2013 Range Rover Celebrity Auto Edition by Ultimate Auto

Our fascination with cars covered in matte is pretty well documented.

Over the past few months, Orlando-based tuner Ultimate Auto has also caught our attention, thanks to a number of aftermarket programs that, quite frankly, have been all pretty impressive.

When you put one and one together, this is what you come up with.

It’s called the Range Rover Celebrity Auto Edition and it’s been dressed in matte red. Wow, indeed.

We’ve seen some Range Rovers get treated to matte black finishes, but a matte red is actually a first. So yeah, Ultimate Auto did it again.

More than just the matte red goodness, the aftermarket company also gave the Range Rover a slew of aesthetic modifications that when added up gives the British SUV a new dimension in terms of how it can be presented.

You would think that giving an SUV as rigid as the Range Rover a makeover would be a Herculean task. Well, Ultimate Auto has just proved that with the right team doing it, it’s easier than you’d think.

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Matte Red is Red-Tastic!

Range Rover Celebrity Auto Edition by Ultimate Auto

We really can’t say enough about this but what we left out above was that in addition to the custom BASF Glasurit matte red paint job given to the Range Rover, Ultimate Auto also added some complementary shades in the form of gloss red accents and a gloss black roof. Break up the monotony, as they say.

Audio Upgrades

Range Rover Celebrity Auto Edition by Ultimate Auto

Ultimate Auto are experts in audio systems. That’s why it wasn’t surprising that it installed a custom-built bass package on the Range Rover, complete with JL Audio components.


Range Rover Celebrity Auto Edition by Ultimate Auto

Rounding out Ultimate Auto’s program for the Range Rover are a new set of 24" Velano Wheels in matching red accents and wrapped in Pirelli tires.

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