Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

  The Range Rover Evoque is an all new coupe SUV that will be revealed at the Paris Motor Show at the end of 2010. It will be the smallest, lightest, and most fuel efficient Range Rover produced since Range Rover's 1970 beginning. It will be available in 4WD and 2WD.

A few months ago, the Ferrari 458 Italia had serious problems with spontaneously catching fire. Luckily, only a handful of Ferrari’s latest sports car experienced a fiery death before the company recalled the lot and had them fixed. That’s just one instance of a few that have spontaneously erupted during the course of the past year, so when we see images of this Range Rover Evoque experiencing some pyrotechnics of its own, we can help but think an issue is sure to develop.

This burning Evoque was seen in the middle of the day on a highway in Dubai. Now, the accident could have been driver error, but with the automakers’ histories in the past year, we feel it necessary to explore all of our options. Feel free to comment or send us a tip if you have any further details of this situation!

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Italian tire manufacturer, Marangoni, has been down the tuning road before, having performed some previous projects on vehicles like the Alfa Romeo Giulietta.

Today, Marangoni is back with another program, this time for the Range Rover Evoque . As comprehensive projects go, this one’s definitely right up there and the unmistakable work done on the Evoque speaks volumes about the talent of these guys.

For the exterior’s styling, Marangoni collaborated with TRC Italia in dressing up theEvoque with a special fine grain Titanium Fluid Metal paint finish. The front grill, hood vents, and door handles were then painted in gloss black to provide a contrasting look to the body of the Evoque. Other panels that were modified include the front bumper fascia, door lower moldings, and rear bumper fascia, which were also given a carbon diffuser. Speaking of carbon, Marangoni also gave the Evoque plenty of that, particularly to the wheel arches, fender vents, and mirror covers. Rounding out the exterior changes on the crossover are a set of 20" Oz Racing Dakar wheels wrapped in Marangoni’s exclusive ruby red M-Power EvoRed tires.

For the interior dress-up, Marangoni enlisted the help of Italian fashion house, Conte of Florence, who came out with the genius idea of dressing up the interior with a special golf inspired quilted upholstery with a large embroidered Tour Line emblem on the seats.

Under its hood, the Evoque was fitted with an "HFI" Hybrid Fuel Injection dual-fuel system, an upgraded turbocharger, a carbon fiber air box, and a larger stainless steel exhaust, all of which gave the crossover’s existing 2.0-liter turbo engine a spike in output. With the modifications in place, the Evoque’s output shot up from the standard 240 horsepower all the way up to 300 horsepower.

There’s no question that Azfal Kahn and his peeps over at Kahn Design have a soft spot for the Range Rover , so much so that they seem to come out with a new program for the luxury SUV about as often as any car we’ve seen in recent history.

Apparently, their fascination for Range Rovers is now expanding, courtesy of their very first program for the new Range Rover Evoque . True to their reputation as one of the premier tuners for the British luxury SUV, Kahn Design went to work on the Evoque with one clear picture in mind: offer it with a whole new breadth of excitement and take it to a whole new dimension.

The A. Kahn Design Evoque is an unmistakable piece of work, decked with a variety of external modifications that serve to provide better looks and coax greater performance from the car.

Kahn Design’s styling package for the Evoque is a testament to their creativity, providing a slew of new elements consisting of a lowered suspension (35mm), yellow calipers, aluminum pedals, an orange roof, full body color coding/detailing, privacy glass, and adaptive front headlamps. Inside, Kahn Design deftly worked their bespoke magic on the Evoque, providing it with luxurious character that expresses a customer’s individuality. As with most of their projects, the interior can be customized depending on the whims and preferences of the customer.

And then there’s the final piece of the Kahn Design puzzle: the wheels. With an inventory of some of the most impressive wheels on the market, Kahn Design went and used their unique RS600 wheels that are available in a variety of sizes - 20", 21", 22" - creating even more opportunity to imprint his tastes on the luxury Range Rover crossover.

If you likes the Range Rover Evoque package unveiled a few days ago by Startech at the Dubai Auto Show, you will like even better the one they have unveiled today in Essen. The tuner went with two different approaches: while the first package was all about white, the second one we find it more appropriate for a sports SUV. And that’s because it combines a black exterior paint with a red roof and wheels. The same color theme has been applied to the interior.

The exterior package includes a new front and rear bumpers, with striking air inlets and the front spoiler and for the rear a new stainless-steel rear muffler. And for an even meaner look and a more dynamic handling the car’s ride has been lowered by about 30 mm. For the interior Startech is offering an ergonomically shaped sport steering wheel and aluminum pedals, foot rest and shifter. And as this is also a luxury car the tuner is offering the finest leather and Alcantara in any desired color and with any upholstery design.

Next to these impressive transformations, Startech has also promised that a significant engine upgrade is about to follow. So, stay tuned!

The Land Rover Evoque may be one of the most elegant SUVs currently out on the market, but that doesn’t mean that German tuner, Startech, can’t improve on the delectable family mover. Their new program for the delectable Evoque features a few exterior enhancements and high-class interior options, as well as an engine update yet to be revealed. It will be displayed at the 2011 Dubai Motor Show on November 10th-14th.

The new program for the Ranger Rover Evoque can be combined with both the three and five-door Evoque models and starts with an update for the car’s exterior. Startech added new front and rear bumpers, striking air inlets, a new front spoiler, a new rear diffuser, a new rear wing, and new tailpipes for the exhaust system. The car will sit on a new set of three-piece 21" wheels with a new set of sport springs that will lower the SUV’s ride by 1.4 inches. The interior will benefit from the finest leather and Alcantara, wood or carbon-fiber trim sets in any desired color, and a wide variety of surface finishes.

As previously mentioned, Startech has yet to reveal the update provided to the Evoque’s 2.0-liter Si4 turbocharged engine. This engine already delivers 240 HP and a combined fuel economy of 23 mpg with the use of direct fuel injection and twin variable valve timing. It’ll be interesting to see what Startech has done with it.

With the industry’s eye on the upcoming SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas next week, it’s always a good idea to keep one eye on other tuning companies that are coming out with programs that will not be at SEMA next week.

One in particular comes from Merdad Collection, which is no stranger to producing some eye-catching tuning project. Their latest work involves the new Range Rover Evoque and it features a very impressive styling upgrade that definitely deserves some serious praise.

The program is called the Mer-Nazz, and includes dynamic enhancements on the Evoque that drastically improve the SUV’s sporty profile. Among the parts included in the program are front and rear bumper graphics, a newly-designed - and far more aggressive - bonnet, wider wheel arches, new side sills and intakes, and a new set of the company’s own 22" alloy wheels. All the materials used in the program are made from carbon fiber, which adds to the luxury of the Evoque’s new look.

As far as performance upgrades are concerned, Merdad has kept whatever they have planned still under wraps. Nonetheless, we expect an improvement from the Evoque’s 2.0-liter Si4 turbocharged engine that produces 240 horsepower. On its own, though, Merdad’s ’Mer-Nazz’ program already covers all the bases when it comes to dressing up the newest Range Rover on the block.

UPDATE 03/16/12: Merdad has officially released the first batch of official photos of their "Mer-Nazz" Evoque. Check them out in the gallery, peeps!

Currently, the most powerful Evoque model is powered by a 2.0 liter engine that produces a total of 237 HP, but that won’t be the case for long. In a market that is already populated with some outstanding competition, the Evoque has to step up its game to get good footing, which is why Land Rover is working on a more powerful version of the SUV. The company has pegged the output at 300 HP, but hasn’t found found a suitable name just yet: "We’ll have to look at badges or a sub-brand," said Evoque Program Director David Mitchell. Currently, the most powerful versions of the Land Rover line are badged as "supercharged," so we’ll see if the company adopts the same strategy for the Evoque.

An Evoque prototype powered by a Ford-derived 2.0-liter turbo petrol unit has already been tested by Mitchell and he thinks that the chassis can take it. All Land Rover has to do now is to give the new model a green light.

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The world famous Dakar Rally poses the kind of challenges that makes it difficult for just about any professional race driver. As if traveling over 9,000 km in a span of two weeks is tough enough, the fact that you’re going to need to do it in some of the world’s toughest conditions makes it as unforgiving as any race there is in the world.

One team that appears to be up to the challenge of the Dakar Rally is the British Excite Rally Raid Team, which will take part in the world’s ultimate endurance race with three customized Range Rover Evoques commissioned by RaBe Race Cars.

On the surface, the vehicle does look like the Evoque, but pretty much everything about the luxury SUV has been stripped down to accommodate for its run in Dakar, including a different kind of engine that was added to make it rally-spec.

Instead of the typical 240-horsepower, 2.0-liter Si4 turbocharged engine that you can find under the Evoque, these rally-tuned versions carry a BMW -sourced 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six diesel engine that produces 275 horsepower and 480 lb/ft of torque mated. These engines are mated to a ZF six-speed transmission and equipped with special BF Goodrich desert tires.

The RaBe-commissioned Evoque rally racers will be driven by three British drivers from the British Excite Rally Raid Team, consisting of Martin Rowe, Andrew Coley, and John Hardy.

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Have you ever wanted a luxury SUV that would let you soak up the sun? Well, you may just get one that is fully capable. We’re not talking fancy glass sunroofs either; we’re talking about an Evoque convertible. LandRover is reportedly considering a drop top model of their new jewel and when AutoExpress talked to them about this rumor, they did not deny it.

"A convertible Evoque wouldn’t be the maddest brand extension. It isn’t a totally crazy idea," a spokeperson admitted. “All I can say is watch this space. We’ve got lots of ideas for the Evoque."

There’s no word about what will power this Land Rover convertible, but it will most likely be the 2.0 liter turbocharged engine that pumps out 237 horsepower and 250 ft/lbs of torque. As for pricing, expect a base cost north of the premium Evoque Coupe Dynamic ($52,895).

Competition for this cabrio will emerge from Nissan, who premiered a convertible version of their Murano SUV called the Cross Cabriolet . We are supremely excited to see how this new market segment develops because before these vehicles, the only full size SUV that had a drop top was the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited . This vehicle was made to pound the dirt trails as opposed to the streets of Dana Point and is about as elegant as a pair of cargo pants. The Land Rover would offer people the convertible experience combined with both luxury amenities and the practicality of a Land Rover. Who can say no to a car that offers you all that?

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It’s been about three years since Tata bought Jaguar and Land Rover from one of America’s big top three - Ford - and now the company is thinking of taking the last few necessary steps to completely cut ties with the former owner. A new Tata annual report has been released stating that the company is considering a joint engine-development program with its Jaguar Land Rover unit. If pushed through, the new engine could cement the two brands’ independence from Ford.

"To optimize the synergistic strengths between JLR and Tata Motors in India, an examination is also under way on a joint engine development program which would have manufacturing facilities both in the U.K. and India," Ratan Tata said in a recent interview.

These new engines will be a big step for the Indian company, who are beginning to pick up speed with models like the Range Rover Evoque and the new Jaguar XK and XF . Our concern will be for future models which will need adequate engines to obtain proper performance numbers matching that of the Ford-built engines. Whether or not Tata has the ability to pull something like this off is still up in the air.

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