Land Rover LRX

Land Rover LRX

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The covers will officially hit the floor tomorrow asLand Rover unveils the new production version of the LRX premium compact mode. The LRX concept was shown in Detroit over two years ago.

Land Rover isn’t giving us many details on the LRX , but they did say that “it will demonstrate its exciting future by showing the all-new compact Range Rover for the first time”. Whatever that means.

The official unveiling party will take place at The Orangery in London at 8:30 BST. The event will also be part of the 40th anniversary celebration for Land Rover.

The English company owned by India’s Tata has yet to announce any details on the LRX, but the power will likely come from a turbocharged four-cylinder. We do know that the LRX will be available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive. There will also be a three-door or a five-door model.

Check back tomorrow, around 3:30 PM EST, for official details on the new LRX.

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After years of being on the pine, the Land Rover LRX is about to be unleashed.

The official statement of the LRX’s confirmed release in 2011 came almost two years after the LRX concept greeted us at the Detroit Auto Show last January 2008.

Looking at the proposed production version, it seems that not a lot has changed from the concept, although Land Rover has boldly announced that the LRX is poised to become the smallest, lightest, and most efficient model they’ve ever come out with.

Bold words considering they’re known for their big, heavy and gas-guzzling vehicles. Nonetheless, were going to take their word for it; after all, they wouldn’t be promising anything if they’re not going to back them up, right?

Phil Popham, Land Rover’s managing director even said that the LRX, while a Land Rover, is the first step in producing a new breed of Land Rovers, ones that would put credence on efficiency and maneuverability

“The LRX concept delivers the powerful message that we are as serious about sustainability as we are confident about the continuing relevance and desirability of our vehicles,” he says.

Click after the jump for the press release.

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The now Indian owned off road specialists, Land Rover, have decided to put their hybrid LRX concept car into production. What was interesting about the original vehicle is that Land Rover is not the type of manufacturer that tends to come out with concept vehicles, so it was nice to see that when they did, it will become an actual road going model.

The all new Hybrid LRX is set to debut sometime in the next two years. The gas/electric Rover will feature a drive unit that can run exclusively on battery power giving it the capabilities of an Electric Vehicle; and can also run on gasoline only or a combination of the two. It is also quite likely that the Hybrid LRX will receive some form of the futuristic looking Land-E concept car ’s electric drive rear axle. The unit works much like BMW’s advanced rear ends that replace the traditional gear or clutch driven limited slip differentials in favor of a set of electromagnets that can send electric power to the front axle, alter the inner and outer wheel torque electronically all in the search of traction.

It will be about two years before there are any hybrid LRXs cruising down the highway or traversing mountain passes, but until then Land Rover has pledged to bring down CO2 emissions from their vehicles. So in an attempt for the green oval to be a little greener, Land Rover will include stop-start technology and brake energy regeneration systems into all their models in the near future.

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Land Rover did it again...Back in 2004, it showed off the Range Stormer concept . It was acclaimed for being a cool looking sporty coupe/SUV, but when it came to the market, it showed up as the five-door Range Rover Sport . Not that the RR Sport is unattractive, but it’s no Stormer.

So when we got a look at the Land Rover LRX at the Detroit Auto Show in 2008, we were hopeful that a sporty coupe/SUV was on the way. As it turns out, Land Rover gave us the ’ol bait-n-switch again.

Land Rover’s managing director Phil Popham confirmed that the production version would carry the Range Rover name, which also would likely mean an addition of rear doors. It seems the LRX is being created as a way for Land Rover to double-up on another chassis. Where the Land Rover Sport uses the underpinnings from a LR3 (Discovery), the production LRX will share a chassis with the LR2 (Freelander).

So for those who want a two-door Land Rover/Range Rover, then the only option is still the steadfast Defender — unless you live in the U.S., then just but a Jeep.

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The South East Automotive Media Organization (SEAMO) selected the Land Rover LRX as the 2008 North American Concept Truck of the Year. The seventh annual North American Concept Vehicle of the Year Awards was held last evening at the Automotive Hall of Fame in Dearborn, Mich.

LRX was selected by a jury of professional automotive journalists from throughout North America, judging the vehicle on specific context of the North American market. The review of each vehicle is based on the entire package, with criteria dependent on design, style, materials, technology, market viability and market responsiveness.

With the ever-evolving truck and SUV market in North America, new and innovative designs are introduced quite frequently, however LRX stood out. Stylish looks and new technology — the focus of LRX — helped Land Rover win its first award in this category.

Land Rover will unveil a five-door version of its futureLRX in 2011. First revealed as a concept car, the LRX will be Land Rover’s most significant product launch since Tata Motors took the company over.

The production version will follow the concept car’s shape and design as closely as possible.

The five-door version will be unveiled six months after the three-door, allowing Land Rover to take the fight to fashionable urban cars like the Mini Clubman.

The LRX will be built at the Halewood plant in the UK.

Source: AutoCar
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Based on the LRX concept recently unveiled at the Geneva Auto Show the new five-door SUV from Land Rover will be a direct competitor to the new rivals like Audi Q5 and Bmw X1. The new car will be based on Freelander’s drivetrain but the resemblence stops here because the new LRX will range above its „brother”.

The Baby Land Rover will be eco-friendly due to its stop-start system but also from its hybrid drivetrain capable of reducing CO2 emissions to 130g/km.

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After the recently presentation at the Geneva Auto Show, the new model of the Land Rover brand, the LRX, could benefit of the original interior unveiled in the LRX Concept. Of course, we all know that the designers present their craziest ideas in the concepts because in most of the cases the automakers do not keep them but with the LRX is another story.According to some sources the Land Rover plans to keep as much of the concept’s interior intact as it can due to the good impressions made to the public at Geneva.

After being first unveiled at the Detroit Motor Show, the LRX comes in a hybrid version at the Geneva Motor Show. The LRX Concept for the Geneva Show is offered in black and silver version of LRX designed to highlight the concept’s suitability for contemporary personalisation.

Land Rover LRX Concept Black & Silver

The LRX Black & Silver is powered by a 2.0-litre turbodiesel hybrid, with potential CO2 emissions of 120 g/km and fuel economy of 60 mpg (4.7 l/100 km). The concept’s integrated Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) is particularly significant in Land Rover terms as it would allow LRX to use electric drive alone at lower speeds while retaining full (even improved) 4x4 ability in tough conditions. Unlike the hybrid technology used by some 4x4 rivals, Land Rover’s unique solution retains mechanical drive to all four wheels.

Land Rover LRX Concept Black & Silver

Using lightweight material technologies, Land Rover has developed a series of bespoke features for the black and silver LRX that add to the vehicle’s individuality and flexibility. The removable carbon composite roof panel contrasts with the silver-coloured roof, and has integral anchor points for fixing snowboards and other sports equipment. The sleek black roof bars provide another option for roof-top loads, and a compact step above the rear bumper provides for easy roof-top access. More carbon composite is used for the protective underbody plates at front and rear, while new, lightweight alloy wheels with unique-design tyres signal purposefulness. And to protect the vehicle when the going gets tough - in either urban or off-road situations - there are smart, resilient mouldings on bumpers and sills.

Land Rover LRX Concept will make its European debut in March at the Geneva Motor Show. Next to it, Land Rover will also present the Defender SVX special edition, launched to mark Land Rover’s 60th anniversary this year.

"The LRX diesel hybrid signals our ability to deliver Land Rover’s core values in a more compact and fuel efficient package. For now, LRX remains a concept, designed to gauge public reaction, but the enthusiasm generated since we first unveiled it in January makes me even more certain that this would be a hugely exciting direction for us to take," says Phil Popham, Land Rover’s managing director.

Land Rover LRX Concept will make its European debut in Geneva

LRX is conceived as a highly fuel-efficient 2.0-litre turbodiesel hybrid. In combination with other Land Rover technologies, this powertrain could reduce fuel consumption by as much as 30% compared with other 4x4s of comparable size. It incorporates an Electric Rear Axle Drive (ERAD) which would allow the LRX to use electric drive alone at lower speeds while retaining full (even improved) 4x4 ability in tough conditions.

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