Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

  The Range Rover Evoque is an all new coupe SUV that will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show at the end of 2010. It will be the smallest, lightest, and most fuel efficient Range Rover produced since Range Rover's 1970 beginning. It will be available in 4WD and 2WD.

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Earlier this year, Kahn Design unveiled a very cool RS250 Evoque tuning kit painted in Fuji White . Now the tuner comes back to this package and offers a new unique color: Orkney Grey, combined of course with a new interior upgrade, as only the specialists at Kahn could do. If you are interested, you can also choose the RS250 in any imaginable color.

As usual, the tuner started by upgrading the exterior aesthetics of the Evoque by offering an aerodynamic package that includes new front and rear bumper covers. The car now sits on new 22-inch RS600 wheels in matte pearl grey - a perfect match with the car’s new exterior color.

Updates continue to the interior where Kahn offers up a stunning trim in Alcantara and Vesuvius Orange detail. Alcantara was used for the dashboard and the transmission tunnel and it was combined with the highest-quality leather and aluminum.

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Next to the Range Rover Sport , the Evoque is one of the coolest models Land Rover has ever sold. Tuners seem to agree with this thought, as we have seen lots of upgrade kits offered for the model ever since it debuted.

Today, we get a look at another one. This kit comes from Prior Design, which is already famous for the wide-body kits it offers for sports cars around the globe. The package it offers for the five-door Evoque is called PD650 and includes a series of elements that will make the SUV look sportier and more aggressive while also increasing its aerodynamic efficiency.

All the parts included with the kit are made in quality Dura-Flex FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic), which provides sufficient flexibility combined with high stability and low-cost painting.

Customers interested in the PD650 kit need to shell out €6,900 (about $8,900 at the current exchange rates).

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Land Rover has not prepared any big surprises for the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, but the company decided to still come at the show with some updates for the stunning Evoque . The luxury SUV is going to receive a new Black Design Pack offered on the sporty Dynamic version and set to be put on sale in April.

As its name suggests, the new Black Design Pack will add a host of striking black exterior details, starting with darkened front headlights and fog lamps, Santorini Black exhaust pipes, a gloss black rear bumper, a black rear sport spoiler and "Range Rover" lettering across the hood and tailgate also painted in Santorini Black. Specially designed for this package are also the 20-inch wheels offered in a nine-spoke design and painted in gloss black.

On the interior, this special edition will add yellow contrast stitching on seats, central storage area, door trims and fascia mid-section, plus an anodized yellow horizontal finisher.

Customers will have the possibility to choose between two exterior color schemes: Sicilian Yellow with a Santorini Black contrast roof, or Santorini Black with a Sicilian Yellow contrast roof and door mirrors.

At the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, Land Rover will unveil an all-new nine-speed transmission. The new transmission — named the ZF 9HP — is designed to fit on transverse-mounted-engine setups, like the Range Rover Evoque. This is the first ever nine-speed automatic transmission offered for a passenger vehicle and it is one of the most efficient and technically advanced transmissions ever used in a production vehicle.

The new transmission was developed in cooperation with ZF and, thanks to the added gear ratios, it helps significantly improve fuel economy and CO2 emissions, while also reducing the engine’s noise when cruising at high speed. The new transmission also delivers improved response during acceleration, improved shift quality, drive and refinement.

Despite being more efficient than the outgoing six-speed transmission, the new 9HP transmission is just 6 mm (0.2 inches) longer and weighs 7.5 kilos (16.5 lbs) less. The new transmission also features lots of innovative features that help improving its efficiency, including: a new hydraulic vane-type pump, two patented dog clutches replacing bulkier conventional clutch packs, and an intelligently nested gear set.

Full details will be unveiled during the official unveiling in Geneva.

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It’s safe to say that aftermarket companies are coming in droves to the 2013 Geneva Motor Show . We’ve already seen some from German tuner Brabus, but now it’s time to turn our attention toward its sister company, Startech.

The German tuner has a number of tuned Land Rover , Jaguar , and Range Rover models to Geneva, one of which is this recently unveiled Range Rover.

While Startech normally leaves the flair to its sister company, Brabus, it certainly put some splashes of it on the Range Rover, particularly on the redesigned front fascia that now includes an integrated spoiler with modified intakes, LED daytime running lights and LED fog lights. The grilles have also been changed to be a little less distinguishable than the cheese grater from the production Range Rover. On top of that, the rear bumper was also modified with a sporty diffuser. Added exterior options include a stainless-steel sport exhaust system, a suspension lowering module, and a new set of 22" alloy wheels.

Inside, Startech went for a more bespoke look with leather and Alcantara treatment on the seats. A choice of exotic wood or carbon fiber trim can are also available while the yachting-inspired load floor adds a sprinkle of class to the cabin’s look. From there, Startech also added illuminated scuff plates and electrically folding rear tables with wood, carbon fiber or leather surfacing.

Moving to the engine, Startech gave the Range Rover its SD 30S package, which pretty much means that the SUV’s 3.0-liter LR-TDV6 diesel engine will see an improved output of 342 horsepower and 568 pound-feet of torque. Those numbers then translate to a 0-62 mph time of 7.3 seconds with a top speed of 137 mph.

Trying to stop a Range Rover driving at a speed of 150 km/h (93 mph) is not always a good move. Three French police officers have learned it in the most tragic way, as two of them - age 32 and 40 - were killed and the third one, aged 54, was seriously injured.

First details suggest that the police officers were chasing the Range Rover for multiple infractions of the road. The police car - a Ford Mondeo - tried to block the SUV, which apparently had no intention to stop and the impact was of a "rare violence."

The Range Rover driver - age 22 - has a pretty hefty criminal record, as he was involved multiple small thefts and drug trafficking, and was arrested five times for driving offenses. Initial reports suggest that during this incident he was under influence and medical reports revealed 1.4 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, while the limit is 0.5 grams / liter of blood. He was also without driving license.

Kahn Design is going to the Geneva Motor Show and it’s bringing a number of their famed programs that are sure to delight the gathered crowd.

One of these models is the Fuji White RS250 Evoque, the tuner’s latest take on the popular Range Rover crossover. As is always the case with a Project Kahn program, the Evoque was treated to a distinctive aerodynamic program that comes with a smorgasbord of new components. The front grille, for one, comes with 3D mesh with the vents and inner section finished in the always-classy gloss black treatment. The gloss-black finish also finds its way onto the front bumper section graphic and the front headlight detail, while LED daytime running lights for front bumper vents add a sparkling touch to the reworked front profile of the Evoque.

The rest of the exterior upgrades included in the Fuji White RS250 program is the side sill trim and side vents (also in gloss black), the lower boot lid spoiler, the rear bumper replacement with its own integrated vents, privacy tinted glass and stainless-steel door entry sill plates. The last piece of the exterior puzzle is the set of 22-inch Kahn RS-XF wheels with brake calipers that have been finished in liquid gold.

Moving to the interior, the Fuji White RS250 program was definitely dressed to impressed, highlighted by seats in black leather and Alcantara with matching red leather detail.

The center glove box is diamond-quilted with its own contrast stitching while the transmission tunnel, speedo and rev counter dials have been likewise furnished with leather with contrast stitching. The four door armrests weren’t spared from customization, as all of them now have red stitching. Then there are the carbon-fiber floor mats and the vented foot pedals in machined aluminum.

For the entire program, customers will need to spend £46,875 (about $61,900 at the current exchange rates) to have their Evoques fitted with the Fuji White RS250 program.

Land Rover knows that they have a gem in the Range Rover Evoque . With over 100,000 models sold in its first full year of sales, the Evoque’s popularity is only growing by the day.

So what better way to add more spike on that popularity than to release a special-edition Evoque that gives a completely fresh color scheme to the British SUV.

We don’t know about you, but this Sicilian Yellow Edition Evoque looks downright amazing. The ultimate compliment that you can throw at a car is your desire to buy one after just one look. We admit that the moment we saw this special-edition Evoque, that’s what immediately came into our mind.

Then, we remembered that we don’t have the disposable income to buy one so our fascination for it will probably remain within these pages for the time being. But if you’ve got the funds, we don’t see why you can’t look at this Evoque and not wish to have one in your garage soon.

The British tuner, Kahn Design, has unveiled a new aesthetic kit for the Range Rover Evoque . This shouldn’t surprise you, considering Kahn is unveiling a new kit each Friday. The new Evoque RS250 kit is painted the most famous color used by Lamborghini : Green Pearl.

The exterior kit includes the usual updates that Kahn offers up, meaning a new front and rear bumpers, larger air vents, new side skirts, and a lower boot lid. The Evoque’s Green Pearl color is combined with gloss black on the chin spoiler, the rear diffuser, front grille vents, side vents and the racing stripes on the hood. The car sits on a set of 22-inch Kahn RS-XF wheels that are complemented by brake calipers finished in black.

The interior will offer up the same black-green combination. The front and rear seats will be offered in black leather and Alcantara with center in Green Pearl. The dashboard also features Alcantara with Green Pearl contrast stitching and the same combination continues on the center glove box, transmission tunnel, speedo and rev counter and dashboard. However, as usual, Kahn Design will offer its customers the possibility to express their own personality by choosing from a wide range of colors and materials.

In the past few months, the Range Rover Evoque has been one of the most appreciated cars among tuners. We have seen tons of upgrade packages and today it is time to add a new one to that very long list. This time around it comes from the Kahn Design and is called RS250 Vesuvius Edition.

The exterior color combination, which includes black paint combined with Vesuvius matte orange on the roof and bonnet – is simply incredible. The aerodynamic kit is also pretty sweet and transforms the Evoque into a meaner and more aggressive-looking model. The kit includes a new front bumper with integrated vents, side vent surrounds, a new front bumper mesh and a new rear bumper, all of which are painted matte black.

The exterior kit continues with new LED daytime running lights, numerous elements in copper like the front headlight detail, the side vent inserts and new elements painted in body color, like the wheel arches and front grille outer section. The last updates on the exterior include a set of Kahn RS rims sized 22 inches with Vesuvius-orange-painted calipers behind them and a new crosshair exhaust system.

For the interior, the front and rear seats are wrapped in black leather combined with Alcantara and Vesuvius orange detail, the center dashboard was also wrapped in black leather with contrasting stitching, while the center glove box and the gear selector are quilted in diamond.

If you are interested this car can be yours for a total of £55,875 - about $89,500 at the current exchange rates.

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