2011 Range Rover Evoque 'T3' Dakar Rally Racer

The world famous Dakar Rally poses the kind of challenges that makes it difficult for just about any professional race driver. As if traveling over 9,000 km in a span of two weeks is tough enough, the fact that you’re going to need to do it in some of the world’s toughest conditions makes it as unforgiving as any race there is in the world.

One team that appears to be up to the challenge of the Dakar Rally is the British Excite Rally Raid Team, which will take part in the world’s ultimate endurance race with three customized Range Rover Evoques commissioned by RaBe Race Cars.

On the surface, the vehicle does look like the Evoque, but pretty much everything about the luxury SUV has been stripped down to accommodate for its run in Dakar, including a different kind of engine that was added to make it rally-spec.

Instead of the typical 240-horsepower, 2.0-liter Si4 turbocharged engine that you can find under the Evoque, these rally-tuned versions carry a BMW -sourced 3.0-liter turbocharged straight-six diesel engine that produces 275 horsepower and 480 lb/ft of torque mated. These engines are mated to a ZF six-speed transmission and equipped with special BF Goodrich desert tires.

The RaBe-commissioned Evoque rally racers will be driven by three British drivers from the British Excite Rally Raid Team, consisting of Martin Rowe, Andrew Coley, and John Hardy.


WOW! This SUV is so sick! I like the bluish headlights and hood design. I don’t want it having scratches due to rally race.

This one catch my attention because of its aggressive figure performance. I imagine myself riding in this very cool and full of angst rally racer car. It will surely rock the road.

I can’t believe that it was a rally racer. Of all the rally race car, I have seen, this one is cool, tough in appearance. Wheels are large and nice. The exterior is very complex and last. The paint was awesome and impressive. 

The six speed transmission of this car really impressed me. And the supercharged V6 diesel engine is amazing as its great performance. It is a sports car with the touch of luxury.

It is so aggressive and had an impressive sporty appearance. Range Rover Evoque is really different from this one, but I must say that these two caught my attention.

I’m really curious if the supercharged engine of this is already good enough for this Evoque? Well, I hope that they would release a video about its figure performance. Anyway, I’m also fascinated on its looks.

T3 is the coolest and exotic Rover today, and it is very noticeable on that. However, I wonder if what its interior will look like? And I noticed that its engine output is not so impressive for it.

I think they should upgrade the engine and horsepower of this one. I just really don’t think that it’s quite good enough for this huge car. Anyway, I can say that it looks so nasty on that body design.

I don’t think that its 275 horsepower is just enough for this Rally racer car, but I have to agree that it is absolutely had an impressive and striking look, but I’m quite wondering on what will be the interior features of it.

Impressive Rally Racer version of Evoque! It really looks so fabulous. The design is very artistic, but I wonder at what will be the interior of this one will look like?

I love this look of Rally Racer! It is so aggressive and had an impressive sporty appearance. Range Rover Evoque is really different from this one, but I must say that these two caught my attention.

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