Land Rover Defender

Land Rover Defender

Land Rover is continuing its series of DC100 concepts with a new Expedition version. The new concept was built to celebrate Land Rover’s 25 year presence on the North American market and is equipped for expedition use. The concept also explores possible design directions for the future of the iconic Land Rover Defender .

The new DC100 Expedition features an air-intake snorkel for wading and a roof mounted equipment rack. The list of design cues that will be used for the upcoming Defender include extreme approach and departure angles, vertical panels, an upright windscreen, and strong shoulder line for visibility and ease of positioning. The honest Defender ’face’ with its signature round lamps and prominent grille is featured, and a winch is incorporated to the fascia.

The DC100 Expedition Concept will also be equipped with a new Terrain Response system which will optimize the car for various conditions without driver pre-selection. A new Terrain-i system creates an intelligent map of the topography in front of the car and displays it as a 3D visualization. The concept also comes with a new Wade Aid system that utilizes sonar sensors mounted in the bumpers and side mirrors to measure water depth.

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The iconic Land Rover Defender is still, along with the venerable Mercedes-Benz G-Class , one of the few remaining old-school off-roaders, both cars representing an era that will soon become just a romantic memory inside the minds of 4x4 purists everywhere around the world.

When Tata-owned Land Rover launched its two latest concepts during the Frankfurt Auto Show, the DC100 and the DC100 Sport, its marketing people were probably gunning for the children of the very same 4x4 purists mentioned earlier.

Unfortunately, according to the purest definition of the word “purist”, those Land Rover fans will probably be the ones completely saddened by the launch of the aforementioned concept cars. Why, you ask? Well, both the Land Rover DC100 and the DC100 Sport preserve almost nothing from the tradition of the old and trusted Defender model, which has been manufactured in more or less the same form since 1983, while being based on the original Land Rover, the Series.

Thankfully for the die-hard fans, the DC100 and DC100 Sport represent just the start in a four year journey of reinterpreting the Defender in a modern, twenty first century form. They are both like a pilot episode for a new show, if you wish.

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UPDATE 01/05/12: Land Rover’s decision to skip the 2012 NAIAS has cast a few raised eyebrows in the industry. Apparently, their new Indian ownership - Tata Tata Motors - decided to bring Land Rover and Jaguar to their home auto show at the Delhi Auto Expo. In the case of the former, it meant that the Land Rover DC100 Concept would be in attendance dressed in a fancy Firenze Red paint finish. In so many words, this version of the DC100 Concept is all sorts of hot! Check out the new photos in the gallery!

The second concept car - next to the DC100 Concept - Land Rover has unveiled in Frankfurt is the sportier version, the DC100 Sport. The second concept is basically a roof-less version of the DC100 with a more aggressive appearance. It takes its inspiration from the early canvas-roofed Defenders with their fold-down windscreens, but has been redesigned as a performance concept for the 21st century.

The DC100 Sport features a wraparound aero screen and cut-down side
windows, and is painted in a special yellow inspired by the vibrant ochre hues found in Africa. On the interior, the seats are trimmed in leather with a lightweight, breathable mesh insert in a bold Tribal Tech pattern. The same pattern is repeated on the floor of the DC100 Sport where floor mats
are made of Ombrae, a sculptural medium used in art installations and modern architecture.

The DC100 Sport is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine
with hybrid compatibility mated to an eight-speed automatic transmission with Intelligent Stop/Start and a transfer case.

UPDATE 01/06/12: Land Rover trooped to the 2012 Auto Delhi Expo and brought their two new Land Rover Defender Concepts dressed in a fiery Firenze Red finish. We gotta say, these new digs are all sorts of smokin’ in our eyes! Agree? Check out the gallery!

Project Kahn is headed to the Frankfurt Motor Show with one of the most impressive update packages they have offered this year. The package is based on the 2012 Land Rover Defender and will provide the customers with the opportunity to express their individuality through a bit of customization.

The Project Kahn Defender will combine innovative artistic skills with state-of-the art manufacturing and materials technology. It includes a new set of 22" RS wheels that will accommodate all of the original Land Rover center caps, but the real gem is the customization options. For both the exterior and interior, the tuner is offering their customers the chance to express their personality. Project Kahn states: "We could, for example, design for you a vehicle with an exterior the color of your shirt and an interior the same shade of your living room, the choice is yours." That’s right, you can get you Defender any color you want. Kind of like a custom paint color by your local hardware store, but much cooler.

Power for the Defender will still from a 2.4 liter diesel Cosworth engine delivering more than the 122 HP and 265 lbs-ft of torque found in the current Defender.

The Land Rover Defender is scheduled to be replaced in 2013 , but the company is giving the SUV one more chance to bring in some cash. For the 2012 model yea,r the Defender has received a new EU5 2.2-liter diesel engine - to replace the EU4 2.4-liter diesel - that makes the Defender the cleanest Land Rover Defender yet produced. The 2012 Defender is priced at £20,995 on the British market, or about $34,000 at the current exchange rates.

The new 2.2-liter diesel engine delivers a total of 122 HP at 500rpm and a peak torque of 265 lbs-ft at 2,000rpm. The engine is mated to a GFT MT 82 six-speed gearbox and will sprint the car to a top speed of 90 mph.

For 2012, the Defender has also received two new packages: Comfort and Offroad. The Comfort Pack includes air conditioning, a CD Player with auxiliary input, electric windows, and remote central locking. The Off-Road Pack comes with ABS, heavy duty rims and MTR tires, and a tow ball and under-ride protection bar.

"The substantial improvements to the Defender in 2007 transformed its on-road refinement and comfort whilst extending its legendary capability off-road for which Defender is synonymous. With the introduction of the new 2.2-litre diesel engine and two option packs, the Defender for 2012 now offers greater customer choice than ever before," said John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director.

Land Rover UK is letting the British have it with a special edition model of its four wheel drive utility model. The Defender X-Tech will come in a two-door and four-door format, as well as the 90 Hard Top Commercial, with prices starting from £24,995 (or $33,401 at the current rates). Sales will begin in March.

Painted in Silver or Bronze, the X-Tech edition will be distinguished by a contrasting Santorini Black finish to the roof and wheel arches. And, for the first time, this Defender is fitted with unique gloss black 16 inch Saw Tooth alloy wheels.

The inside of the Defender offers the perfect contrast to the exterior with an Ebony finish on the leather seats and side bolsters. The 4X4 is available with a full range of accessories to enhance capability and individuality.

Under the hood, Land Rover has placed a 2.4 liter common-rail diesel engine, so this special edition can not only get you going with 360Nm of torque, but it can also save the driver gas while it’s doing it.

Startech is going to arrive at the Essen Motorshow with a tuning package for one of the oldest models in the world: the Land Rover Defender . The package is called the Yachting Edition and features a bright white exterior paint job with a premium leather/Alcantara interior dyed navy blue.

While the exterior only gets new running boards with integrated entrance lights and wider tires, the interior gets a complete overhaul. For starters, Startech has found the finest navy blue leather with contrasting seams and applied them to the door and side panels. The same treatment has also been applied to the dashboard, center console, and the Recaro sport seats.

The headliner is made from Alcantara dyed the same color as the leather appointments. The tuner also added an ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel, shifter, emergency brake, and reduction gear lever all covered with navy-blue leather and a Yachting Edition plaque on the center console. These additions don’t really add much of a nautical flair until you look down and see the oiled teak stretching the length of the vehicle.

Aside from the aesthetic changes provided to the Defender, the SUV also gets a high-end sound system with an integrated touch screen navigation system.

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"Land Rover!" What is the first model coming to your head? We bet is not the Freelander , and not even the Range Rover . But for sure is the old, traditional Defender ! After all this is a model older than many of us, most likely having the same age of your grandpa, and it is unlikely that at some point in your childhood you didn’t take a short trip in your grandpa’s Ninety (this was Defender’s first name).

Tata Motors decided that a car with 62 years of history needs to go on, and will come with a new generation Defender in 2014. However, the "Defender" name will be dropped, but many of the original car’s looks and values could be used in the final production model. And while the original model has been built on the T5 steel platform chassis, this is much to heavier and it will also be dropped. Instead Land Rover will use the same Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) technology used in the Freelander. According to Land Rover managing director Phil Popham, the new Defender will be adopt a more SUV look and will deliver more off-road power: "We’ll be really tuning up the versatility side and practicality side. That for me is the core of the Defender’s identity."

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You might be familiar with the Italian tuner Aznom from the 500C Sassicaia unveiled this past April, but after the small 500C, Aznom turned their attention to a larger SUV - the Land Rover Defender .

The Aznom Defender comes in a combination of two colors: black and white opaque matte metallic. It features new carbon fiber bumpers in the front and rear, red calipers and moldings, and polished wheels. The interior gets decked out in leather, suede, alcantara, and carbon fiber. The bucket seats are covered in orange leather and gray suede. The steering wheel and center console are exquisite in carbon fiber and the the rest if the interior is highlighted by orange leather accents. Also thanks to the collaboration of Romeo Ferraris, the 2.4 TD4 engine’s output has been changed from 122 to 152 hp and an extra 75 Nm of torque has been added.

Pricing has yet to be announced, but we’ll get back to you as soon as it does.

First launched in 1948, the iconic Land Rover Defender will be replaced in 2013. Initially known as the Land Rover Series I, the iconic SUV adopted the "Defender" name in 1990 as a measure to distinguish the utility Land Rover model from the Discovery and Range Rover.

Since 1983 since its launch on the US market, the Defender received no major updates. After all it didn’t really need as it was a very successful model, but sales dropped significantly lately, so the decision to discontinue the SUV is not a surprise.

More than that new global standards for emissions and pedestrian-friendly front ends will require either an all-new vehicle or a profound engineering of the existing Defender. According to Land Rover managing director Phil Popham, the new Defender will be adopt a more SUV look and will deliver more off-road power: "We’ll be really tuning up the versatility side and practicality side. That for me is the core of the Defender’s identity."

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