2011 Range Rover Sport by Merdad

British tuning firm Merdad has been rolling out tuning programs for the Range Rover Sport for quite some time now and it figures that with their popularity getting stronger and stronger, the easy answer would be to continue their roll and translate their latest program for the newest crop of Range Rover Sport models to come out of Land Rover ’s production facility.

Not one to be mistaken for anything less than what their reputations are, Merdad gave their new Range Rover Sport program a number of upgrades on both the vehicle’s exterior and interior. Starting on the outside, upgrades made on the program include new front and rear bumper conversions, a new front and two side grilles, including that of the company’s familiar Merdad Lion crest. In addition to these, the program also includes wider wheel arches, new side skirts, a new bonnet with air vents, and a custom-made quad exhaust system.

Meanwhile, the interior has the customary Merdad design touch that features two seats with a middle console on the rear compared to the standard three-seat layout on the rear. Other standard upgrades on the interior include a newly designed steering wheel, new racing pedals, racing dials, and door entrance panels. As is the case with Merdad, the tuning company also allows its customers to put the touches on the interior depending on their tastes and preferences.

Then there are the wheel kits, which Merdad is offering in two variants. One is a set of 22” alloy forged lightweight racing rims designed and built specifically for Merdad. The second variant is a set of 22” alloy forged three-piece five-spoke concave rims made in Japan and also designed and built exclusively for the tuning firm’s collection.


It looks so decent on its body paint! Moreover, I’m already fascinated with the back frog of this sport, but I’m still curious on what will be its interior looks like? Well, I hope that it is impressive also.

I certainly dont like the model it such a useless thing to consider be the great car image concept, Guys! Its pretty damn worthless.

I don’t consider it a good model as a Range Rover Sport, It really needs some conversions to enhance the features. And its interior design seems to be forged and its built is quite ordinary.

I don’t know about you guys, but I find this one a bit too plain. Looks a lot like the standard version. Good thing though that they have worked out on the engine a lot.

The white (or is that silver?) color on this one is definitely a nice touch. And as always, black accents really matches this one perfectly.

This one is a really nice way to do a Range Rover. And I really like how those huge black wheels fit into the package, kinda brings a vintage feel to the look of the car.

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