2013 Land Rover DC100 Expedition Concept

Land Rover is continuing its series of DC100 concepts with a new Expedition version. The new concept was built to celebrate Land Rover’s 25 year presence on the North American market and is equipped for expedition use. The concept also explores possible design directions for the future of the iconic Land Rover Defender .

The new DC100 Expedition features an air-intake snorkel for wading and a roof mounted equipment rack. The list of design cues that will be used for the upcoming Defender include extreme approach and departure angles, vertical panels, an upright windscreen, and strong shoulder line for visibility and ease of positioning. The honest Defender ’face’ with its signature round lamps and prominent grille is featured, and a winch is incorporated to the fascia.

The DC100 Expedition Concept will also be equipped with a new Terrain Response system which will optimize the car for various conditions without driver pre-selection. A new Terrain-i system creates an intelligent map of the topography in front of the car and displays it as a 3D visualization. The concept also comes with a new Wade Aid system that utilizes sonar sensors mounted in the bumpers and side mirrors to measure water depth.


This is a clown car not a Defender. There are already more than enough dumb little plastic suv’s in North America. What we want is a Defender. This has nothing in common with the Defender. And if you like this you’re probably just as likely to buy a Kia or Subaru.

This concept is very outrageous. It suits the pompous people.

This must remain a concept; it is deceiving! I don’t think it’s really roomy on the inside. Its exterior only makes it look like it’s overgrown.

It actually looks cute! I know it should be fierce and competitive as its figure manifests, but it appears adorable to me. This is one of the concepts I’d like to happen.

The name itself is already appealing. It did much more when I’ve seen it! It seems greatly reliable and competitive.

The look of this concept car is inexplicably appealing. It is both awkward and exotic, yet in a positive way, I guess.

The look of this concept car is inexplicably appealing. It is both awkward and exotic, yet in a positive way, I guess.

It nice to see this land rover. It looks very tough. It has big and good looking tires.

Although it is midget for a competitive vehicle, it is adorable to look at anyway! It worked it out pretty well!

Its built looks unbalanced, but it still is appealing. I hope Land Rover makes this concept come to production.

I’ve seen a lot of automotive with disproportional built; however, this is different. Most of them have big figures with small wheels, but this has big wheels and a small figure.

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