2011 Range Rover Sport by Unichip

The Range Rover Sport has been subjected to countless tuning upgrades and aftermarket companies seem to have taken great joy in continuing this plight. The latest tuning company to take a stab at upgrading the luxury British SUV is Unichip, which recently released their latest ECU upgrade for the 3.0-liter TDV6 version of the Range Rover Sport.

As part of their program, Unichip’s new ‘U-connect’ and Uni-Q piggy back ECU remapping allows the Range Rover Sport’s engine to have a substantial turbo boost, resulting in the spike in engine output. After running a series of dyno tests with Range Rover Sport’s newly remapped ECU, it was determined that the SUV saw an increase in overall power, from the standard 260 horsepower all the way up to 281 horsepower at 3,031 RPM and 525 lb/ft of torque at 2,241 RPM. Despite the added power on the SUV, its combined 30 mpg fuel economy rating remains largely unaffected, thanks to the increased low speed torque and the refined ECU remapping.

All told, Unichip’s ECU upgrade for the Range Rover Sport comes at a cost of £423.15, which is about $683.57 based on current exchange rates. It’s a small price to pay for a mighty impressive re-tweaking of the Range Rover Sport’s engine.


It looks so simple and ordinary on that design. Well, I think they should add more style on its exterior, and it will be more impressive and looks decent if it was on a sleek outstanding body paint.

Agreed. Range Rover has been in the industry for quite a long time. I’m liking the reliability of their vehicle. The engine is quite impressive and the torque is just enough to make it blast on the race track.

The car has an impressive styling for a SUV vehicle! However, I don’t think that the Range Rover makes the most awesome and high speed performing vehicle in the world of automobile.

Hmm, this one does look a bit too plain for me, even looks like just the standard Range Rover. But I think they have done a lot of upgrades under the hood.

I’m not typically like the Range Rover Sport concept, I think is has a lot thing to done to make it more worthy enough for my budget.

I think this type of car needs some revision, It has less features that make it a good quality for after market companies.

:For me, I don’t like this car aesthetically. IMO, there are a lot of SUV that has the real aggressive and luxurious body kit compare to this.

I think Range rover is the most favorite car of the aftermarket companies. Well, this SUV is aggressive enough to be considered.

Range Rover sport is a tuner’s favorite it seems. With lot of potential and scope, it has seen many upgrades. But this one looks like a performance upgrade to this luxury sports SUV.

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