Land Rover LR2

Land Rover LR2

Yet another recall has fallen into our laps after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that certain models of the 2010-2011MYLand Rover LR2 Freelander are being recalled because of another potential airbag problem.

Models of the LR2 Freelander built from November 12,2009 to August 23, 2010 are instructed to have the driver’s frontal airbags checked out of suspicion that they may not deploy as intended or, worse, may not deploy at all. The potential problem lies in the shorting bar in the clock spring of the vehicle, which could lead to being disconnected when the air bag module connector is installed.

According to Land Rover , the problem can be fixed by installing a spacer into the driver’s airbag clock spring harness connector, allowing it to function properly and without complication.

Affected owners are instructed to have their vehicles checked with the recall set to begin on or before December 13. If they fall into this group, the repairs will be done at no cost to them. Additional questions regarding the recall can be asked by contacting Land Rover at 800-637-6837.

Source: NHTSA
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Land Rover is taking a bold step with this new LR2 /Freelander 2 . The new machine breaks away from the norm, as Land Rover will offer a front-wheel drive setup. That’s kind of like Porsche offering an SUV; it’s just plain wrong. The front-wheel drive setup will be the only option on this diesel model. Of course, we probably won’t even see it considering diesel models never make it to our shores.

We should see these new vehicles in the UK by the end of September packing a 2.2-liter turbocharged diesel with 150 horsepower. If you’re upset at the fact that the new Freelander will get front-wheel drive, take this fact in for a moment. With the diesel motor and a manual transmission, the Land Rover will be able to get 38 miles per gallon.

If you live in the United States and you want some of this front-wheel drive Land Rover action, then you’re going to have to wait for the Evoque .

The Land Rover will be offered with all-wheel drive as well, but at the penalty of around 5 mpg. There will also be a 190 horsepower petrol motor, but it will only be offered with an automatic.

On the outside, the LR2/Freelander 2 gets an overhaul in the looks department. There is a new bumper cap with redone fog lamps, a revised grille, and updated headlights and taillights. If you are having trouble noticing the changes, it’s not a big deal, we did too.

Inside, the Land Rover gets reworked gauges, seats, carpets, and storage. We were hoping for a bigger update than this, but it’s not bad.

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Land Rover sells cars more on its image that ability. These SUVs are great off-roaders, but rarely do you catch their owners forging a stream or survey open land. Instead, owners demand luxury and handsome looks.

Land Rover first tried to give the U.S. a small SUV by adapting the Europe-only Freelander for North America. By the time the car first appeared here in 2002 it was already six years old and showing its age. Sales were slow, and Land Rover learned ts lesson.

Starting in 2007, Land Rover had a new Freelander they renamed LR2 for North America. This had much better materials, more features, and looked a lot more like the up-market Range Rover.

The Land Rover LR2 is a descendant of the 2001 Freelander . Unfortunately, sales of the Freelander were crippled by quality problems and the Freelander went out of production in 2005. Like any good car manufacturer, Land Rover did not stop there and decided to start from scratch with a new entry-level vehicle. The all new LR2 is trying to make its way to the top with a stylish exterior and luxurious interior while keeping the price tag under $35k.

Which cars will be turning heads on the street this year? According to Playboy’s "2008 Cars of the Year," a high-performance hybrid surges past competitors, a European import squeezes to the top, and a luxury carmaker provides one of the most fuel efficient and affordable vehicles on the road.

Since its introduction in April 2007 the all-new Land Rover LR2 has enjoyed strong sales and to reinforce its line-up in the U.S., Land Rover North America today announced the introduction of a new and enhanced derivative – the LR2 HSE.

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