2014 Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs

The Land Rover Defender has soldiered on decade after decade escaping any major update from its humble roots as a utilitarian military vehicle built to weather extreme environments, incoming artillery, and any off-road challenge Mother Nature could throw at it.

Through the years though, the Defender has softened up around the edges, with most changes happening within the cabin. While the changes have been enough to keep it afloat, safety regulations and dwindling sales have ushered in the Defender’s demise. Its last year in production is scheduled for 2015.

Before the Defender ’s last stand, Land Rover is dolling it up for a few last hurrahs. Two all-new special edition packages will be offered for 2015: the ‘Black Pack’ and ‘Silver Pack.’ By selecting either pack, the roof, front grille surround, wheels, and interior trim are turned either a Santorini black finish or bright Indus silver finish. The exterior body color is then painted black or silver to highly contrast the other parts.

Other bits include a color-matching ‘Defender’ script on the hood, tented privacy windows, and a black Alston headliner. Contrasting wheels are also present.

The packs will make their official debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Both packs will be available on the short (90-inches) wheelbase, two-door and the (110-inch) long wheelbase, four-door Defender. Pricing has yet to be released, but unless you live outside the U.S., it won’t matter. The Defender doesn’t meet Federal regulations and hasn’t been available stateside for many years.

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Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs in Detail

Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs
Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs
Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs

This Defender 90 is treated with the Black Pack, and its black grille, roof and wheels are contrasted by the silver body color. Tinted windows further set Black Pack Defenders apart. Two wheel choices are available on the Black Pack: the heavy-duty steelies seen above and glossy-black alloy wheels.

Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs
Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs
Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs

Like the Black Pack, the Silver Pack changes much of the same things, but only in an opposing silver hue. This Defender 110 has its grille, roof, and wheels finished in the bright silver color. Also changed is its ’DEFENDER’ script on the hood dressed in silver. Likewise, the Black Pack’s ’DEFENDER’ script is finished in glossy black.

Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs

The bezel around the HVAC and radio controls also change color depending on pack. This example is part of the Black Pack and is finished in the same glossy coat as the exterior elements.

Press Release

This year’s Geneva Motor Show sees the launch of two new distinctive option packs - the ’Black Pack’ and ’Silver Pack’ - for Land Rover Defender. All Defender derivatives will also benefit from a suite of optional features including a new aluminium finish to the vehicle’s side runners, contrast finish leather seats, privacy glass and, for the first time, an ebony Alston headliner which brings a touch of luxury and prestige to this rugged legend.

Two new option packs

Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs

Black Pack - This pack features a Santorini black finish, which is applied to the roof, grille, grille surround, headlamp surrounds, wheel arches, ’Defender’ bonnet script and interior facia. Privacy glass and an ebony Alston headliner lend the vehicle added visual drama.The black pack will be available with two wheel variations - a gloss black Sawtooth alloy wheel and a new gloss black heavy duty wheel.

Silver Pack - The silver pack adds a bright Indus silver finish to the contrast roof, which is complemented with the same finish to the grille surround, headlamp surrounds and facia. The vehicle also features the Dual Finish alloy wheels as standard and a bright light pack incorporating white tail and indicator lights.

Additional features

Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs

Defender derivatives are now available with the option of privacy glass. The option - standard on the black pack - is available on hard top variants with fixed panel sides and adds darkened glass to second row windows on the Station Wagon, as well as to the alpine light and rear quarter light windows. Due to visibility regulations the rear door retains its standard glass.

The new ebony Alston headliner has a dramatic effect on the interior of the Defender, and complements the feel and style of the black pack option perfectly. More traditionally seen on the Range Rover, this headliner brings an element of elegance to this off-road icon.

To improve the flexibility of these extensive personalisation options for Defender, a new finish will be available on the vehicle’s side runner. Painted silver, in contrast to the black side runner available on existing Defender vehicles, it is the perfect partner for customers opting to take the silver pack.

Defender is now available with contrast leather premium seats, which feature Windsor leather inserts, and a choice of three colourways; Ebony/Pimento, Ebony/Tan or Ebony/Lunar. If specified, this theme is also continued through to the second and third row seats. To complete the look, the front centre stowage compartment features contrast leather highlights.

A new body colour, Yulong White, will be available across the Defender range from 2015 model year.

Dynamic Stability Control

Land Rover Defender Black And Silver Packs

From 2015 all UK and European specification Defenders will be fitted with Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) as standard. This will be packaged with ABS and therefore means that all new UK and European specification Defenders will have ABS with Electronic Traction Control (ETC) and DSC as standard. ABS will also be available for the first time on 130 wheel base Defender models.

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