compete with the Jaguar XK and Lexus Lexus SC430 and will probably be unveiled next year at Geneva Motor Show. It is expected the new model to be higher than the Alfa Romeo, but less than those of Maserati Maserati . That means the car could cost around £50,000 in the (...)
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The New Ypsilon, recently introduced to the world at the 63rd International Venice Film Festival, marks the first step towards the future for Lancia. It is designed for demanding customers who are in a continuous quest for unique products. It has reinvented itself by building on an exterior look much appreciated by European motorists and an underlying nature that relies on innate good looks and style. The model has also evolved to offer more performance, more technology and more (...)
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The Thesis, Lancia’s new flagship, is our family interpretation of the big prestige saloon theme. In other words, typically Italian craftsmanship and the ability to give a new face to cutting edge engineering. Well-being is assured, for example, by using top-quality materials not merely for their appearance but also for the sensory reactions they arouse. On a more hi-tech note, the information and telematic technology on board the Lancia Thesis meets its occupants desires with immediacy (...)
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Automotive manufactorer has unvieled something new at the Geneva Auto Show- and it is not a car. Pictured above is the new Lancia logo as it appeared on the new Lancia Ypsilon Lancia Ypsilon supermini at the show. Lancia are cars that Europeans love to drive and with them being very fashion conscious people , I can see why Lancia would update their logo to something more fresh and modern. Lets hope they dont get out of hand and redesign it too much. Bellismo (...)

The stand also hosts a Lancia Thesis Sport, the latest evolution of the flagship which combines sportiness and elegance with unique, exclusive styling. The version on show features very refined two-tone bodywork (light grey and dark grey) that enhances the car’s beautiful lines, and 18” spoked alloy wheels that highlight the sporty look of this particular version.

Lancia revives the habit of organising the world premiere of its new products at the Geneva Show. The star of the stand is undoubtedly the new Ypsilon Sport by MomoDesign, a decidedly self-assured but nonetheless fashionable version of this model, born out of collaboration between Lancia and the MomoDesign Styling Centre, two Italian industrial entities famous the world over for innovation in design, the use of cutting-edge materials and attention to detail. In Geneva the public will be (...)
Until 2010 Fiat’s model are not going to be a secret anymore. Why? Well because all the models from Fiat Group -new ones and upgrades- have leacked out: 23 new model and 23 upgrades are expected to debut until 2010, including Fiat 500 Abarth Abarth , Grande Punto Abarth, Lancia Lancia 2009 Speciality model and Alfa Romeo 169, SUV and Junior. For 3 models from Alfa Romeo information about prices have also leaked. So if you intend to buy a Junior, a CXover or a A169 you allready know how much money you (...)
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“Tribute to Lancia Centenary” supported by Japanese fans of Italian style and particularly of Lancia brand. It is the first sample of 4-door sedan with modular bumpers, wings and doors. Its “symmetrical” design is underlined by a totally new chromed line waving all around the body and, on the side, by the typical Lancia “javelin”. It has been unveiled at Torino Motorcar Museum and later in Tokyo. The purpose is to recalling the purest Lancia’s spirit in terms of styling and functionality: the (...)
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The financial situation of Lancia Italian manufacturer it is not exactly bright. Sales are poor and none of the existing models can be considered a massive success. Lancia hopes to change this situation by launching a new generation of their most famous vehicle ever, the Delta Delta . Presented as a concept car this fall at the 63rd Venice International Film Festival the Delta will be made available for production in 2007.

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